Obama Once again Fails to Recognize Genocide

 Below is President Barack Obama’s April 24 statement, which the Armenian Weekly received from the White House Press Office. Reacting to the statement, ANCA Executive Director Aram Hamparian said, “It’s a sad spectacle to see our President, who came into office having promised to recognize the Armenian Genocide, reduced to enforcing a foreign government’s gag-rule on what our country can say about a genocide so very thoroughly documented in our own nation’s archives.”


Statement by the President on Armenian Remembrance Day

President Obama
President Obama

Today we commemorate the Meds Yeghern and honor those who perished in one of the worst atrocities of the 20th century.  We recall the horror of what happened ninety-nine years ago, when 1.5 million Armenians were massacred or marched to their deaths in the final days of the Ottoman Empire, and we grieve for the lives lost and the suffering endured by those men, women, and children.   We are joined in solemn commemoration by millions in the United States and across the world.   In so doing, we remind ourselves of our shared commitment to ensure that such dark chapters of human history are never again repeated.
I have consistently stated my own view of what occurred in 1915, and my view has not changed.  A full, frank, and just acknowledgement of the facts is in all of our interests.  Peoples and nations grow stronger, and build a foundation for a more just and tolerant future, by acknowledging and reckoning with painful elements of the past.  We continue to learn this lesson in the United States, as we strive to reconcile some of the darkest moments in our own history.   We recognize and commend the growing number of courageous Armenians and Turks who have already taken this path, and encourage more to do so, with the backing of their governments, and mine.  And we recall with pride the humanitarian efforts undertaken by the American Committee for Syrian and Armenian Relief, funded by donations from Americans, which saved the lives of countless Armenians and others from vulnerable communities displaced in 1915.

As we honor through remembrance those Armenian lives that were unjustly taken in 1915, we are inspired by the extraordinary courage and great resiliency of the Armenian people in the face of such tremendous adversity and suffering.  I applaud the countless contributions that Armenian-Americans have made to American society, culture, and communities.  We share a common commitment to supporting the Armenian people as they work to build a democratic, peaceful, and prosperous nation.

Today, our thoughts and prayers are with Armenians everywhere, as we recall the horror of the Meds Yeghern, honor the memory of those lost, and reaffirm our enduring commitment to the people of Armenia and to the principle that such atrocities must always be remembered if we are to prevent them from occurring ever again.


  1. Obama is talking out of both sides of his mouth. He has been contorting himself for years to avoid recognizing the Armenian genocide. He has not and will not change.

  2. Yeghern (եղեռն) means crime, offence, misdemeanour…
    Genocide in Armenian is ցեղասպանութիւն (tseghasbanoutyoun). He thinks that playing with words, he will appease the collective Armenians! What a hypocrite!

    • Alice

      Other than willful objection, there cannot be any denial of the veracity of the assertion that Medz Yeghern is an Armenian term coined by the survivors to mean Genocide.

    • Vahe: pfft.

      More importantly, Obama is using a phrase only Armenians and those aware of the genocide would understand and one the general public is clueless about.

      In other words, if Obama said GENOCIDE, it would make NEWS. He chose his words with intent and it makes no waves. He is two-faced and wants his cake. The arrogance to speak of the “massacres” of the past as Armenians in Syria are being hunted by the very “freedom fighters” he afforded political legitimacy in effort to oust Assad is absolutely criminal.

  3. Barohn Obama will never recognize the Armenian genocide because of USA relations with Turkey. God forbid we should say anything negative against the Turkish government.

  4. there is not a day that passes by and not to pray for the 28 of my family members that were massacred in Marash Turkey In the year of 1915 A.D.

  5. He didn’t even put any effort in drafting a new statement. This year’s statement is essentially copied-and-pasted from last year’s and other years before. The Obama administration has turned out to be one of the most vociferously pro-Turkey presidential administrations in recent memory. What a fitting contribution to US foreign policy, particularly in lieu of our community’s otherwise staunch support of his initial presidential campaign. At least a generation of Armenian-Americans are now deeply skeptical toward the deception of progressive politics and the judgement of their ‘community leaders,’ who demonstrated extraordinary naïveté in their unqualified support of Obama.

  6. He does not characterize it as Genocide, but he still says a lot for those in Turkey who can read between the lines.

  7. Let the Armenian Weekly editorialize and accept once and for all that the term Medz Yeghern is our own term for our own Genocide experience.

    Whether we justify President Obama using our own term is an altogether different debate that should never undermine or belittle the term itself.

    As to you Kegham, I do not think you are implying that President Obama should use instead – “Spanetzin Mezi!” “They killed us!” -. Erdogan has been saying the there thing, that there was killing in 1915 but not Medz Yeghern.

  8. “I have consistently stated my own view of what occurred in 1915, and my view has not changed.” Well, it has, Mr. President Obama. Your own view as presidential candidate was to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide, i.e. killing of a race, not Medz Yeghern, i.e. great crime, a term that Armenians sometimes use narrowly among themselves. But the international legal term coined by American lawyer Raphael Lemkin based on his studies of the Armenian and Jewish cases, is “genocide”. If you so wish, Mr. President Obama, to use terms in the Armenian language instead of your native English, then there is a term readily available for you: “tseghasbanutyun”, a word that bears precisely the meaning of killing of a race. Are you afraid of Turks, Mr. President of the mightiest state in the world?

  9. When I see that, I’m even more sick of politics and politicians with their subterfuges…
    But on the other hand I think that EU and France in particular is well ahead of the US!
    But never forget that this is about politics not “pol-ethics”!

  10. If Obama wants to be mentionned in history as a “Great President” and not a “Nobody president”, then he has to meet his Committments and recognize the Armenian Genocide. Up today i doubt that he has the making of Benjamin Franklin or Woodrow Wilson. We need Actions, not just empty Words and promises Mr. President.

  11. Turkey is the super power and NOT United States of America. Turkey is controlling U.S. for their benefits not as a humanity.

