White House to Azerbaijan: ‘There Cannot Be a Military Solution to Karabagh Conflict’

WASHINGTON—The Obama Administration told pro-Aliyev groups that had initiated and promoted two highly inflammatory, anti-Armenian petitions on the White House’s “We the People” site, that “there cannot be a military solution to the Nagorno-Karabagh conflict.”

The response came amid concerns of foreign manipulation of the popular “We the People” site, raised publicly and privately by the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA), after several petitions echoing Azerbaijani government attacks on Karabagh rapidly collected over 100,000 online signatures in recent days.

The text of one in particular, titled “pay close attention on The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. 20% of Azerbaijan territory was occupied by Armenian military,” has a direct link to the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, a project headed by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s multi-billionaire wife, Mehriban Aliyeva. The other echoed a multi-million dollar public relations campaign, led by Aliyev’s daughter, Leyla Aliyeva. International press featured dozens of stories quoting Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry spokesman Elman Abdullayev and other Aliyev mouthpieces urging worldwide support of the petitions, making a mockery of the unique White House internet platform designed to expand civic dialogue with the American people.

The White House issued a one-paragraph response, titled “U.S. Committed to Lasting and Peaceful Settlement of Nagorno-Karabagh,” without referencing Azerbaijani rhetoric utilized in the two petitions. The complete text of the response follows: “Thank you for sharing your views with the White House. While we will not be issuing a Presidential Proclamation, the United States deeply regrets the tragic losses of life in the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia. It reminds us that there cannot be a military solution to the Nagorno-Karabagh conflict, and that only a lasting and peaceful settlement can bring stability, prosperity, and reconciliation to the region. As a Co-Chair of the Minsk Group, the United States remains firmly committed to working with all sides to achieve peace.”

ANCA Executive Director Aram Hamparian had cautioned the Obama Administration against offering any response until the full extent of the foreign manipulation of the “We the People” platform could be determined. “While a U.S. message of peace is particularly timely in light of the Azerbaijani sniper attack which claimed the life of 21-year-old Gor Kazaryan just last week, and the escalating war-rhetoric emanating from the Aliyev Administration, it should not be coming in response to an obviously manipulative bid by a dictator to game the American democratic system,” Hamparian said.

“By responding to a transparently fraudulent campaign, such as the Baku-based rigging of the ‘We the People’ petitions, our government is sending the dangerous message that it’s allowing foreign interference in our domestic affairs to compromise and crowd out the genuinely expressed views and values of the American people.”


  1. White House and Israeli faithful supporters know, that %30 Axeri free oil to Jewish State will be cut off permanently!!

    • Dear GB,
      You either are unaware or conveniently overlook that aside -your assumption of 30% oil to Israel-I don´t know the % like you do….
      Main parties involved there are the Big Boys (the oil giants) who would not wish anything like that to happen.Thence, U.S. Gpov.t or GB(Great Britain) would not like that…
      But since we armenians have sufffered way too LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG from those two beautifull neighbours…
      1- We must get prepared,like the Swiss,every Armenian that has done military service to be allowed and given a Rifle to take home in RA/Artsakh.
      No.2. All Aremnian youth and Young of Diaspora visiting Homeland to undergo military cadet training….with local recruits begining service.
      3.Diaspora!!!!! Time to wake up and get re organized and in each community country ,in Provincial townships assemlbe around Central Blodies(from all factions etc.Then to Central Council of each country.later all to sub,mit to our
      Supreme Council of THE D I A S P O R A !!!! in 5 Departments
      1. Social services and -very near future-Re`patriation organizing Dept-in Mosow(near aborad)
      2.Economic Supreme Council in Geneva CH, with 15 offices of the PCA´(prof. Colleaggues Assoc.) .and the Economic Supreme there to be establiseshd initiated by oiur 6/7 magnates.As Nat.Invest. Trust Fund-
      3. Legal-Political in Strasbourg(next to RA delegation-not sitting w/them but in same Town as back up support…
      4.Executive in NY, like above next to UN ,Armenian permanent delegation.
      5. We ahve .the only one we ahve. In St.Etchmiadizn but this time over in conjucntion with Great Hoiuse of Cilicia (together)All in constant contact w ea other and all Central Coiuncils of Diaspora..
      The we can talk turkey…so to say.ALL CONVERGED AND M I A P A N !!!!!not the fake word given us United. No Dashnak/Nzhdehagan will unite with a Leftist like France But tin France ALL POILITICAL PARTIES UNITE WHEN FACING NATIONAL ISSUES… we must learn if the turco azeris know that!!!!
      Armenians, it is time to organize.Those fundling may go on and tomorrow LADY Shushan or Mr. Giragos -may God give them more finances, may wish to have in their name this that school renovated in RA(an example) or Giragos , start yet another NGO(Armenian mindset will never change this wise.)
      But when we begin to asse,mble around Nationl Invdestment Trust Fund and LITERALLYU I N V E S T IN SAME.Just the interst earned from Working -invested capital in billions will take care of Repatriation , Counter propaganda with our 2 beaitifull neighbpours eet., et.c, eetc.

