Turkish Students: ‘Mount Ararat Will Become Your Grave’

ISTANBUL, Turkey (A.W.)—More photographs emerged this week from anti-Armenian demonstrations in different cities throughout Turkey, including one at the Suleyman Demirel University in Isparta, where students chanted, “Mount Ararat will become your grave” and other racist slogans, according to the Turkish daily newspaper Radikal.

‘Do not remain silent against the Armenian lie.’ (Source: Radikal)

Photographs show dozens of university students lying down and holding anti-Armenian signs, like “Do not remain silent against the Armenian lie.”

International news agencies reported that 20,000 to 50,000 people participated in the anti-Armenian protests throughout the country, with professionally printed signs that read, “You are all Armenians, You are all bastards,” and “Today Taksim, Tomorrow Yerevan: We will descend upon you suddenly in the night.” 

Among the speakers at the demonstration in Turkey’s famous Taksim Square was Turkish Interior Minister Idris Naim Sahin, among other leaders of Erdogan’s AK Party.

According to statements issued by the protest organizers, similar demonstrations have been planned in over 50 cities in Turkey.

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  1. I fear for the safety of our people living in the midst of these indoctrinated, uneducated, uncivilized, descendants of genocide perpetrators.

    • Me too, Perouz. I can’t wrap my head around all this hate. I feel sorry for all the Turks who know the truth but are going to feel too intimidated to speak up. And for those who will speak up and suffer the consequences… Such a horrible situation. But we can’t get derailed. Evil and lies can’t be allowed to win.

  2. It is now only a matter of hours,when the constitutional court of France will either ratify or reject ratification of the Law that punishes Denial of the Armenian Genocide.This is going to be the turning point of our so far unlucky stance.
    May God Allmighty direct the members of that court to decide JUSTLY the fate that befell our 1.5 million martyrs and our people being evictged from millenia lands,churches and monmasteries destroyed,nay gone up in dust…
    And if god is clement-I´m certain of that,then the chain reaction will BEGIN THROUGHOUT EU and this side of the Atlantic too!!!

  3. whoever thinks to touch my soil sure deserves to die…

    Karabagh is a Turkish land ..Terrorist Armenia should pull back from there asap..if not , then, by force..sometime a night..

    • @ necati

      I wonder how you got permission from ‘AW admin’ to post an insult here!
      Would I get the same permission to call ‘Genocider Turkey’ in Hurriyet or Zaman?

      @ Armenian Weekly admin

      Are you conscious about your mistake?

    • Another idiotic comment from the monster of these pages… i am surprised that people who are around you consider you a human Necati the Monster…..

    • I am glad AW is allowing such comments to come through because if they do not, the apologist and Turkophiles would not know how much hatred and how much gile is out there from these low lifes…

      Thank you AW for your tolerance and posting Necati’s and others who are same like her comments.. it really does teach us what we are dealing with…and those who critize their own people for being forthcoming and being direct should look at the comments we receive and then think twice before putting their own down…

    • NG,

      To paraphrase Saroyan, see if you can do it. Join your bumpkin cousins’ army and take the land from us.

      We’ll bury you under a nice Apricot tree, you’ll fertilize wood that will play Armenian tunes 300 years from now. Your family will not miss you much.

      Come, die in Artsakh.

    • necati check your head try to read and educate yourself, for the rest shame on you.

  4. All of the Earth is Turkish land, not just Karabagh.

    We Turks shall conquer not just the Earth and make it into a neo-Ottoman province. No, we shall conquer the Moon, Pluto, Mars, the Sun, and Uranus!

    • Not only these puppets are unintelligent but they also hillucinate… wow.. must be tough to be a denialist… not just a denialist but genocidal denialist… i feel sorry for you Mr. Turk89 and your ilk…

    • Gayane:

      I think ‘Mr.Turk89’ is being sarcastic: ridiculing Turks for their well known penchant to declare everything “Turkish land”, even the Moon.

      (good one Berch, below)

    • You must be smoking some pretty potent turkish hashish to be spouting insane comments like this. Get a grip on reality. Your country is nothing but a bed of lies, ignorance and hatred.

