Syrian-Armenian Filmmaker Released

ALEPPO, Syria—Filmmaker Avo Kaprealian, who  was detained by Syrian authorities, has been released, according to the Facebook page set up by his friends.

Avo Kaprealian

Kaprealian was last seen with two of his colleagues with a camera in a public park in Aleppo. He was working on a new film about the humanitarian crisis caused by the Syrian conflict.

Avo Kaprealian was born in Aleppo in 1985. He studied at the Haigazian Armenian Elementary School, then at the Karen Jeppe Armenian College. He graduated from the University of Damascus with a degree in theater and cinema, and worked in various film productions there for a few years before moving back to Aleppo and teaching art and theater at the Akkad Institute. He managed the first public cinema club in the city with a group of friends, and was recognized as one of the most notable filmmakers in the new wave of young artists in Syria.

Kaprealian participated in the 9th Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival last July with his short film, “Two Steps Too Close,” which was dedicated to legendary Armenian director Ardavazt Peleshian. Kaprealian’s films have always tackled humanitarian issues; his latest film, about disabled people in Aleppo, wasn’t screened publicly because of the turmoil that envelopped the city, especially during the last four months.

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