  2. not too surprising that White House would give Azeris the cold shoulder.
    However, the statement also subtly repeats Azeri propaganda: {” the tragic losses of life in the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia.”}

    There was no war between Azerbaijan and Armenia.
    The war was between NKR and Azerbaijan. The 1994 ceasefire was signed between Azerbaijan and NKR: Armenia cosigned.
    Armenia helped NKR.
    Turkey helped Azerbaijan.
    Should the statement then have said “…war between Armenia and Turkey” ?

    Of course they cannot say NKR, because if they do, it will be taken as de-facto recognition.
    The statement should have said “…war between Azerbaijan and Armenians of Nagorno-Karabagh”.

    • Avery,
      Just for that reason, a representative of Karabagh should be at the peace negotiations without exception. Its strange that Sarkissian is doing all the negotiating..

    • The mistake was made long ago by RoA Pres Robert Kocharian, John: he agreed to this format, thinking that since he is Artsakhtsi it would make no difference: he would make sure NKR interests are protected. He did not understand the long term ramifications, because he had no experience in world politics.

      Both Kocharian and Sargsyan were very good wartime leaders, but not very good at world politics. It was one of the biggest political blunders of our side. Both grew up and matured in an environment of local politics. They do not understand how the Western imperialists/neocons think and operate. I don’t think Sargsyan does – to this day.

      Unfortunately the die is cast: now, it is very hard to bring in NKR to the negotiating table because Azeris will never agree to it. The only way to force the issue is for RoA to threaten to walk away from the negotiation table: RoA cannot do that either, because none of the Big boys will like it, and Azerbaijan will immediately score a PR coup: it will say Armenians don’t want to negotiate for peaceful solution. Europe and US will turn on RoA.

      Best option I see is that our side keeps the powder dry and drags this out, until Azerbaijan runs out of oil or does something stupid, and the situation on the ground changes. Big boys are OK with the status quo: they are peacefully draining Azeri’s finite oil, and don’t want any trouble.

  3. Avery, no question about it. You guys deserve credit for the victory in stage 1 of Karabak war. But please don’t aggrandize the victory. It was a victory over Turkey?! You are making yourself look ridiculous. Turkey stood aside completely. Show me any proof whatsoever otherwise. A few random mercenary here and there do not count, although I have not even heard of that about Turks. Maybe a few dozens of Afghans of Chechens, but not Turks. It was your own former President Ter-Petrossian who has said that Russia essentially gave an ultimatum to Turkey to stand by completely, and they did.

    And that war was no between Armenia and Azerbaijan? Do you really (yourself) believe this? I hope you are more honest with yourself than on an internet forum. Again, you seem bent on aggrandizing your victory in the spirit of the Movie 300. And also, don’t count your chickens before they hatch. The game is not over yet. Wait until the Iran war throws things into a chaos, and then you will see the next stage. The entire chess-table might get reshuffled, with your Russian patrons being cut off from Caucasus altogether, as an extra bonus to the West. Keep in mind this: Armenia is not an indispensible asset to Russia. Like everything else, that too has its price.

    Speaking of the white house statement … What a standard hypocrisy! War will not solve this conflict. But … you Azeris should accept the results of a situation created through a war. Armenians, yes, can resolves it with a war, but not you. But I am not worried. The Congressmen bought with Armenians votes and money may not acknowledge this openly, but the executive branch (state department, pentagon, CIA) are smart enough to know who their friends are and who is a lackey of Russia/Iran.