  12. President Obama you are a lier. What is Medz Yeghern? Why are you not using words that all the world can understand? Where is your promise ?????????? Merz yeghern you do not sound cute at all! This is disrespectful.
    On April 24 1915 a genocide, a massive killing of 1,500 000 innocent Armenian people by Turks took place and you are a partner. Do not hide behind the killers!
    Turks were never punished despite all the world knowing the truth Turks do not even want to recognize ARMENIAN GENOCIDE.
    Such horrors are still continued they attacked and killed armenians in Kessab, Hrand dink was killed in Turkey. Even in America my life as an Armenian is not safe, Turks are still eager to finish their plan. President Obama you are responsible. By not recognizing and calling the real name,Armenian Genocide, you are a partner with the killers.
    This needs to stop and you are responsible. Recognize and Condemn the Turks for Armenian Genocide. We are humans and this has been my, my people,all the Armenians of the world’s request, recognize fully and condemn.
    Thanks for your sorrow but useless. Some wounds time never heal. I am looking forward to actions from responsible people. I used to count on you but you are another puppet of Turks. We vote for a big fat Failure.

    From a young Armenian American engineering student of your state university
    A. Marouty

  13. Okay, okay, he still can’t say the g-word. But he did say “massacred” and “atrocity.” And he acknowledged that others besides Armenians were targeted. Something about the Turkish government would have been appropriate. That the atrocity was government-organized, and that Erdogan continues to obfuscate. Okay, Obama, you get one more chance in 2015.

  14. Of course the president of America not recognize our Armenian Genocide , state of America is slave of turks, I can not belive this great country of our have a fair from blocage. they prefere to be in fear the recognize murdering the nation.

  15. All he had to do was add two words to in his last sentence to make that speech much more acceptable….”atrocities must always be remembered “as Genocide” if we are to prevent them from occurring ever again.” Just another swift-talking politician.

  16. Mr president We all know what your views on the events of april 24 1915 were . but why are you ashamed of expressing these views that you hold so close to your heart …What happened to TRUTH , JUSTICE ,FREEDOM .HONESTY …. I thought you were a ” YES WE CAN “. to justice & American values ….what changed ? what are you afraid of .As the leader of of one of the most powerful ,just, fair.generous countries of the world why are you running away from the TRUTH … I am ashamed of my president whose noble ideas promises is gagged by such a miniscule unimportant savage insignificant excuse for a country living on my forefathers lands since the Bronze age spewing poison to all it’s neighbouring countries …….Shame on you Mr president that you can not speak the truth …… extremely ashamed HU grad 1988

  17. Disappointed but not surprised….
    He’s just following US Foreign policy.
    “pick and choose you Genocides”, no room for moral obligations….

  18. As long as NATO is not dismantled and/or Turkey is not kicked out of it; nothing will change. We can vilify Putin all we want about Ukraine, Georgia etc. but his goal has always been to create buffer nations along NATO borders, like the Armenian border with Turkey which is a NATO border patrolled by Russians. Ironically, the primary goal of this Russian patrol with the helicopter squadrons and the latest model of fighter jets is not to protect Armenians from Turks. If NATO is vanished, then problems with Putin will end, plus, the US will be relieved from upsetting Turkey, such a “staunch” NATO ally. Needless to ask, why is Turkey, a country with its capital in Asia, member of NATO in the first place. In the meantime, expect nothing from the US, the UK and their puppet, Israel.

    • Why is Turkey, with its capital in Asia in NATO? The same reason Greece, a country so far from the North Atlantic, is in NATO

    • NATO’s original intent was to stop the expansion of communism into Europe, that is why most member countries are European, except for Canada and the US that are present for their contribution in WWII and the stop of Stalin’s advance in the final days of the war. Turkey is the odd exception there as an Asian country. This awkward membership will not help it win its EU bid.

    • Turkey is a transcontinental country. Let’s start with facts. Secondly, Turkey had the distinction of having a direct land border with the USSR, which made it more valuable to NATO. Third, Greece and Turkey were the only two countries in eastern Europe to avoid communism thanks to the Marshall Plan- so NATO DID stop the spread of communism in Europe with regard to Greece and Turkey.

      PS: if you have a problem with an Asian country in the EU you can start with Cyprus

    • @RVDV:

      Thanks to the Marshal Plan lol

      Marshal Plan = UK-US funneled cash weapons/sponsored civil war ending w/ 150k dead Greeks and an violent anticommunist establishment that would later lead to a Greek Junta supported by US-UK. Civilians violently suppressed all in the name of Anglo-American diplomacy. Lasted well into the 1980s.

      Control the banks, control the bread. Better level some sanctions and “offer” aid to those who “cooperate”

      Sounds a lot like the “freedom” being leveled on Syria.

    • Did Greece become a communist country? No. So the Marshall Plan succeeded. It worked out well for Turkey, I don’t care about Greece.

    • RVDV: heh.

      Greek Military Junta = Marshall Plan success!

      Turkey used the “communism” argument to justify killing Armenians in the eastern regions long before Anglo-American Marshal Plan was used to justify the exploitation and killing of Kurdish civilians.

  19. To all my Armenian friends,

    Christos harjav i merelotz! Christ is Risen!

    Erdogan is one of his best buddies…go look it up. He calls him on advice on how to raise his daughters.

    The fools who voted for this imbecile owe the rest of us an apology.

    This is only one more in a line of disgraceful actions: Benghazi, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Ukraine.

  20. And let say he had use the word Genocide,and then what was he to do,send troups in Turkey to take our lands back and make them pay for what they took away from our grand parents? The French recognized the Genocide ,the European Parliement have recognized it and what did they do ? Nothing.
    They backed up Turkey to invade Kesab.Lets push for reparation and paying back all the confiscated properties from the Armenians,Put pressure at the Hague ,at the tribunal of human rights.Work towards the recognition of the Republic of Artsakh,and put pressure on the Armenian government to stop monopolies and briberies and have a justice system that works so we can finally go back to Armenia and prosper the country.Armenia should have had a population of 5 million by now.But we have a useless government.Once we
    have a strong economy ,repopulate the country and we will have a strong army,then we can talk with the Turks .In the 60 s a friend of mine had gone to see the Turkish embasy in Washington DC and the Ambassador had told him,
    “when your army will be stronger then ours then we will bow to you ,not before”.