  5. Sorry Turks.. Don’t forget, your body bleeds as well.. I wouldn’t be so confident in your “stupid slogans”…. This time, innocent unarmed Armenians will not be led to slaughter BUT WILL FIGHT BACK and make you bleed as well..

    Remember Karabagh war? Coward Azeri’s ran off…You Turks are brave against unarmed people but cowards when confronted by might.. Just ask the mujahadeen who the coward Azeri’s needed to help fight…

    In fact, I’m glad for these racist Turkish demonstration. They just show the world the real side of your people..

    • Not only Azeris, but Turk Grey Wolf “volunteers” (actually Turk Special Forces volunteers) were also warmly received by Artsakh’s Armenian mountain warriors. The reception was so warm, (actually hot lead warm) that Turks never left: they are still there, somewhere.

      (Azeris generally did not picked up their war dead: they left the bodies in the battlefield to rot – to conceal their massive losses from their people.)

    • and that is how Turks and Azeris work.. their bark is HUGE but their bite not…

      Cowardness runs in their bloodline.. Ottomans were cowards, their offsprings are cowards… all their strength is spent on unarmed innocent women, children, and elderly.. when confronted with real men, Turks and Azeris turn into little girls… and this is how once loses the fight.. like the Artsagh war… thousands of blood thirsty savages against Armenian fighters in much much less in numbers…..

    • Gayane: 31 thousand of those cowards, including myself, have signed a petition saying:

      “My conscience does not accept the insensitivity showed to and the denial of the Great Catastrophe that the Ottoman Armenians were subjected to in 1915. I reject this injustice and for my share, I empathize with the feelings and pain of my Armenian brothers and sisters. I apologize to them.”


      Perhaps some of us don’t have the cowardice mutation in our genes.

    • Good for you RVDV.. however as you know many more went to war against Armenians in Artsagh… so comparing the sigatures against a savage acts against my people..may signify a step forward but it does not mean it will fix the problem that is brewing in Turkey.. Turkey is breeding hate mongers.. .and where is your petition to condemn such acts?? maybe you have started.. if you have, please let me know.. we can join you…

      however, AS YOU conveniently threw yourself into the mix when it was directed to you is not appreciated .. because you know very well that my comment was directed to those low lifes who speak BIG but represent nothing…. those cowards that live in or out of Turkey should shut their mouth because as i said their bark is bigger than their bite…if they won’t, then we will remind them about their defeat, very very bad defeat against small number of strong spirited Armenians….

    • RVDV,
      I appreciate your “courage”.. But what happened to the Armenians was a GENOCIDE.. A PRE-PLANNED FROM THE TOP STATE LEVEL. TO LIQUIDATE A SPECIFIC RACE OF UNARMED INNOCENT PEOPLE..


      Your people need to get over your low self esteem….

  6. I am very glad to read the The opinion of certain Turks, becouse it shows

    1 What they dream.
    2 They are afraid.
    3 Make me laugh.

    Remember that deep rivers do not make noise !

    PS: Our people who live among them are safe,thanks
    to the authorities,becouse nothing happens , as always,
    without their consent.

  7. Now my question is, why does Armenia have to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty while Israel does not? Here we have a very nice example why Armenia needs to turn into an aggressive militaristic country armed with nuclear weapons pointed at every Turkish and Azeri city in existence. If Ararat will be our grave, we must see to it that no Asiatic Mongol is left standing on our Armenian homeland.

  8. Mr. Turk, before you want to take over moon, pluto and mars you have to organize a massive masacre against the Alíens. You are good at that so go ahead & continue your inhumanly act known to the world.

  9. Can any Turk in his/her right mind think that this explosion of such deep hate would help Turkey’s bid to join the EU ?

    Can anyone name one EU country that harbors such feelings against a neighboring country, and would publicly display it ?

  10. Rent-a-Crowd, nothing more or less. Just the Turkish government using a few zealous students and “paid” protestors to stir up trouble. I would be more worried if 500,000 or a million people turned out to protests like this…then there would be cause for concern. But 20000-50000 in a population of 70 million. It’s hardly worth writing home about.

