Over $2 Million Raised for ANCA Civic Education Efforts at Telethon 2014

Unprecedented Grassroots Support Elevates ANCA Telethon 2014

LITTLE ARMENIA, Calif.—The ANCA Telethon 2014 rallied unprecedented grassroots support during its 6-hour nationwide broadcast on June 1, with tens of thousands of Armenian Americans from the across the U.S. joining in a true show of community power and unity to advance the civic education efforts of the ANCA Endowment.

Activists and community leaders at the East Coast studio in Boston during the ANCA Telethon.
Activists and community leaders at the East Coast studio in Boston during the ANCA Telethon.

After a host of informative segments on the growing Armenian American presence in all aspects of civic life, along with a healthy dose of community commentary and entertainment, more than $2,021,763 million was raised at the close of the Telethon in support of the educational and grassroots development efforts of the ANCA Endowment. Highlights from the broadcast are featured on the ANCA telethon website and the ANCA Facebook page.

This year’s telethon was accompanied by a rush of Social media support with Armenians from around the world turning to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to spread the civic development message of the ANCA Endowment. The “#goANCA” selfie campaign spotlighted community groups, families and individuals—all united around the ANCA’s community empowerment initiatives.

The ANCA Endowment Fund supports a broad range of educational, youth, and civic programs that give voice to the views and values of the Armenian American community, strengthening our presence in the American civic arena, and empowering pro-Armenian stakeholders with the information and resources they need to take on the powerful forces aligned against the Armenian nation.

The first three ANCA Endowment Fund telethons, held in 2006, 2009 and 2012, raised over $6.5 million for Armenian American educational, youth, and civic programs. Both programs touched a common emotional chord, speaking directly to the devotion to the Armenian Cause that rests in the hearts of Armenians from across the U.S., regardless of organizational or political affiliations.

Countless organizations, volunteers, churches, community leaders, local ANCAs, performing artists, Members of Congress, and state legislators from across the nation participated in the telethons, contributing to their enormous success. Both telethons featured several documentaries that highlighted various ANCA programs and numerous results the ANCA Endowment has achieved over the years, largely through its volunteer and grassroots network.


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Guest Contributor

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  1. I really enjoyed watching the 2014 ANCA Telethon on the USArmenia TV channel. The beginning of the program was especially nice, with clips of speeches by Dr. King, and Ted Kennedy. Anyway, we should definitely have these ANCA Telethons more often, which enables the Armenian people of the United States to unite together to advance the educational, and civic programs of the ANCA Endowment Fund, which therefore advances the Armenian Cause.

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