  21. My president continues to disappoint me by his dogmatic refusal to recognize the Armenian Genocide which began in 1915. If you read his words carefully, you will observe that not only does he avoid calling it by its correct and legal name, but he carefully obfuscates the fact that theTurkish Ottoman government was responsible for formulating and implementing the policy of killing my ancestors. Mr. President, ask yourself why an Armenian diaspora was created if we were so happy in a native land where our people lived for some 4000 years ?

  22. yep, I remember old days, watching his video talking and saying that he will recognize the Armenian Genocide.

  23. Anybody here see the same old approach that we Armenians have been doing for over a 100 years now? That is the supplication of Western powers to feel sympathy for the plight of our Armenian people. Begging comes to mind with the near pleading with Turkey and the West for them to say sorry in a kind of humiliating fashion as if we are saying to the Turkish Sultan, “Please Effendi… may I kiss your boots”. That if the Turks and the West will only recognize the Genocide, well then everything will be okay. It will not be okay as long as the thieves of the Genocide continue to benefit from what they stole from us in 1915. This is not to devalue the G-word or that Genocide recognition efforts are not important. Such efforts absolutely should continue in full force. But rather than focusing such efforts on getting some political hypocrite to say the G-word, why not instead coordinate our efforts to get back what was stolen in the Genocide? Of course it is tragically not possible to get back the lives that were lost in the Genocide, but getting back the property, the land, and everything else that was lost in the Genocide would go a long way towards justice for those lost in the Genocide. Time to move on from recognition to reparations. Why not take every point in Obama’s statement and use it as an agenda for reparations? Who really cares what Obama or the Turkish Prime Minister or any politician thinks about the Armenian Genocide? As long as we give these hypocrites power by caring about what they say, then they have power over us. Time to stop giving up our power. Time to stop kissing the Sultan’s boots.

    • Very well said. It is time for us to move away from useless consoling words depending on others to do our bids for us, and then criticising them for not saying the proper words that may give healing for our souls. Stop begging. It is time for us to take action; start asking for what we really want for what really counts. We want reparation and our lands back and we will not stop or rest until we accomplish that sacret task. Who cares what Mr. Obama or anyone else says? We have to do it on our own. Let’s start with geting our own house in order in Armenia: buld a mighty army, improve the local economy, fight corroption, stop the brain drain out of Armenia; then we can have the voice to demand our rights.

  24. Despite of President Obama not using the word Genocide, I feel that he has the sentiment of it. Do remember that being diplomatic is part of governing a state. The sole to blame is the state of Turkey no one else. Turkey MUST be the one coming forward to do so. Of course, one would prefer to place sanctions in Turkey until they came forward, but that would also be wrong. I have lost ancestors in this Genocide and feel justice should be done, but it must come from Turkey solely, not by pressure of other nations to do so. PEACE! <3

  25. I am truly shocked at the few people apologizing for Mr. Obama here and saying we should read between the lines. Would we say that of the Holocaust if a President intentionally avoided the truth of genocide.

    This president is much much worse than his predecessors. Obama promised to recognize it. I am a life long Democrat but I am sick of the pandering and lies

  26. When are the people of the world acknowledge what happened. Even Obama, whose own ancestors suffered the degradation of slavery and humiliation; has not seen to take stronger stance on this issue. Even the Christian world has ignored the atrocities that were committed. the Vatican even pardoned the Germans for the war crimes of WWII when the Nazi’s killed the people of Israel. Armenians, the first nation to accept Christianity as its national religion, who lay down and died for their faith, has not had word one from anyone for that sacrifice. On April 24, 1915 my mother saw three of her cousins taken away and killed. three young men in the prime of their lives; who should have had the right to live out a long a fruitful life, had it snuffed out. Where is the justice in that? Come on Mr. President, take a good look at this and make the right choice before leaving office. Make a choice for humanity. Give those martyrs of April 24 rest at last.

    • Obama’s father was an PhD economic scholar from Kenya on scholarship to the USA. His African heritage never experienced slavery. More so, his father was from privilege in regard to his countrymen, hence the PhD in economics.

  27. Perhaps someone with more resources than I have could post a phone number for the White House that will actually be answered by someone to whom we could talk directly to protest Obama’s extremely weak statement regarding the April 24 anniversary of the Armenian genocide. 100,000 or more phone calls could make our point.

    • also is possible to start a petition-action with avaaz.com, then millions of people can sign for the armenian genocide and is send to the white house.

  28. Once a liar,always a liar.
    Next time any politician who comes crawling for Armenian vote.We should get a written statement from him/her.So that when they re neg we shove shove that paper in their eye after rolling it. Nobama turned up to be immoral liar. SMH

  29. Unless and until AIPAC gives the go ahead, nothing will change with the US position. No one can remove the gag rule without their blessing.

  30. I agree with Richard and Robert, Armenia itself should be demanding reparations and the return of the strip of land that gave Armenia access to the Black Sea.

    • The decision to land-lock Armenian most certainty falls at the feet of US Ambassador Bristol, former US Naval Admiral. His single-handed moves undermined much of Wilson’s ideals for an Armenian sovereign state.

      The US-UK most certainly held the cards and also the purse-strings of the German banks Turkey entrusted its looted treasures.

  31. I’m sorry. President Obama’s statement was completely in accord with the facts. He leaves it to the Turks to admit to the realities and it would serve no purpose for him to go beyond the realistic statements that he makes.

    Relations with Turkey must be considered when making statements and it doesn’t take the Turks off the hook.

    My grandfather was a tax collector for the Turks and he was a victim of the holocaust so I make my position in the face of that horrible memory.

    • Richard, your point might have credibility IF the President didn’t promise to recognize the genocide. Besides, doesn’t he or his advisers know that if something is left to the Turks to admit to the realities, then given their track record of duplicity they will NEVER admit it?

    • Actually, President Obama’s statement is nowhere close to being in accord with the facts. Just like the previous times, he again failed to recognize the murder of 1.5 million Armenians in the Ottoman Empire by its correct term, the Armenian Genocide. Furthermore, he doesn’t even mention that those 1.5 million Armenians were murdered by the Ottoman Turks. These are the two most important things, which he continuously leaves out.

      By not going beyond his incorrect statement, again shows that the United States has no commitment whatsoever to human rights and social justice. And, it once again shows that the United States which claims to be the most powerful country in the world, actually happens to be controlled by the Islamic terrorist nation of Turkey. That’s shameful!