    And, as for the comments of the few “Turks” who have posted in here….silly nonsense. Please, if you’re going to carry on like that and make fools of yourselves, don’t even bother to say anything. There’s an old saying…”better to remain silent and let others think I’m a fool, than to open my mouth and confirm it”. You need to take that to heart and live by it.

    • Carl,

      Those statements went into history already. Those statements will be in Wikipedia, in parliaments and in our history books.

      At least when some people will descent suddenly on Yerevan in the night, the citizens of Yerevan will know they are Turks.

  11. If nothing else so far,we got hundreds of millions dollars worth FREE Advertisement w/rgd to our CAUSE/Case from media that is very stingy(as to free ads) and in generañl KEEPS MOUTH SHUT when an armenia issue is on the political scene…unless it is Violent…we all know that.
    Let us have more patience.We are famous as for being an overpatient people.None the less we learnt that there are also many immoral amongst people of any country…yes unfortunately in FRANCE too.
    Like the infamous colonel that sold out Cilicia to the Turks…we do not forget anything.though again a kind captain saved over 4,000 Armenians to safety from Moussa Dagh (ler) There are all kinds of animals amongst a nation/people!
    We must learn to RE ORGANIZE AND BE A VERY STRONG DIASPORA….rest will be accomplished in time.More time is needed.
    But we must carry on tiredlessly to the end to win our CASE…

  12. Poor Turks

    Little do they know that mount Ararat has been used as a grave (mausoleum) for Armenians since the time of Noah.

    Hey Necati, did you get chance to look in the mirror and ask yourself why you don’t look like a turk?

    • i did ..

      i look like UYGUR Turks in the East Turkistan/Khazakistan/Azerbaijan/Turkmenistan…..and others
      it is not a big problem..even not similar, i feel Turk in the blood of my vessel.
      and again, if my blood is not Turkish, then, i will ask Avery about the way to change it in order to make it a real Turk.. he told us once here how to do it around a year ago.

    • When you looked in the mirror did you see a face of a human or a monster Necati???

      Because your words and actions do not point out to humanly features… sorry to say…

    • Necati,

      Don’t fool yourself. You know very well that there is no such a thing as turkish blood. But there is such a thing as Mongolian-turkic face.

      You might be able to manipulate yourself or you might be able to try to rewrite the history, but you will never be able manipulate your consciousness. That is if you have one.

    • “When you looked in the mirror did you see a face of a human or a monster Necati??? ”

      the mirror told me : you are a very handsome man. :)

  13. Correction.. The demonstrations in Taksim was related to Khojali massare committed by the Armenian forces, it was not an “anti-Armenian” demonstration.

    • Ugur,
      When is the demonstrations for the Baku and Sumgait Armenian massacres? Or the shelling of Stepanakart?

    • Ugur,

      Have you not read some of the articles in Turkish papers describing the racist anti-Armenian comments? That’s no way to commemorate the Khojali tragedy.

  14. AR
    Didn’t Necati already tell us on another site that he is a Turk from the Hemshin area? I have been to their mountainous tea growing area in western turkey, and everyone who greeted us knew of their Armenian heritage. Necati needs to upgrade his education by clicking: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemshin_peoples. Just to help him out a little, here are a few excerpts from that site:
    “Most sources agree that prior to Ottoman era majority of the residents of Hemshin were Christian and members of the Armenian Apostolic Church. In addition to Turkish, they speak a dialect of western Armenian they call “Homshetsma” or “Hemşince” in Turkish. Some of the anecdotes that the Muslim Hamshenis tell are actually based on older Armenian ones.
    The Kemalist “Turkey for the Turks” ideology, writes Neal Ascherson, “offered no security for minorities” with “the tiny Hemşinli group having especially compelling reasons to keep its head down” because “its members are the descendants of Armenians.” Beginning in the 1930s, a number of Turkish historians attempted to ascribe an entirely Turkish origin to the Hemshinli, the most prominent of them being M. Fahrettin Kırzıoğlu, whose theories have since gained wide currency among the community. His theories on the Hemshinli, however, have come under close scrutiny and have been roundly criticized.”