    • Kerim, Avery is right, Armenia as a country did not get involved directly in the war, only indirectly through volunteers. Speaking of 300, Turkey also sent volunteers with that mindset (and perhaps with that number), and 3 returned not knowing what hit them. Armenian volunteers were many compared to Turks, but still, Turkey was indirectly involved.

      In “the coming war” you speak of, don’t be so sure it will go your way just because your country spent billions on its military. I am guessing the minorities that the Soviet Union forced to regard themselves as Azeris will not be as willing to fight eagerly as last time for a cause that has nothing to do with them or any other Azeri, minority or otherwise. The Talysh people had 20 years to realize what happened to them last time and learn of their identity. They are fully aware they were herded to the front lines last time, which is why one of their “leaders” brought up the issue of an independent Talyshistan. You Turkish-Azeris are too spoiled with oil wealth and modern conveniences to be even interested in fighting for a land which deep down in your hearts know belongs to Armenia.

      I know losing a war is disastrous for a peoples’ self-esteem. But gambling a second time with the possibility of losing everything is not going to help you further. Why is your country so eager for war and war mongering all the time? You have oil and lots of money coming in, yet do not use it to better your current situation and keep talking of “refugees who will return to their land in NK”. If your government had spent all that money on housing for its population instead of buying mansions in Dubai and storing billions in Swiss bank accounts and making phony businesses in their names, everyone in your country would be living a normal life.

      Armenians in Azerbaijan lost everything, as opposed to Azeris in Yerevan who sold their properties and peacefully went to Baku. Armenians can play the same game, but we have moved on, and the NK war proved to us that we do not deserve to live among such a viscous people. And if Armenians committed crimes like your people claim, Azeris wouldn’t be eager to return to live among Armenians again. In contrast, no Armenians have no desire to live among Azeris (no matter how fondly they remember their past wonderful life)… it is not about feeling, but about life and death. And with your claims that you must return to your “ancestral lands”, we know it means not to live in peace, but to murder every last Armenian you get your hands on. And if there is ever a war coming, I would like to see Aliyev send his son to the front lines… I suspect he will once again herd all the minorities to the front, and all those hipsters of Baku with iphones will feel the same way.

    • Turkey did amass a large battalion of troop at the Armenian border threatening any further liberation of Armenian Lands.

      Not involved? Till this day they close the borders, which btw, is consider an act of war by many. Turkey is not exactly neutral.

      If a war starts with Iran it most certainly will be launched from Azerbaijan making Azerbaijan a must target for the Iranians, So Azerbaijan will have to fight on two fronts? Does the average Azeri have a stomach for that?

      Your only real worth is that you have oil. You also have a corrupt dictator that is all too willing to let a foreign country, like Israel, set up posts in his country for lots of money of course, in his own pocket, that is. Once that oil is gone or destroyed by war, then there goes his and Azerbaijan’s worth.. Be careful what you wish for. You might lose again,..

  4. KERIM

    Why you send a comment, if you are even unable to read ? Where did Avery say
    that Turkey had a war against NKR ?

    And Kerim let me tell you, I also deeply dislike the expression NKR. Arzach was
    Armenian more than 1000 years before the first Tartar arrived in the 1918 called
    Azerbaidjan. – And you KNOW that !

    The region only came under Azeri control as a gift of Stalin.

    No Azerbaidjan, no Minsk Group can ever change anything on the result of this
    war ! Therefore it is also totally uninteresting who fought on whose side.

    You mention a “stage 2” – My advice : Better don´t try . Next time you´ll loose
    much more ! You are already crying about the loss of Arzach, what will be on
    next time ?

  5. Hagop, you are right. It is uncertain that the second round will go our way when the Iran war start. Hech, we can even lose everything, with Iran taking over completely. The reality is that we Azeris will not have a choice but take a side. And it is clear we are on the Israel/US side. It is possible that, after losing us, they might throw us under the Russia bus, as they did with Georgia. All these, yes, are unknowns. What is known however, one way or another, there will be Round 2.

    Yes, you are also right that deep down, Azeris know that the Karabak proper (minus Shusha and a few other Azeri cities) are Armenian. It is the adjacent 7 states, which even Armeniam government itself does not really claim as theirs forever. There are over 600,000 people who used to live there? Are you suggesting that they should just forget about their homes? And Armenians should be the last ones hoping: “Well, the next generations will forget about this.” No, just like you are still enflamed about your desire for justice over Turkish Genocide, after 100 years!, Azeri children too are being reminded constantly what they have lost. Whether or not who started what, the fact is that the situation in Karabak will never be peaceful. You are dreaming if you think that all will be well if you just wait long enough. As International Crisis Group has warned, the whole thing can go hay-wire with a minor spark, and I am sure you’d agree that the Iran war might just be that spark.