  32. In 2008, Mr. Obama promised: “As president, I will recognize the Armenian genocide.” It is hard to escape a conclusion that either he is not a president or he is a liar.

  33. I am sick and tired from all these infantile people and their comments. Who cares what Obama or Erdogan said? Do we need their acceptance?We know what happened to our ancestors, and know what to call that tragedy.We need to move on, build our motherland, have a strong government. Let the Turkish people clean their conscience and learn about their past. They are already started to do that.Let us help them to understand that.Instead of begging to this or that politician, we need to solve our problem in a different way. That way is already had shown to us by Hrant Dink. Just follow his path!

    • Anna, I would be careful to stigmatize posters you are unfamiliar with as “infantile” only because their opinions in a public forum may differ from yours. You say: “Do we need their [Obama’s, Erdogan’s etc.] acceptance?” Yes, we do. It’s one of the venues by which the Cause of recognition and justice is being advanced. And exactly how the advancement of justice hinders building our motherland and having a strong government, can you explain?

    • I agree that the “pressure” should be placed on the Turkish government and stop blaming others. I would feel more honored if Turkey would finally comply out of their own conscience, not out of peer pressure of other nations. Instead of making numeral call to the White House, why not make numeral calls to the Turkish parliament instead?

      My great-grandfather was murdered, to leave my great-grandmother alone with three young children. She took the “March of Death”, truly the march of death, as two of her children froze to death, one fell in freezing lake and the baby on her back froze to death. Sad enough? I think so, but I’m voting for peace and if we can’t get a politician to admit than we must just continue to teach our children at schools, as the Germans do, “to not ever forget”. Germany has the history of the Holocaust in their curriculum and every school age children must attend at least one “field trip” to a concentration camp, to which is organized by the school.

      Again, I’m truly for the cause of Turkey accepting the Genocide but would prefer to not use the energy to blame other nations that don’t have anything to do with it. I know that the US have political and diplomatic reasons to be careful, after all Turkey is located in a very sensitive area and the US would rather keep them as friends than foes so to have some control of the area. Meanwhile, let’s think positive, after all, President Obama shared a compelling speech and who knows, it has opened the door for the next speech, perhaps another president (a Republican?) I doubt though, but all is not lost.

      PEACE! <3

    • Isa, I don’t think you can get Obama off the hook that easily.

      He simply lied to the Armenian people when he stated that he would recognize the Genocide if elected president. He knew very well then, that he wouldn’t be able to deliver on that promise. If he was not sure, he could have simply checked with living past presidents. If he didn’t know and didn’t check with his predecessors, then it’s much worse, it makes him a true amateur. Many naïve Armenians believed in him, because he represented much needed change after the Bush years. My guess is that he was dishonest and simply lied to get elected.

      Today his yearly remarks about “my personal opinion has not changed” and his insistence in using the term Medz Yeghern have become irrelevant to Armenians. Actually they are disrespectful to the memory of our dead. They started as soon as his first year of presidency. Do we have such short memory? Have we forgotten that he forced our poor RoA president to announce the existence of a road map on the “eve” (!) of April 24 on his first year in office? Then he had Hillary Clinton drag our poor RoA FM in her car to the protocol signature venue? Because he didn’t want to sign? Then lately his Ambassador announcing that the president will have a “strong” statement on April 24. Whom were you trying to fool Mr. Ambassador?

      Why do I call our RoA president and his FM poor? Because they showed poor judgment in accepting to sign a document that referred the study of the Genocide to a committee of historians, and later they flip-flopped trying to explain what that loosely worded sentence meant. What did Armenia get in return for sending our men to Afghanistan to support America’s war against “terror”? Nothing. Only more cuts to the charity funding of Armenia and Artsakh.

      Mr. President, Armenians do not want to endure your yearly rhetoric for the rest of your presidency. It is better not to say anything. But, you have the choice to make a difference by attending the 100th Anniversary of the Genocide next year in Yerevan and call on Turkey to do the same. You can also bring along your closest allies, the British and the Israelis.

  34. WHO IS OBAMA ?

    A man obviously smaller than Erdogan. In the States they call him President. Is he presiding ? He just carries out the orders given to him by executive boards of industry and of Wall Street. Now it seems that they gave him the order to start a war with Russia. – I call this man a Marionette !

  35. Comment by Bozian has the right tone. He starts by saying “President Obama’s statement was completely in accord with the facts. He leaves it to the Turks to admit to the realities and it would serve no purpose for him to go beyond the realistic statements…”

    Obama first describes the events of 1915, in a language that echoes Armenian sentiments: “The Meds Yeghern”; “We recall the horror of what happened ninety-nine years ago, when 1.5 million Armenians were massacred or marched to their deaths in the final days of the Ottoman Empire…” The specificity of the number, 1.5 million is rather significant.

    Next comes the legal definition of the events. Here Obama stays short of calling it genocide. Instead, he says “I have consistently stated my own view of what occurred in 1915, and my view has not changed”. We all know his view as articulated during 2012 campaign, was that the events of 1915 were acts of genocide. He says, my view has not change…. He certainly does not call it something else.

    Certainly I wish he would go ahead and restate his unchanged position, by calling it Genocide, but here we have to defer to Obama’s geopolitical responsibilities.

    I wish Armenians would come up with stronger arguments and more realistic and meaningful demands. While we think (rightly so) we have territorial claims against Turkey, we are witnessing Armenians depopulating our tiny homeland.

    • What comes first for a president of a country? His domestic responsibilities or his geopolitical responsibilities? Why is it that Mr. Obama’s geopolitical responsibilities are firm in places like Bosnia, Cambodia or Darfur, but go hypocritical in places like Turkey? After all, none of these regions is adjacent to his country. His statement is far from being in accord with the facts. Meds Yeghern echoes Armenian sentiments emotionally, but we expect legal language in his native language from the mouth of the president. On Benghazi, he said he strongly condemned the outrageous attack on our diplomatic facility. On Darfur, he said genocide was underway in Sudan. On 9/11, he said in 2011 we were marking the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks. But when it comes to the Armenian genocide, he calls it Medz Yeghern. Where is the legal English term?