  15. To John Daghlian and Kevork,
    Both of your comments are well understood. You have good points there!!!
    May I add one more MAJOR POWER ´s FM,namely Mr. Lavrov….to the list.
    He should also -like another compatriot of his , General Shaposhnikov gave a very adequate reply to Mr.Ecevit,great ´Turkey´s premiere then,some 15 yrs ago-when latter boasted he would ENTER Nakhijevan…¨stay put¨ he retorted….
    Time, Mr. Lavrov to give a signal to Turkey,like he did w/rgds to Syria…few days ago..
    When we ask Lady Hillary & Obama, we should not forget Lavrov & Co….
    otherwise it would not be considered as impartial….
    Do you follow what am saying .As to RA defense capacity ,it is O.K. but your suggestion is something to ponder upon and search into possibilities…

    • I understand that Mr.Lavrov is part Armenian, so why does he not help Armenia and get rid of all the threats that we hear about. Confront turkey directly, tell the azeris to go and fly a kite.

  16. Sella,

    Please, you do yourself a horrible disservice if you think that somehow you believe that you’re doing something good by believing in, or perpetuating a falsehood by hiding from the truth. All the jingoistic, self serving nationalistic claptrap anyone in your position, or any other, in Turkey will serve no one any good. The great shame is that you and so many other have been manipulated from the time you could first understand what was going on and none of you even realise it. You’ve bought into the “party line” and have left your critical thinking faculties behind in the cupboard, so to speak. Historians can argue till they’re blue in the face about the rights or wrongs of any historical event. Their opinions are neither here nor there, simply because they always argue after the fact. However, the facts, as they have been recorded, speak for themselves. The government of Turkey at the time, and it’s various agents, committed a heinous crime against humanity. Just the same as Germany did towards the Jews nearly 25 years later. Deliberate genocide via government policy, whether it’s direct or indirect, is a crime. Even if they weren’t themselves involved, if they encouraged it or were a party to it through indifference, it is still a crime.

    Now, I’m certain that atrocities were committed by both sides of the table here. War is a dirty and horrible business and people do some pretty despicable things that they otherwise wouldn’t do, normally. However, the equating of any local massacre to the deliberate mass killings of unarmed and innocent people…the systematic attempted destruction of an entire group of people…is sheer folly and extremely disingenuous. It’s a perversion of history, of morality and of common human decency.

    To now hear some coming out and saying that you’re going to somehow “solve” the problem by “descending” upon people who have no quarrel with you, except for the fact that they want recognition of a previous injustice, is extremely worrying and very sad. Sad in that you have obviously not learnt the lessons from your past that you should have and extremely worrying in that you appear to want to repeat those same mistakes, even relish the thought of doing so. I should hope that such attitudes are in the minority in Turkey, despite its denialist sentiments. If they’re not, then I worry for your country as well. You will be descending down a very slippery slope to abject misery and serious misadventure, if you head in that direction. Take a big step back and think for change, before it’s too late to change the course of any actions your country might take, or what you might take, as individuals. I can vouchsafe that you will regret ever believing in what you did, if you choose to continue along in the vein of thought that you and some have now taken.

    • {“Sella,….The great shame is that you and so many other have been manipulated from the time you could first understand what was going on and none of you even realise it.”}


      I believe you misread Sella’s post: she was agreeing with you, in a roundabout way.
      I have read her posts and exchanged views with Sella.
      Sella was born in Armenia: nothing I have read in her posts to date tells me she anything but a patriotic Armenian.

    • Carl,

      Please, read my post again and re-phrase your post if necessary. I have no clue what you are talking about.

      I am surprised you did not see how sarcastic my second comment was.

      As to my first comment, when Armenian genocide recognition will be discussed , we should bring this up in every single parliament. And this should go into our history books otherwise some Armenians in Armenia have illusions that Turks have changed.

      Avery: Thank you!

