ANCA Condemns Anti-Armenian Protests in Turkey

Calls on U.S. Ambassador Ricciardone to Denounce Government-Sanctioned Rallies Aimed at Inciting Violence

WASHINGTON—The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA), sharply criticizing the government-sanctioned anti-Armenian demonstrations held throughout Turkey on Feb. 26, called on U.S. Ambassador to Turkey Francis Ricciardone to forcefully condemn this latest attempt by Ankara to foment hatred and violence against Armenians.

'You are all Armenians, You are all bastards'

“Today’s anti-Armenian demonstrations in the streets of Istanbul—with the interior minister and prominent political parties at the helm—were clearly aimed at inciting increased racism and renewed violence against Turkey’s own Armenian citizens and neighboring Armenia,” stated ANCA Executive Director Aram Hamparian.  “These are not simply the violent echoes of a post-genocidal state, but the determined actions of a pre-genocidal Turkish society that is angrily lashing out at its imagined enemies and seeking out its next target. We urge U.S. Ambassador Ricciardone to immediately, forcefully, and publicly condemn this government-sanctioned incitement to violence.”

International news agencies have reported that 20,000 to 50,000 people participated in the anti-Armenian protests, with professionally printed signs that read, “You are all Armenians, You are all bastards,” and “Today Taksim, Tomorrow Yerevan: We will descend upon you suddenly in the night.”  Among the speakers at the demonstration in Turkey’s famous Taksim Square was Turkish Interior Minister Idris Naim Sahin, among other leaders of Erdogan’s AK Party.

According to statements issued by the protest organizers, similar demonstrations have been planned in over 50 cities in Turkey.

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  1. All i can say is what did you expect from the descendents of savage tribe (again this is directed to all them low life turks who called us bastards and those who are notorious denialists)

  2. i happened to see it by chance today in istanbul. As a citizen of Turkey i was ashamed so badly and i know that a part of this agression is against the Turkish citizens who use the slogan “we are all armenians we are all hrant” in the last years after the assasination of Hrant Dink and we outcried it over and over again in his memorial last month thousands of people marching to Agos Dink’s newspaper. So this agression allegedly organized for the memorial of Hocali killings in reality is used to opress antinationalist people of Turkey and to design official politics of the state while 2015 is approaching. everything i saw today there was pure racism and hate speeches. what i mean those “bastards” are also those turks who support the recognition of the genocide.

  3. Armenian Weekly is absolutely accurate in stating that “These are not simply the violent echoes of a post-genocidal state, but the determined actions of a pre-genocidal Turkish society.”
    The Christian living in their midst are in terrible danger.
    And please note, there are children in this crowd. They are training the next generation.

  4. Ironically, one day Turks say ”We are all Armenians” the other day “You are all Armenians, You are all bastards”.

    Oh wait, they say the government is also involved-then there is nothing ironic here.

    As to Turks who wrote those statements should form a committee of historians to clarify their status as significant number of their ancestors were born of rape.

  5. For all occasional Armenian peace-makers advocating for rapprochement with unrepentant, unremorseful Turks. What do you guys think the slogan “Today Taksim, Tomorrow Yerevan: We will descend upon you suddenly in the night” implies?

  6. @ANCA,

    I wish to see your activists denouncing apparently a US government-sanctioned Azeri campaign of putting Khojaly posters in metro and on the buses in the nation’s capital.

  7. Turkish leades have lost their mind. This reckless show of hate and racism cannot but have negative reverberations for Turkey itself. All claim of being a regional power bent on solving region’s conflicts have now evaporated. Turkey is now creating crises for itself and for others.
    Hopefully, the international community, as well as progressive Turks, will not sit silent and will speak out words of condemnation.

  8. Jda the mainstream tv channels and newspapers just do not see the racist content as if it was only about a memorial for Azeris killed in Khojali but they do not see many other things nowadays which ng is not surprising. but this crowd today was mostly conservative Muslims the photo in this coverege should not deceive you. RAther than secular nationalist the crowd represented the religously conservative turkish nationalist groups, their ngos and even their trade unions.

    • you are wrong Ayşe Hanım..

      yes , there were fundemantalists but there were also seculars, nationalists, non-muslims , atheists , and shamanists like me , even some black people ..

      you have been there accidently…did you ever feel sad for children and women massacred in Khodjaly ? if they were ermeni, would you ? why ?