      “1.5 million Armenians were massacred or marched to their deaths in the final days of the Ottoman Empire”. By whom? Aliens?

      To leave genocide acknowledgement to the Turks to admit means to shelve the issue. Turks are not Germans. They will never do such thing on their own.

  36. “I’m sorry. President Obama’s statement was completely in accord with the facts. He leaves it to the Turks to admit to the realities and it would serve no purpose for him to go beyond the realistic statements that he makes. ”

    Richard, you don’t know US policy. A US president would NEVER dance around the Holocaust like Obama has on the Armenian Genocide. This president was the FIRST to promise he would use the term, and he is intentionally breaking his promise.

    I have always voted Democrat, but knowing how Hillary Clinton specifically attacked Samantha Power on this issue I would not vote for Hillary if the GOP ticket was Cruz and Palin! I am not kidding.

    I have been to two DNC fundraisers where Mr. Obama made this promise. Mr. Bush never did. Mr. Romney never did. Mr. McCain never did. But Obama made it categorically while asking for support.

    What is worse, being told by a candidate and political party they can’t do it, or being outright lied and pandered too?

  37. Concerning Obama,he has yet to produce proof that he is an American by birth qualified to be president of this country.This is the same man who belatedly “released” a birth certificate supposedly proving he was born in Hawaii.That certificate has been shown to be bogus.
    So,are we to expect from this fraud some sort of integrity in keeping his pledges?Frankly,anyone expecting such an outcome is more to blame than this fraud who managed to steal the U.S. presidency.
    Concerning politicians in general,they are bought and sold in the public arena to the highest bidders.The whole process is not much different from an auction,where the highest bidder wins.
    Consequently,if Armenians are serious about passing a congressional resolution acknowledging the genocide,they should begin holding several telethons to raise enough money to buy off the required 51 senatorial votes to pass the resolution.Any expectations short of buying the votes are either childish or hopelessly unrealistic.

  38. Why are you surprised about Obama’s speech? It doesn’t matter WHO is in the White House…..they’ll all read from the script prepared by our neo-cons. Start with the aviation industry and go on from there. They don’t care about history, only about sales. And, the more money the lobbyists wave, the more they speak/believe the lie! However, WE MUST be vigilant about all media outlets….whether historic programming on cable or the general news….if something’s not accurate, the political advocacy groups need to know!! And, then, through organizations, the media should be contacted. Don’t give up!

  39. Mr. President, for so many years you are talking about change and now is the time to change the word Meds Yeghern to Genocide.
    Don’t let the Turks takes you hostage.
    Don’t be afraid to tell the truth, because JESUS said “The truth will set you free”. Plus you will be blessed together with your family and USA.

  40. How is it possible to state that “1.5 million were massacred or marched to their deaths” and never define that with the term “genocide”? When 100,000 killed in Bosnia = genocide. 800,000 in Rwanda = genocide. Yet Barack Obama has a hard time saying that 1.5 million killed (half the Armenian population in the Ottoman empire at the time) is genocide.

  41. Mr lying president Obama. Why don’t you be a man and put your balls where your mouth is. You are nothing but a puppet of Ergogan.

  42. I dont know why there are so dissapointed comments about Obama. We all actually know Obama does not have an independent agenda for forming his opinions. He says what is in the US interests. Very very simple.

    There is nothing more to it than that.
    The only people we should be dissapointed in is ourselves, the diaspora and Armenia for not MAKING it in obamas interests to accept the genocide.

    We as a diaspora CLEARLY do not do enough to make the administration accept the genocide. And by the way, Enough means all the tasks involved to make genocide accepted. Enough is not doing certain tasks and being tired and saying thats enough.

    If its a hard task, thats how it is. Thats our challenge. Weve had 99 years to solve it and we havent. And its only and ONLY our fault. Not obama, not clinton, not bush.

    Why would any of them care to do it against the interests of their entire nation? Would we accept the rwandan genocide if it meant losing huge national interests in foreign policy? of course not.

    The Croats commited genocide against the Serbs, im sure were not going to pressure any of our government representatives to accept it as such! So why waste time moaning and whining about which moronic president said what?

    The issue which should be discussed here, even on April 24 is what is the role of the Diaspora caused by the Genocide, and how do we put LEVERS on the US government, just like Israel, to make sure our interests and their interests lie on the same path. This is the only thing we have to do.

    WE have huge resources in the US, EU and Russia. One thing we lack are resources. Again, take lessons from the Jews, they organised and used all their forces on one point of pressure to bring nations to the ground for their interests. We can do the same. Forget the cringeworthy notes about Obama this or Obama that. Hes a puppet. You wouldnt speak about Kermit in such a way so why this moron?

    We need to look at ourselves, and see this as another failture in OURSELVES. not obama.

    What are we going to do about it?

    • May be you can tell us what those US interests are? I can tell you in a nutshell what those interests could be:

      Oil & Gas and pipelines? Have we forgotten the shameful and insulting proposal for swapping Syunik with Kharabakh that was kicked around for a long time, so that pipelines could run there from East to West, and eventually joint Azerbaijan and Nakhitchevan forever! That was, and still is, totally unacceptable to any Armenian with a brain, nevertheless it was acceptable to US foreign affairs!

      Selling you goods and services? Well, we know outright that the US has NO interest in countries with small populations like Armenia. For example, in the post-Soviet era, Baltic nations like Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania turned to the US support , but they were turned down, in the favour of countries like, Poland which had a large population base and a lot more potential for growth.

      Becoming a base for selling US ideology and annoying Russia at its doorstep? But there is no need for a second Israel, which was conceived by the US and the UK under totally different circumstances. Becoming another Georgia to be broken up by Russia soon?

      Joining NATO? Does that give you protection? Do all its members recognize the Genocide? Did NATO stop Turkey from invading Cyprus?

  43. Robert,

    First of all, the Armenian people are not begging Turkey for its recognition of the genocide it committed against the Armenians. On the contrary, they’re demanding that Turkey recognize its guilt in committing the Armenian Genocide. There’s a big difference between “begging” and “demanding.” And, exactly what does any of this have to do with kissing the Turkish sultan’s boots?