    We Azeri do not want or plan to “murder” Armenians. We just want to liberate our internationally recognized territories (and not what is in children’s books per 1000 years ago!). As to what happens to an Armenian settler family living in the former house of an Azeri who built that house and planted that garden, … well, he or she can go back where they came from 20 years ago. He should not be there to begin with. And it is against Helsinki conventions, etc to populate an occupied territory like that prior to resolutions. But since then has Armenia cared about international law? You guys live in your own lalaland of Greater Armenia.

    And lastly, even if there were 300 Turkish mercinaries, which there were not, a victory over them is not a victory over Turkey. Do you really not believe that if Turkey wanted and if Russia was not in the way, they could eradicate Armenian Republic within literarrly a day? I think it is a fantasy for you imagine that you have ACTUALLY defeated your arch-nemesis in a battle. You have not! We Azeris, yes, you have defeated (so far), but not Turkey. I cannot believe I even need to mention something obvious like this.

    • CIA and Israelis know how to suck oil out and in return give Axerbaijan defective toy guns!! Axerbaijan is not part of civilized world, that US to start worry about them!! You can ask British Petroleum, for the truth about Axerbaijani Sheikhdom!!

      There is no oil Sheikhdom in this world, who lives in peace, without bloodshed. As usual you are blowing your expensive, antique golden horn in AW!!

      Axerbaijan was not born yet, from USSR, where Armenians of the world were demanding the return of NKR, Nakhichevan and Western Armenia from dictators such as Lenin, Uncle Joe, and Mustafa Pasha, unfortunately international communities totally ignored us!!

      If international law really exist then they should send all tatar- turks back to Altai mountain to join with their ancestral tribal people!!

      As I told you before round 2 will be a knock out round, for Axerbaijan and dividing Axerbaijan between Iran, Armenia, and Russia..Axerbaijan is a huge headache, for US, Israel, Iran, and Russia, even for your older brother Turkey!!

      I am sure you will be back as a new color commentator coach, in AW, for round three discussion!!

  6. WR .. Let’s quickly re-cap the nature of the war in Stage 1. A bunch of militia on both sides, buying a handful tanks and Grads from the Russian bases nearby. If the Azeri sides 3 tanks, the Armenian 1 … that was it, or vice versa. It was not a real war. Or tell me one battle in the traditional sense of a war? The Azeri side stated falling like dominos after the Khodjali massacre. The civilians in other cities saw what Armenians were capable of, and at any increased intensity of fighting they fled in panic – remember, that at the time, a mere year after USSR collapse, we did not have any government . There was a total chaos. Your own Sarkissian has admitted that Khodjali was a calculated strategy in just this context. Whatever Azeri troops, under very poor command, were left, they focused on securing a safe passage for remaining civilians already retreating.

    Why am I mentioning this? Yes, you did win. But you cannot compare that experience to Stage 2. Just chew on this. Our military budget in 1992 was $190 million. Today it is ~$4B, ore than your entire state budget! One must be steeped in illusion to think that all this make no difference. The thing is your own government agrees with this assessment, which is why they have sold your country to Russia to “protect.” But you don’t need to take my word for it. Soon when the MIGS sweep down, your the Movie 300 farmers in Karabak can throw their spears as much as they want to.

    As for Karabak being Armenian for 1000 years … For the last 1500 years, it was never ever under Armenian rule. Ottomons, Persians ruled the roost for a long time. The last per-Soviet proof ownership was in late XVII century, when Azeri king (not Armenian) sighend the Treaty with Russian over Karabak. It is on paper … it has been Azeri at least ever since that time (not since Stalin, who merely agreed to keep it in our hands versus transferring it).

    Was it Armenians before 1500 years ago? Does it really matter? Are you staking a territorial claim on what could have been the case 1500+ years ago? You would be laughed off stage, and even jeered, if you said this before a UN like forum. What a mess the world would be if everyone did this.