  9. There is no media coverage of these events. The NYT for the past 2 days has had editorials about why it is important to allow the deniers to deny. I hope that the ANCA is preparing a rebuttal for these editorials. The media is backing the Turkish position in France’s upcoming bill. The Turkish groups are doing massive campaigning to dissuade the French legislators in not passing the bill. So stop being distracted by these events which is always the case in Turkey and use this information to show the French government that racism is a continuation of genocide denial.

  10. Serko – it implies exactly what this article says – this is an act with pre-genocidal intent. In threatening to suddenly descend upon Yerevan in the night, they are continuing the act of genocide that was perpetrated by their ancestors. And they have brought their young with them to teach them to continue after them. In any civilized country you would be charged under human rights laws, and also, with child abuse.

  11. The people in these protests do not represent all Turks and, as we condemn the racist elements in Turkish society, we should reach out to the reasonable, educated and enlightened Turks. After all we are neighbors with Turks and Azeris and we cannot change that.

    • “The people in these protests do not represent all Turks”
      Did anybody here say they did ?

      “we should reach out to the reasonable, educated and enlightened Turks”
      No: reasonable,educated and enlightened citizens of Turkey should reach out to us, Armenians.
      You seem to forget who exterminated whom.

      Do not deliberately overlook the fact that this was a State sponsored and endorsed event.

      From the article above:
      “Among the speakers at the demonstration in Turkey’s famous Taksim Square was Turkish Interior Minister Idris Naim Sahin, among other leaders of Erdogan’s AK Party.”

      Make sure you read and absorb that, Armen.
      You gave the rest of us advice, so I will give you one: read Mr. Sassounian’s article, again and again.

      Please print and post this last paragraph on you computer screen:

      [Armenians can go forward only when they purge themselves of their self-defeating attitude and subservient mentality, left over from centuries of Ottoman Turkish subjugation and servitude.]

    • Good luck in changing a racist, xenophobic, anti-armenian, genocidal Azerbaijan to a friend. They want all of Armenia as theirs for your information. The only way forward for us is education, guns, unity and dedication. Not vain friendships with wolves bent on destroying Armenia.

  12. If these events are allowed to take place without the government or authorities condemning them then they will continue. A few reasonable Turkish people who don’t open their mounts where it counts and if they do they wind up defending themselves in court then what good is our reaching out to them. We have to educate the masses that Genocide Equates to Racism.

    • “If these events are allowed to take place without the government or authorities condemning them then they will continue.”

      Ani, which government do you mean ?

    • i meant the Turkish government since it has sovernity over its citizens. But any government that can have an inflence against this racism is welcome. The question is will the Turks listen. They like to dictate to other governments which laws to pass but don’t like it when these other governments do the same to them. Such racism is embedded in the Turkish society. Imagine in the US people carrying slogans. “you are all (minority group), you are all bastards”.

      In addition, Erdogan Efendi stated when France’s Genocide Denial Bill was passed that it was a “discriminatory and racist” bill. hem suçlu hem güçlü

    • Ani: I thought you meant the Turkish government, but wanted to make sure.

      Because, not only Turkish government will neither condemn nor disallow that sort of behaviour, but the Turkish State is the instigator and facilitator.

      You probably missed this in the AW article:

      {“Among the speakers at the demonstration in Turkey’s famous Taksim Square was Turkish Interior Minister Idris Naim Sahin, among other leaders of Erdogan’s AK Party.”} – the Turkish State.

      The Turkish State planned, organized, and endorsed it.
      Not only will the Turkish State not condemn it, it will intensify its efforts in coming years.

      Did you know the Turkish government organized and paid for European Turks to be bused to Paris from all over Europe for the anti AG Bill demonstration in Paris ?

    • Avery: Did you know that Turks are organizing within Turkey via email campaigns directly to the French government websites? There is a massive Anti-Armenian Genocide campaign coming from everywhere.

      In fact the NYT, 4 and 3 days ago ran these pieces: “Denying the Right to Deny”, and “Defuse the Lexicon of Slaughter”. You should read them to be enlightened (intended as a Joke). No one from the Armenian community has rebutted these so far.