    In regard to the West, a large number of the Western countries recognize the Armenian Genocide. It’s the United States, along with Britain, that happen to be among the small number of Western countries which do not recognize this particular genocide. That’s the reason why the Armenian people are demanding its recognition by the United States, as well as Britain. Again, this has nothing to do with begging.

    In terms of reparations, it’s certainly imperative that the Republic of Armenia immediately make these demands to Turkey. However, as everyone knows, the Turkish government will naturally reject these demands for reparations. Therefore, it is very necessary that the Armenian people continue with their full-scale program of Armenian Genocide recognition by the United States and other countries, in order to apply maximum pressure on Turkey to recognize its guilt and then be subjected to render financial reparations to Armenia, along with the stolen Western Armenian lands, as well as all of the stolen properties.

    In addition, if the Republic of Armenia proceeds to file an Armenian Genocide lawsuit against Turkey in the European Court of Human Rights in order to obtain the financial reparations, stolen properties, and stolen lands, which are due to them, it would still be mandatory for the ECHR to first recognize the Armenian Genocide. Therefore, no matter how you look at it, in order for there to be reparations, recognition of the Armenian Genocide must first be established.

  44. When our own ambassador wrote extensively on the atrocities he saw, shouldn’t that be enough?No further proof or evidence should be needed. This is what I have never understood.

    • No Sona, its not enough. ‘Cause we’re not here to serve JUSTICE; we’re here to uphold American National Interests. That’s the whole name of the game, and we keep missing reality!!! America, like any sane country, is led by its own interests: Economic-political-strategic-defense National Security Interests. Go chair GM, GE, FORD, MICROSOFT… and then you’ll look where your best interests lie. We fail to understand this simple reality, and then get upset. Who cares who says what, for or against. If you’re strong enough to force them YOUR way, then yours is the glory!!! Russian armies were all the way into Kars, Van, Sassoon… and they just left us alone to get slaughtered. We had San Stefano Treaty…but the British pushed for Berlin Treaty in mere 6 months. We had the Sevres Treaty, and that was replaced by the Lausanne. We had the Wilsonian map, but but the US Legislature scrapped it. Greeks got all the way to Ankara, but the dear West established Ataturk’s Republic in place…. POLITICS, GAINS, TREACHERY, call it what you may: Keep in mind, only best partners come in green, American$$$$$$$. Enough getting upset, and felt sidelined. Do your homework good, so that Morgenthau to Evans Ambassadors will count!!!

    • No Danny, the issue is not about the discrepancy between serving justice and upholding American national interests. The issue is about hypocrisy in serving justice in one case and upholding American national interests in the other. That’s the whole name of the American game: hypocrisy. Nothing happened to other sane countries, such as France or Russia, being led by their economic-political-strategic-defense-national security interests, when they served justice and acknowledged the genocide. On the contrary, trade level with Turkey only rose after that. You fail to understand this simple reality.

      And Russian armies did not leave us alone to get slaughtered at their way into Kars, Van, and Sassoon. You must have done wrong on your history homework. Russian armies received an order from Stavka to withdraw from the Caucasus Front because there was a massive need for manpower and ammunition in the Western Front during the WWI. It was unfortunate, but it wasn’t done deliberately to leave the Armenians face-to-face with bloodthirsty Turks.

      As for your other points, I gave examples of other presidents, who have balls, irrespective of their economic-political-strategic-defense-national security interests and American$$$$$$$, to be men, not milk-toast.

  45. Mr president ,
    Do you know where your backbone is?
    If so stand straight and say as is the word
    Genocide and stand right on your word that
    You were going to recognize the
    Armenian Genocide. Armenians do not
    Want empty words , stand up and take an action and hold your head up straight
    And say USA recognizes the
    Armenian Genocide, then the world
    Will know you can take an action
    Without fear of Turkey.

  46. Dear compatriots. Once and for all, stop begging. If its not going your way, than you have done wrong on your homework. Enough putting too much weight on what an American, a French, a Russian…President says on this issue. Pre-election is different than post-election, anywhere, everywhere. They get their National Security briefings only after getting elected; and they take the oath to hold THEIR nation’s priorities first and foremost. This President is not a candidate anymore. He honestly says, that his personal beliefs regarding the Genocide have not changed. After retirement, he is somehow free to express his personal convictions. But, during Presidency, ONE CANNOT BE PERSONAL!!!! Enough we waste our time on this issue. Let’s do our homework well; enough begging; enough undue critique… it does not lead us anywhere!!!!

    • Dear Danny. First of all, no one’s begging. We’re demanding what we were promised. If it’s not going our way, it doesn’t mean we’ve done wrong on our homework. It means this country’s government, while presenting itself to the world as beacon as democracy and human rights, is nothing than a scrub. Pre-election is different than post-election, anywhere, everywhere? Well, then kindly explain why other presidents, who have balls, keep their promises? Don’t other presidents get their National Security briefings after getting elected? If their nations’ priorities were paramount, what was there in France’s or Russia’s national interest to acknowledge the Armenian genocide? For both nations Turkey is an important trading partner. For France, it is also a fellow NATO member-state. Francois Hollande vowed as candidate and vows as president a new Armenian genocide denial law. If Mr. Obama honestly says that his beliefs regarding the genocide haven’t changed, then why doesn’t he even use the proper English word for the object of his beliefs? If it was merely his personal belief, then why make it a part of his official presidential campaign? Why not just share it among family members during a dinner? This is not an undue critique. This is a reproach to a person who made a promise but miserably failed to keep it. Period.

    • Actually danny, it’s you who has done its homework wrong. You’re persistently accusing Armenians of begging the United States to recognize the Armenian Genocide, when that totally happens to not be the case. In the name of human rights and social justice, the Armenian people are demanding that the United States recognize the extermination of 1.5 million Armenians by the Ottoman Turks, by its correct name, the Armenian Genocide. Once again, there’s a big difference between “begging” and “demanding.”

  47. I really believe that we Armenians misunderstand the United States of America and that is partly because America gives the illusion that she is the champion of freedom and justice around the world when in fact the United States is, first and foremost, a gigantic corporation primarily concerned about her self-interests. Of course, I don’t necessarily blame the Armenians for being so gullible because, unlike other ethnic groups, we are not shrewd politicians and assume all the empty rhetoric the United States is selling must be real. Well, it isn’t.