  17. To John Daghlian and Kevork,
    Both of your comments are well understood. You have good points there!!!
    May I add one more MAJOR POWER ´s FM,namely Mr. Lavrov….to the list.
    He should also -like another compatriot of his , General Shaposhnikov who gave a very adequate reply to Mr.Ecevit,great ´Turkey´s premiere then,some 15 yrs ago-when latter boasted he would ENTER Nakhijevan…¨stay put¨ he retorted….
    Time, Mr. Lavrov to give a signal to Turkey,like he did w/rgds to Syria…few days ago..
    When we ask Lady Hillary & Obama, we should not forget Lavrov & Co….
    otherwise it would not be considered as impartial….
    Do you follow what am saying .As to RA defense capacity ,it is O.K. but your suggestion is something to ponder upon and search into possibilities…

    • The link says. “A Turkish nationalist group, Genç Atsızlar (Young Followers of Atsız), named after ultranationalist Turkish writer Nihal Atsız”

      i am proud of these young boys.. true patriots.. and Nihal Atsız is one of the best writers/philosopher of Turkey..

      Gayane, it is nice to see you commenting in a Turkish newspaper, a little wrong in comment though ..

  18. RA- Thanks for the article on Today’s Zaman.. I read it, laughed very hard and of course commented..

    If any of you come across such articles in Todays Zaman and other Turkish publications, please do post it on AW.. so that those who do not check those sites on a regular basis can see what is out there and also comment..


  19. It is funny how Nectati and other Turks think they are Turkish. They are MORE anatolian (Greek, Armenian, Kurdish, Assryian), Arab, and some have Christian Balkan genetics. If they were TRUE Turks, they would have slanted eyes. Tell me Necati, why do you Turks look more like Greeks, Kurd and Armenian than Mongol Turks?

  20. Who would believe a genocide denier when they’re this racist to begin with? All their hate is doing is proving that it happened, it really does nothing but hurt their cause.

  21. @Gary

    Look at what you said, it is a proof that you carry racist blood in your veins. Please look at the mirror before you judge the others.

    • . i am sorry.. can somone point out the exact words that Gary said which tells the world he has racism running in his veins.. he pointed out why Turks don’t look like Turks (from where they originated they had different features) than they do now… I agree with Gary because there is no such thing as a true Turk as TUrkish existance is a mixture of all those civilzations that Ottomans managed to burn, beheaded, savagely killed, raped, and tortured… minus the most beautiful and those who were unfortunate enough to become the savage’s slaves, and concubines who were forced to breed new Turkish race…

      Unless I totally missed Gary’s point.. if I did.. please explain Ugur…… i am all ears…

      Thank you

    • It’s normal that you don’t see the point since your comment is as racist as his. I have the impression that you deeply hate Turks.

  22. Gayaneh
    I am half Turkish but i feel turkish so what? I do not look like a Mongolian I I look like Greek and Armenian So What? Turks are a fake nation but still a nation so What?I feel like I am a fake man so what? If Turks a fake nation then your claim is pointless who cares?

    • John the Turk… respond to AR’s question and then we can continue.. otherwise, i would suggest your keep your uneducated and denialist mouth closed..i know it won’t happen because people like you tend to mouth off to cover up your guilt and your nonexistance….no matter how much money your govt shoves in everyone’s pocket.. the bottom line is.. Turkey was never, is never and will never be part of civilized and ancient nations…

      Thank you and have a nice day…

  23. To Carl,
    I also think you misread Sella’s comment. I had the impression that she was being sarcastic about “descending on Yerevan at night”.

  24. I don’t understand why they waste their time trying to drag the Armenians down to the ground, when they should be worrying about their own skins!

    Erdogan is not a nice person, I know he isn’t!

  25. dear fellow Armenians- a word of advice. I posted 3 comments in the hurriyet newspaper. only one was posted, yet the posts were not confrontational. don’t bother with this rag. the turks are scarred of their own shadows. they only know how to stab you in the back. they can’t look at you in the eyes. that’s the nature of the beast…. the cowardly beast. indeed, they can only attack at night where they can’t see their shadows.

  26. Where is our Government??????
    They are busy fighting each other, among themselves, for might, authority, wealth and power! As if they care??!!

  27. Today’s Turkic “crying” students are very busy in Ankara and Istanbul, they have no time to get up over mount Ararat to check and dig Armenian graves. These fake nation running by some criminals like Islamists, kemalists, “fake nationalists” and leftists, so let them be!!

  28. Someone should tell these so called death and grave students that this time we are not in 1915 anymore let them try and they will see mushroom clouds over Ankara !

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