  13. Armen,

    You sound like one of those peacemakers with unrepentant Turks and Azeris. No one argues we’re neighbors with them and this actuality is unlikely to change (unless, of course, borders are redrawn as a result of emergence of new states, e.g. Kurdistan). The point is that we should be neighbors with repentant, respectful nations of Turkey and Azerbaijan, not murderous, distorting, denialist, and threatening.

  14. This is why Turkish educational system is lower than world’s standard level!!
    Turks behave just like their leader Rajab Agha…if the wind blow from Altai mountain they can act like deadly wolf packs, if the wind blow form Azaristan, they become devoted Turks again, and if the wind blow from Europe, they feel racism against Turkish nationals and hate toward Armenians!!

  15. Yes I agree. I meant that denying genocide is the continuation of racism which is the reason it led to its occurrence in the 1st place. But I don’t understand the reason why everyone is keeping quiet when the Turkish politicians are accusing everyone who confirms the Armenian Genocide as a racist against them. They should look in the mirror sometime soon. Who ‘s really the Racist!? Armenian Genocide recognition should revolve around this correlation.

  16. I think President of Armenia and United States should demand apology from Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for this racist slogans also they mentioning that they are going to invade Yerevan at night since this was probably organized by AK Party.

  17. Ահազանգ
    Հայոց Կառավարոթյան, բոլոր կուսակցություներին եւ համայն հայ ժողովուրդին
    Սա շատ լուրջ խնդիր է Պատմությունը միշտ կրկնվում է :
    Ինչպես անցալում հիմա էլ մեզի ոչ մեկը չի օգնելու պետքէ միայն մենք մեզ օգնենք եւ “միշտ ” պատրաստ լինենք:

  18. Thank you Turkey, for manifesting why denial of the Armenian Genocide must be criminalized in all states pursuant to Art. 20 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights:

    Article 20

    1. Any propaganda for war shall be prohibited by law.

    2. Any advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence shall be prohibited by law.

  19. This is organized by their party
    To cover their crimes…
    Racism and hate will
    Never clear from their blood
    It is Genetic Syndrome
    Like any Syndrome
    How you can treat…!


  20. it seems you ermeni people read only the word “bastards” but no other signs..

    i was one of 1.000.000 patriots yesterday at Taksim carrying ” bastard” sign.

    That sign is not for ermeni but for those sa-called Turks who said “we are all ermeni” before.

    Piç means one whose father is unknown…

    An ermeni , like Avery here , is not bastard biologically..

    but a Turk saying “i am an ermeni” is a real bastard since he is not sure who is his real father..

    got me ?

    Thanks god i am a Turk , i now my father…

    • Do you know your great-gtreat-great-great….
      Who were they…!
      If you don’t know
      You are illiterate…

      Can you see your back
      So you don’t know
      Who are you…!

      If some one is raped
      it is not her fault
      The fault is who raped her
      and that seems one of your ancestors…

      They raped the land…the gold …the girls
      Still call kind people bastards…
      You have no religion…no gods
      Shame who has your blood

      Written Instantly

    • {“i was one of 1.000.000 patriots yesterday at Taksim carrying ” bastard” sign.”}

      posted @AW

      {“necati 26 February 2012 , 23:56 Taksim Square was so crowded today..maybe more than 60 thousands people..”}
      (posted @TodaysZaman: article title “Tens of thousands remember victims of Khojaly massacre in İstanbul”)

      60,000 ? 1 million ? 300 million ?

      For generations, the Turkish misEducation system has spared no effort to forcibly fill the young minds of residents of Turkey with fake history and Anti-Armenian disinformation. Apparently no time was left in the school day for Basic Math.

      A vivid demonstration of the result above, from a self declared “patriotic Turk”.

    • Necati,

      Please refrain from referring to us as Ermeni people. We are Armenian people or Armenians not Ermeni.

      Before taking part in demonstration you better familiarize yourself with the Khojali massacres. I am re-posting the link for you and for your fellow demonstrators.

      And please do not hesitate to bring facts against statements made in this article
      Now, After reading this maybe some of you will be bright enough to ask Azerbaijani government why they did not evacuate civilians from Khojali when Karabakh side told them that they were going to have military operation in Khojali and left a humanitarian corridor for civilians.