    We put too much stock in the American fallacy and when we don’t get what we were promised by crooked politicians and the liars-in-chiefs we get all bent out of shape, disappointed and feel betrayed. The Americans, by nature, don’t dwell in the past and don’t spend time wondering about what the future will bring. They are primarily focused on the politics of the day and what affects them and their selfish interests and react accordingly. The exception to these rules is of course when they themselves are directly affected and no matter how long ago and for what reason they will never let you forget about it. Take the events of September 11th, 2001 as an example. Nearly 3,000 innocent Americans were killed by Muslim terrorists and the American response was very swift and lethal. In 15 years’ time since the event, two countries were invaded, rightfully so in the case of Afghanistan, and hundreds of thousands of people were killed or became collateral damages. Several Trillions of dollars were spent to finance these invasions and there is still no end in sight. Rest-assured, the events of 2001 will be remembered and commemorated for decades, if not centuries, to come.

    Not counting the losses in territory, property and assets valued in billions of dollars, the Armenians lost at least 1,500,000 innocent lives (500 times the size of innocent lives lost in 2001) brutally at the hands of blood-thirsty Turks, and we are told by certain high-ranking American politicians and officials what relevance the Armenian Genocide, that took place a 100 years ago, has on what’s happening in the world today! AND who are these politicians telling us to forget about our past and move on? None other than the so-called family-oriented, greedy capitalist and supposedly-Christian Republicans who won’t leave any stone unturned, not to mention sending their sons and daughters to die thousands of miles away from the US borders, to protect and defend the Jewish state whose people were subjected to genocide because the Armenian Genocide went unpunished and whose agents in the United States, instead of helping the Armenians to seek justice, are busy helping the genocidal Turks to get away with mass murder.

    Of course, all American presidents knew and know what was done to the Armenians and many have privately acknowledged the Armenian Genocide but they will never publically express their private thoughts and that is because they are servants to the capitalist corporations that pay their salaries and run the United States of America. They will continue to misrepresent their intensions to the Armenians and never stand on the side of the truth because doing so will jeopardize their selfish interests in the region, falsely of course, and “insult” their only Muslim NATO ally and genocide perpetrator and denier Turkey and make them vulnerable to Turkish threats and blackmail when in fact they could bring Turkey to her knees in a week if they wanted to do so.

    Even though the stand the United States and other nations take on the Armenian Genocide is important but I don’t think it is a matter of life and death for us. We know the truth because we lived through it and no one will truly defend our rights but ourselves. @Richard mentioned his friend’s encounter with the Turkish ambassador in the 60s when he was told and I quote “when your army will be stronger then ours then we will bow to you, not before”. I strongly believe in that statement and I do so because the illegal and fascist Turkish republic exists today exactly because of what was expressed in that sentence. We must vehemently continue our tenacious pursuit for justice by exposing the Turkish atrocities world over but ultimately our salvation is in our own hands. We must fight the bully not by words alone but also by a language they are very familiar with as we did twenty years ago next door.

    Obama is not the first nor will he be the last US president to put the interests of the United States and the interests of her genocidal Turkish NATO ally ahead of rendering justice to the descendants of 1,500,000 murdered Armenians while giving lip service and pretending to be the champion of justice and peace around the world.

    As told to the Armenians by a popular Armenian song: Հայ ժողովուրդ դու քո հոյսը դիր քո բազկին!

  48. Yeghern translated into English could means, horror, crime, anything but Genocide.
    While Genocide in Armenian is tzeghasbanoutiun.(Tzegh) -gene. (sbanoutiun) killing.
    Thus Tzeghasbanoutioun is the exact translation of Gen-o-cide — Not Yeghern.
    May be we should send him a collective letter to tell him just than!

  49. That’s bullshit Danny, If a president of the US can’t stand up for what’s right then who can? Don’t forget he’s got his own agenda and we’re not part of it except when he wants Armenian votes and he lies to them about dealing with the Armenian Genocide. Other presidents have done the same thing but for some reason we have to be “tactful” with this guy. He may have had a rough life but his life was “a piece of cake” compared to what our people have had to endure. Maybe it’s because he was handed a decent life by his grandparents, don’t you think? Anyway, lets wake up and support each other, don’t depend on fakers like Mr. Know Nothing.

  50. Isa Paula Kechichian writes: “The sole to blame is the state of Turkey no one else”… “I agree that the “pressure” should be placed on the Turkish government and stop blaming others. I would feel more honored if Turkey would finally comply out of their own conscience, not out of peer pressure of other nations.”

    This line of reasoning is incorrect on more than one level. First, it is not true that “others” are not to blame. The Turks committed Genocide under the noses of “others” and some of those were directly involved. For instance, it is doubtful the Turks would have pulled off the extent of Genocide they did without the help of Germany. As an example, the Armenians of Van had very successfully defended themselves with the Turks unable to penetrate the city regardless of how many Turks they sent, until they brought in the Germans with their big guns to breach the defenses. Was this a war? Nope, it was the Ottoman government attempting to annihilate its own citizens under the pretext of war, that being WWI, with the full knowledge and approval of its ally, Germany. Thus here is one country in the “others” group that has responsibility.

    Additionally, Turkey would also not have been able to take steps of Genocide unless there was a war in the first place, and that war was started by “others” – being the allies, France, England, USA, etc. So instead of concentrating on the war at hand, the Turks diverted their resources into extermination a nation and its people so that they would confiscate their lands and possessions and assume their culture… and they did. Without recourse and until today still none. Thus the allies have a responsibility towards the Armenian nation to implement justice, and they have failed to do so for almost a century now. They certainly made Germany pay the price of war… twice. Why not the so-called “Turkey” created from the spilt blood of Armenians and also Assyrians and Greeks? The chief parties responsible for the injustice caused to Armenians are, initially, the two-faced phony-justice nations of France and the UK. Since these nations are basically the followers of the US today, the USA is the one that is important for our pursuit of justice and it is responsible for not allowing us to get our recognition and justice.

    You also give too much credit to Turkey, if you believe that it must recognize its past crimes on its own. Given the choice, Turkey will recognize that it committed Genocide when donkeys grow wings. Turkey is, and should be irrelevant when it comes to the USA recognizing that the Armenians went through a Genocide, and have a right to justice.