    Here is my overall assessment of the Armenian mentality. Having very little to be proud for the last 1500 years, they stake claims on greatness from 1500+ years ago.

    And it is time to study up facts. The ancestors of Azeris did not come from Mongolia. DNA tests show we are a local people, speaking Turkic due to language elite domination. Such google this, instead of spewing out BS.

    • You have a poor understanding of the history of the region. It is you who should “study up facts,” preferably those that aren’t under the ideological supervision of Baku State University. I suggest seeking out sources, both primary or secondary, published outside of Azerbaijan (and, indeed, outside the former Soviet Union).

      Maybe the reason there is so little of Armenia “to be proud of” (your words) in recent history is because it has been subject to persecution and oppression? Armenia was subject to Turco-Tatar and Kurdish invasions for centuries. Relative peace was only achieved with the arrival of the Russians. Hmm…

      The people of the Nagorno-Karabagh Autonomous Oblast, the demographic majority, overwhelmingly voted to secede more than a decade ago. Nevermind history–that obviously didn’t matter to the West with Kosovo. It was your leadership that could not accept that secession, even though you sometimes appear to acknowledge and even accept it in your commentary.

      I don’t know how well MIGs would work in Karabagh–it’s too mountainous (air-to-ground fire tends to be ineffective). And the irony of Azerbaijan using Mikoyan military aircraft is apparently lost on you, since Armenians have so very little to be proud of. :)

  7. Those who really know-by now ,even in RA-that turco-azeri nature will never undergo change,ought to discard such satements as above.We know whom we descend from ,if they like to KEEP ON FABRICATING..let them do so….
    Facts,realities are there and speak for themselves. MONMASTERIES IN NAGORNYI KARABAGH(Artsakh) over 1500 yrs old same in Armenia proper and Western ARmenia testify to that ..
    Why Mr. Kerim agha. big brother great Turkey is trying hard to undergo change, through very yavash yavash.Which we don´t care at all.Like Aghtamara Monastery repairing,then Sourp Giragosa through kurdish Kardashes…
    We know time is with us, we have waited loooong and now we are coming to fruition by and by…yavash yavash.
    No need to use to much breath trying to pursuade you…others are sort of ¨¨suggesting¨¨ to great Turkey and later to you, to do so too.After all yoju both claim to be very civilized now!!!!!
    Take it easy, we are there as neighbours have been there over centuries..and soon with a Dynamic Diaspora to have a FUSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    teh big blast….of the Armenians awakening and together guarding and defending their destiny..

  8. What a demagogue is this Kerim. It is true that Artsakh, just like Armenia proper and many other lands and peoples has several times changed hands by foreign invaders, but that doesn’t change the fact that it was populated by Armenians, it was Armenians who toiled the land, buit houses and planted gardens, not the invaders.
    As to “what happens to an Armenian settler family living in the former house of an Azeri who built that house and planted that garden, … well, he or she can go back where they came from 20 years ago”. Tell me, would the Azeris who occupied the houses and gardens built by close to half million Armenians in Baku and other cities of Axerbaijan do the same? Forget it. Better accept the realities which were created by your country’s aggression and save for future what can be saved than engage in wishful thinking.

  9. No justice defending individual will find it justifiable what communist leader J. Stalin did back then, by snatching Artsakh and Nakhichevan parts of the Armenian land, without allowing to the population living on that lands to make their own self determination, which is the most important decision and their right, that belongs to them to make, which will have very crucial affects on their daily lives, J. Stalin made it for them, and put them under the control or occupation, of newly formed country by soviet regime called Azerbaijan, today y less than a hundred years passed, during Azeri occupation time we all know very clearly,after all by the persecutions of the Azeri government, what happen to the Armenians lived in Nakhichevan, contrary to the same and despite all the kind of hardships imposed on them by the Azeri occupiers, Armenians in Artsakh were able to resist all the forms of persecutions, and keep asking and demanding for their rights of self determination, until the time came and the liberation arrived by collapsing of the soviets, and the Artsakh people by their rights declared their long time waiting independent from Azeri control. Now Azeri government need to do what is right to be done about the massacres of the Armenians in Sumgait, Kirovabad and Baku, killing and robbing innocent civilians has been very profitable, and normal thing to do for them, even before the formation of their country, when they used to be called by a different names, such as Tatars or Albanians or something else that no one knows, spicily their today leader, whose name now days is very familiar all around the world, like the Ali Baba and his ….. My advice to the people of newly formed Azerbaijan country will be, to stop the killing and robbing others, and living us Armenians alone, and with all that money which is made by oil, instead spending it on war machines, to make the arms sealers rich, find out how to bring peace and prosperity, not a war and destruction in the region, which is not in our both benefit.