    • Turks are one of the most mixed peoples on the planet. A mere reading of your ruling class for the period 1300 to today, shows that Turks got mixed racially, ethnically, and religiously. Do you know your father? good for you. But you are the last person to talk about Armenians, with your genocidal, anti-armenian, xenophobic, fascist, nazified nation.

      You could bark in Istanbul for the coming 10 years if you wish, but you cannot change the Armenian Genocide into a myth and you cannot “create” a “genocide” out of THE DELIBERATE MASSACRE OF Azeri citizens of Ivanyan (khojali) at the hands of Azeri National Front thugs. As I used to say before I say now again, you TURKS are not capable of rendering justice or humanity, for your mission is only to kill, conquer, destory, massacre, erase civilizations, ethnically cleanse, eradicate, annihilate anything, anyone, any nation that is not turkish.

      But know this also.. those days are OVER!!!!

    • You can try to legitimize the statement, “You are all Armenian, you are all bastards” all you want. No matter who you are directing this statement towards, it is still comes across as Racists.

      More important, your explanation for this statement doesn’t make any sense. Armenians know who their Father is. And just maybe, you should be asking yourselves what race was your Grandma, Great-Grandma (who was she)?

      Thank God I was born in the USA and not in Turkey as my parents and etc, and I’m allowed to express my true identity. And, I know who my mother and father, and my grandparents are.

    • Avery,

      you cought a point. good…

      i should confess that i made mistake for the numbers of people attended to the rally.

      the reason of mistake is that i have never seen such a huge crowd before so i could not estimate how many people were there..

      From different sources and pictures , i can say it was around 1.000.000 people.

    • No Necati, yoy’re still wrong!

      There were 72 million Turks in Taksim square! LOL

      I bet you’re sitting in your armchair somwhere…. but certainly not in Instanbul!
      As is the case with most Turk comentators!

      BTW, I know it’s natural for my compatriots to respond your mediocre comments, but my advice to them would be: JUST LAUGH!

    • Necati

      but do you know your father’s father, or his father? How about on your mother’s side?

      And what other things were you shouting at the government sanctioned event?

    • Necati: There was a bigger crowd at yesterdays Galatasaray- Besiktas football game. Does your stupidity have no boundaries?

  21. Necati,

    If you had a time machine, you would use it to kill Armenian women in 1915. We understand you were born too late.

  22. Subj: From Diaspora Ministry

    Dear compatriots,
    We would like to send you documentary information on Khojalu events prepared by the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (Armenian, Russian and English).

    we kindly ask your assistance for publishing, highlighting and posting these Wmaterials through mass media of the Armenian Diaspora, and if there is an opportunity, also through other media of your country of residence.

    We also request you to organize respective meetings, discussions on above mentioned theme in the framework of the Armenian community representatives, as well as to conduct activities for introducing and disseminating these obvious facts within the public frameworks of your country of residence. This will be an adequate measure to counter act the Azerbaijani anti-Armenian campaign in the international platforms.
    You can find more information about these events at the following web site (

    Best Regards,
    RA Ministry of Diaspora

  23. ¨Concerned¨ up above is right.Believe it or not I WAS THINKING THE SAME AS HE.AM TO TRY TO CALL,OTHERWISE EMAIL TO IMPORTANT ARMENIAN FIGURE (my friend)in France to pass this on to public there…
    Though I am near certain they are not slumbering,they must have received copy from ANC to Hye Tahd in Paris or Marseille..
    Those French Armenians believe you me are TOUGH and will see to it that the French Constitutional Court ALSO R E C E I V E a copy of this recent TURKISH DEMONSTRATION .
    we must begin toREORGANIZE .
    Vahan´s post is suppsed to be far reaching too.But will it? let us not be precarious and rely on ODAR HELP!!!! we have never had that really!!!
    Get Mr. Harut Sassounian to answer MY PLEA TO HIM A FDEW DAYS AGO…SO THAT IS HALL ALSO ON MY BEHALF TACKLE OTHER ARMENIAN B-aire to form the nucleus of our multi B dollar Fund ,most importantly by our more than a 100,000 Professionals….then again begin step by step the reorganization PROCESS.Otherwise our present establishments will not CANNOT DO MORE THAN WHAT THEY HAVE DONE.WE THANK THEM BUT WE NEED MORE MUCH MORE…

  24. Dear Armenian Weekly,

    It would have been responsible journalism for you to have mentioned the subject of the protests in the article.