    Unfortunately for us, there are evil forces that have taken a grip of US politics, with the parasitic Turkish Genocide deniers and their associates being one of them.

    No one is going to convince me, EVER, that the USA has the gall to threaten the world’s number two super power Russia, while giving us a phony tale that “we can’t get on the bad side of Turkey” with Genocide recognition. Turkey’s existence is utterly and completely based on the protection of USA, and not the other way around. Not by a long shot.

    With all this in mind, other nations may not be responsible for the Armenian Genocide outright, but that does not dismiss them from their responsibilities towards Armenia and the diaspora Armenian community worldwide.

  51. Obama minces his words. He is a serviceable villain. He is defending the Turks, who still are hopelessly guilty and in denial. Armenia forever, Ararat forever Armenian. Shame, dire shame, upon the Turkish leaders who would even kill their own people who do not agree with them

  52. USA claims to be an advocate of human rights. Isn’t the killing of 1.5 million enough to justify it as a genocide?
    What Obama says are only words without substance. After all it doesn’t reduce the pain of the Armenian nation nor does it diminish the crime committed.
    Only money will make Obama speak the truth !

  53. Truthfully speaking, what’s the point in making that yearly speech on April 24th, if the United States president has no intention of classifying the extermination of 1.5 million Armenians in the Ottoman Empire by its correct name, the Armenian Genocide? Furthermore, it’s even more absurd to make this speech if the United States president has no intention of stating who it precisely was that exterminated those 1.5 million Armenians. And, you know what’s really shameful? During the Turkish prime minister’s last visit to the White House in 2013, he happened to give the middle finger to President Obama during a conversation, right there in his own home. President Obama, surely must have felt extremely offended by that. But yet, when he had the golden opportunity to get the Turkish prime minister back for that middle finger incident on his April 24th speech by finally recognizing the truth about the extermination of 1.5 million Armenians by the Ottoman Turks and classifying it by its correct name, the Armenian Genocide, what happened? He just couldn’t do it! This again comes to show that the United States is fully controlled by the Islamic terrorist state of Turkey, which explains the reason why so many of those crooked, hypocrite politicians in the U.S. government are persistently begging the Armenian people to abandon their demands for its recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

    Hey folks, at least Russia will never allow any other country to control its foreign policy in the slightest possible way. Can you imagine what would happen if Turkey attempted to dictate to Russia how it can and can’t go about in its foreign policy. The Russians would immediately stomp on top of the filthy cockroach Turkish nation so hard, that it would be smashed in one shot.

  54. The only time the US, and perhaps Britain will openly agree that the genocide took place will only come about when Turkey finally loses it’s standing as an “important ally”, a role brought about purely because of it’s proximity to the Middle East and Russia. Sadly for us Armenians this change does not look like its going to happen soon. As long as there are problems in that region, the US will need military bases in Turkey to monitor the region and to push it’s cause. They need Turkey and it’s support. So every time there is a hint that the Turks were responsible for this barbaric act against us, brings bullying and threats from them. It’s happened a few times here in Australia where I live, recently some members of Parliament here were barred from visiting Turkey because of their pro Armenian stance. When things settle down in that region, Turkish treats will no longer carry as much weight and we may see a change in our politicians’ rhetoric, but until then we have to put up with them talking the populist talk, condemning injustices and championing the dignity of man,to suddenly turn around and take the pragmatic line.

    • dear Freind with this mentality israel would have disappeared time ago since no place in the world could have been more strategic that the Arab countries and their oil> Please forget these kinds of justifications some leaders repeat to console the Nation for its errors in dealing with matters on the international level.

  55. Dear President Obama,
    Please follow the example of courageous President Hollande of France and recognize the Armenian genocide
    and commemorate with him next year in Yerevan, Armenia the 100 anniversary of Armenian Genocide. Thank you Mr. President
    and God bless you. I am one of your supporter.

  56. I wonder how Mr Obama will call the confiscated goods and properties and lands of th Armenians in Turkey ? the Lost paradise may be? Obama can be so ridiculous sometime he only shows the USA does not exist and is black mailed by a corrupted country like Turkey. The Statue of Liberty should be sent back to France.

  57. you have not done anything to help with the armenian genocide you have no right to call yourself a president if you cant even keep a promis to help so in return you have disappointed all of the kind people that are the armenians
    you have just been schooled by a 15 year old high school

  58. Turkey, and Turkish special interest groups, have used the U.S. State Department as a pawn for exhibiting their agenda for the denial of the Armenian Genocide. President Obama has sacrificed his integrity, as he bends to the will of Turkey and the advice of the U.S. State Department.

    Obama has lost all credibility, because he abets the Turkish and Azeri Strategy of isolating Armenia, politically and economically; and, he bends to the will of Turkey, every time that he has cowered away from describing the mass homicide of Armenians, by the Young Turks and founders of modern day Turkey, as what it truly is, genocide, or the Armenian Genocide.

    I don’t take President Obama seriously, because he has lost all moral credibility, in my eyes. It’s not true, however, that every U.S. Presidential Candidate will bend to the will of Turkey, and the State Department, I think that Senator Bob Dole would not have been corruptible, with this matter, and he would’ve used the words, Armenian Genocide, with all of its legal and moral implications. Senator Bob Dole wounded, when serving as a pilot, in World War II, discussed the Armenian Genocide, with his Armenian American doctor, and was deeply committed to holding Turkey accountable. Unfortunately, he was defeated in his presidential bid, when Bill Clinton was reelected for his second term.

  59. Your putting way too much on Obama, the first color face as President of the United States. He like all the other pale face US Presidents see the power of the energy Mafia of then and today and are not going to change any of it. Middle eastern and US Oil are cousins and the British & United States Energy Mafia is why Turkey can live in denial. Each time you put in gasoline in your car you help Islam be Islam and that is what happened to the Armenians, they were Christians, or non Muslims they were & are targets like the Latinos are with the US conservatives kicking out the Mexicans because of 9/11. If you want to send a message to Islam and the royals of Saudi Arabia, and all conservatives in the world then buy an electric car as soon as you can afford to and help drive the price of a barrel of Oil below $50 permanently and you will begin to see change without firing one bullet.

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