  10. GB, I feel embarassed for your behalf. Clearly you are a very poorly educated person. And I am talking about your individually and not Armenians. You are one of the two noxious individuals here on AW. True, I disagree with almost all of you, but the other makse sense and present their perspective well. You, on the other hand, are a shame not just to Armenians but mankind. We Azeris have your likes too, and I resent them no less. Here is a brief list of problems one detects about your personality (consider this a free shrink diagnosis):

    1) You are a hypocrat … You call a whole nation uncivilized and yet you in the very post show utter lack of civility and civilization. Your post is so filthy that one must hold their nose to read it.

    2) You are ignorant and you are proud of it. I have seen you previousl respond to my posts where I have mentioned scientific article showing that Azeris are a local people based on DNA evidence, speaking Turkic due to elite language domination. But you clearly do not care about evidence or science. And people like you are disgusting (I bet you love Fox-TV too). You just don’t give a damn about facts that conflict with your viewpoint. I am not saying agree with the evidence being presented, but you must at least acknowledge its existence. You cannot just keep going as before, as if someone did not just expose you as a ignorant person. Azeris did not come from Mongolia. This is a scientific fact. Ignore it at your own persil (i.e., at the cost of looking like an utter and thorough fool).

    3) Forget about Azerbaijan … you actually seem to suffer from bigotry towars the whole Araba/Muslim world. Your call all Shehkdoms (your word for Arabs I guess), as bloodthirsty, blah, blah. You strike as an individual burning with hatred, literally burning and brimming with it. Is there something missing inside of you that makes so hateful? I mean I don’t particularly like Armenians either, but it is for a reason — a war over land. If tomorrow, there is some kind of peace, even if we get the shorter side of it, I can totally see myself being friends with Armenians, because I dont hate them qua Armenians but just as a rival side. You, on the other hand, I think can never ever consider Azeris a human beings, hateful as you are. There is something wrong bigotted people like you … Did you lose a relative or something at the war? If so, I am sorry. But I can think of no other reason why a person would be so rabidly hateful. This hatred suffuses every single word, and dot in what you write. It is rather obscene, I must say.

    Enough said … from now on, I will never respond to your posts. I am sure you will continue spewing out your hatred. But I have said all can say to a bigot like you. You are actually worse than a bigot. You are an ignorant person proud of his ignorant and hatred.

  11. Addendum,
    Up above I forgot to mention that many nation have been under foreign rule/////
    comes to mind Spain for over 600 yrs under North African Khaliphate rule…but then a Princess united the many Spanish princes ,got well armed an d DROVE THEM OUT.Later she was crowned as IZABELLE LA CATOLICA QUEEN OF SPAIN…
    Others abound in European continent…but then I forgot whom am I trying to teach lessons…Oh but never mind on this Forum ,I trust m,any do know that,but just in case our young don’t know such historical facts…then it is for them!!!!
    Nonetheless, when Artsakh Nagornyi karaabagh was overran by Turkic and or Persian invadors…the KHAMSAI ME;LIKUTYUNNER the Five Meliks8 in Arabib Malak mneasn like Princes…They left the lowlands and fortified themselves in the Artsakh HIGH MOUNTAINS AND STAYED INDPENDent AND FOUGHT THE INVADERS AS MUCH THEY COULD…one against ten or more….

  12. Yes kerim Khan the truth always hurt …Axeri Turks will remain always Axeri Turks…their rapists attitude will never change for a long time until Armenians force you people to accept and behave like civilized race! I have enough education to know your people attitude and behavior, As long as you write your BS in AW I will open your eyes, wider and wider, until you gain your diploma and graduate, as an expert diplomat, for a “new Axerbaijani” oil Sheikhdom representative!!

  13. Has anyone noticed how First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva has used this tragedy as another opportunity to be in the lime-light? She’s always on camera or doing interviews about this now. She is so incompetent in her day job in Parliament. Azerbaijan’s biggest problem right now is the corruption of its First Lady, Mehriban Aliyeva.

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