ARS Eastern USA 92nd Convention Raises $22,000 for Syrian Schools

Delegates attending the 92nd annual Eastern Regional ARS Convention in Florida this week responded to a resolution calling for assistance to Syrian-Armenian schools  caught in the wake of recent turmoil in that country.The ARS Eastern USA 92nd Convention Raised $22,000 for Syrian Schools.

Upon hearing an appeal for immediate help, members from 19 chapters volunteered the sum of $22,000 (chapter donations of $13,400 and individual contributions of $8,600).

Silva Kouyoumdjian, chairwoman of the Eastern Region’s Executive Board, praised the outpouring of support. “Our members, many of whom are from that region and have acquaintances there, truly rose to the occasion,” she said. “We pray for those who are caught in the uprising and hope that conditions improve quickly.”

The ARS recognizes that as a consequence of recent developments in Syria, the Armenian community may face social and financial instability. In response, funds for “tuitions to needy students” was also set up, in an attempt to alleviate the financial burden of needy Syrian- Armenian families and, at the same time, promote the continuity of the educational mission of the schools.

“The economic crisis [in Syria] has inevitably affected the Armenian community and the number of families and students receiving aid,” the Executive Board announced.  “We have no doubt that Armenian communities throughout the world, along with global ARS entities, will join the Eastern Region in responding to the crisis in Syria. It hits home with many of our ungerouhis.”

The 41 delegates also passed a resolution to provide $25,000 to assist with a construction project at Camp Haiastan of Franklin, Mass.

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