    Loyal reader.

  25. Would anyone think otherwise form the genocidal Turks… that’s why every man women and child in Armenia and Karabagh should be armed to the teeth..I don’t trust the Russians or anyone to “Guarantee their safety”. That’s what led to lamb being slaughtered in the first place..

  26. What convoluted logic falls out of the mouth of Necanti! He claims: “That sign is not for ermeni but for those sa-called Turks who said “we are all ermeni” before.” (sic) This is his justification for threatening to suddenly descend upon Yerevan in the night. This is how they attempt to shut up “those sa-called Turks who said “we are all ermeni” before.” (sic) His claim is that if turkish citizens support AG, “one million” pure turks will parade in the streets – with children – and threaten Yerevan. The jails must be too full to put in anymore turks who dare to speak truth.
    He knows who his turk father is? What about the women in his family? Where did those women who are chained to his father and grandfather really come from?
    Avery is correct; we need to note carefully that this is supported by turk govt officials. And yes, they all seem to have an inability to do basic math. Note how the numbers of murdered Armenians during the genocide, keeps getting smaller and smaller. USA should send some new calculators over as a personal goodwill gift.

  27. These are the words that our guy “raki man Necati’ put in Zaman Newspaper last week!!

    “i will go to İstanbul only to attend to the rally and say : WE ARE ALL AZERBAIJANI , WE ARE ALL TURKS…! Damn terorist Armenia.. ”

  28. I guess the purpose of the demo was for whipping up support for little brother and also preparing for April 2015.
    The think-tanks know full well “once bitten, twice shy.”
    Anyhow one thing is certain – there will be no sitting ducks this time around.

  29. Now it’s getting interesting. The wolf is cornered as has its claws up. The Turks know what happened at Khojali. They understand the mentality of deception and diversion. Forget all this rhetoric about Turkish.Azeri brotherhood. The Turks are supporting and organizing this charade for one reason… distractions. Their argument all along has been that both sides suffered and we should feel their pain visa vis the 1915 Genocide. So why not create your own “genocide”. The Azeris push their claim of Armenian “aggression” and the Turks get the benefit of “told you so”
    Just one problem…. this plan is based on the same senseless, racist and hate filled campaign of rhetoric that have been the hallmark. The silver lining is let the world see the racist base of the Kemalist offensive. It only confirms that the Turkish position will do whatever they care to support their crumbling position…including inciting the people with racism.
    When I read the news accounts of the Taksim Square fiasco, I thought of my grandparents and the thousands of western Armenians that had to put up with decades of institutionalized racism and abuse….which eventually degenerated into the genocide and expulsion.
    As we experience these insults, let us always remember to lead with our faith and know that the truth is with us.

  30. Addendum!!!!
    Firstly Surpirse!!!!! our Ministry of Diaspora has finally spoken up!!!! an d that on a Dashnak web site-Well———— BETTER LATE THAN NEVER.
    MEANWHILE I DID speak with my friend in France couple hours or so ago..pretty long at that.obvioously they are at it too.And while I mentioned re above-which he was partially aware of-he confined to me that there will be a very important meeting of our org.s thereat and —-hopefully (that is my conjecture) explain to the members of the Constitutional court,as much as possible-what Turks are demoinstrating for in their country and also overseas.
    Unfortunately(cavok) I learnt from him that there may be some amongst those-as we know too-that will tend to go against ratification of the measure/Bill.None the less ..we should hope for the best outcome in our favour.When this ONE POINT(NO VICTORY,PLEASE ABSTAIN FROM USING SUCH WORDS)IS gained…..then we may rest a bit assured that OTHER COUNTRIES IN EU WILL BY AND BY FOLLOW SUIT.
    May Armenians´ God-at least this time-be with us…

  31. ERRATA!!!
    Please excuse in above post I wrote ¨confined to me¨
    should read CONFIDED IN ME…
    best rgds< TO HAYORTIS

  32. I am not surprised at all!

    Getting closer to the centenary of Armenian Genocide, we ‘Armenians’ should expect more of such anti-Armenian activities (sponsored by Turkish government) not only in Turkey and Azerbaijan; but also in any other country where Armenian Genocide Recognition is not formally adopted yet.

