AYF Junior Winter Olympics 2013

This year’s Mid-Atlantic Junior Winter Olympics (JWO) was hosted by the Philadelphia “Papken Suni” Chapter from March 15-17. In attendance were members from Philadelphia, New Jersey, Boston, North Andover, Worcester, Providence, and Washington, D.C.

AYF Juniors arrived at St. Gregory’s Armenian Apostolic Church on Friday evening and were greeted by local members and seniors. The chapters went ice-skating Friday night and returned to the agoump to sleep.

Saturday’s basketball tournament, held at Crefeld School, had a high volume of both participants and spectators. Juniors participated in tavlou, checkers, chess, and a basketball tournament. In the end, Boston triumphed, winning first place followed by New Jersey and Philadelphia. MVPs for the weekend included Jacob Jawharjian for younger boys, Lara Kachechian for younger girls, Kevork Apkarian for older boys, and Talene Sagherian for older girls.

After the games, all of the players and spectators returned to the agoump for a chicken and pilaf dinner prepared by the Philadelphia parents. The Juniors then played dodge ball, “Name That Tune,” and made a Harlem Shake video! The Juniors received their trophies and ribbons for their events and enjoyed the rest of the night at the agoump. It was a very successful weekend and a great start to the spring season!

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Guest Contributor

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