    However, in this case, looking at the number of people participants and authorities who joined this pre-planned demonstration reveals 2 things:

    1_ Although this was a Turkish government sponsored demonstration, it did not attract larger Turkish sympathy they hoped, as the number of participants reveals that there was mostly Azeri citizens living/working in Turkey or travelled to Turkey for the demonstration.

    2_ The presence of Turkish Interior Minister, confirms once again Turkish and Azeri governments unified anti-Armenian concerted efforts, in the wake of the Centenary of Armenian Genocide.

    ANCA is absolutely correct to criticize US government’s silence toward this latest attempt by Ankara to foment hatred and violence against not only Armenians in general, but against Armenian minority in Turkey; and denigration of those courageous Turks who stood along Armenians for justice.

    However, in certain circumstances we should refrain from publicizing (more than necessary) such Turkish attempts which are merely created to derail centennial Armenian Genocide Recognition on course.

  33. This should not come as a surprise. It is obvious that it is a state sponsored demonstration that reveals the true colors of the Turkish government.
    With the fast approaching 100th Memorials of the Genocide, and the continued pressure that Turkey is under to come to its senses and face the reality of proven and undeniable history, and recognize its crimes against the Armenians, it should be expected that the Goevrenment will resort to all illegal and immoral means to defend their morally corrupt and unjusifiable position.
    We Armenians should continue to put pressure on them; both in Armenia and the Diaspora until justice is served.
    Much more alarming is the news that Israel has decided to sell $ 1.6 billion in arms , including drones, to Azerbeijan.
    This is very disturbing news and is quite alarming for the safety of Ngorno-Kharabagh. Israel’s intentions are clear; they are attempting to have access to the Azeris to counterbalanace Iran’s neuclear threat to them, but in the process are arming another rogue regime to the detriment of the safety of Armenians in the region.
    I am not a politician, but this threat should be taken seriously and vehemently opposed by the Government in Armenia and all the organizations worldwide, including all factions, parties, associations and groups. As Aram Hamparian says,this is a time when ” when we should all be Armenians”.
    Vart Adjemian

  34. this is for Armen above. (a little off topic, but relevant overall).

    The following are chants that the soldiers in some military repeated as they marched:

    “Women with light skin, dark skin or everything in between — it doesn’t matter, we are soldiers and soldiers won’t let them escape.”

    “Blonde, brunette or fair; the infantry takes its share;”
    “Take over the neighbor’s girl;”
    “Go back where you came from and bring your sis back,”

    Can you guess which military and what time period this was recorded ?
    (1900s ? 1930s ? maybe 1950s ?)

  35. Avery,

    Your post regarding the numbers/figures at the demonstration in Istanbul was quite interesting. Perhaps you can bring number discrepency practices up with ANCA and the ARF when they are due once again to alter the figures for the Armenian genocide (I understand that it’s now up to 2.3M victims)! After all, who better than the TRUE EXPERTS to coach you in the “proper” way to manipulate figures to suit your needs!

    Dear Editorial Board:

    So, will this post also be “swept under the rug” for fear of the truth getting out amongst the commentors/posters on AW, or will you exhibit gumption, integrity and journalistic ethics this time?

  36. The Turks realize they are losing the genocide debate.
    They have no way to prevent it. This is why they are now using threats. THEY GOT NOTHING ELSE!
    They lost return of the churches.
    They are going to lose again in France.
    They are afraid of 2015. The 100th anniversary of the genocide.


    The Armenians living in the Czech Republic gave an appropriate response to the event, which Azerbaijanis organized in Prague, devoted to the anniversary of the Khojaly incidents.

    The Azerbaijani Embassy organized, on Friday in a Prague square, and event devoted to the 20th anniversary of the incidents that occurred in Khojaly.

    The Embassy pitched a tent and raised the Azerbaijani flag beside it. The objective of the event was to preach the official Azerbaijani version of the incidents in Khojaly. And to carry this out, they distributed free food and sold Azerbaijani souvenirs. There also were commercial advertisements in the tent.

    Once the event got underway, however, several Czech Armenians began distributing, beside the tent, flyers which expose the Azerbaijani falsification. Also, the Armenian activists entered the tent and continued distributing the flyers. In addition, they presented to the panic-stricken Azerbaijanis the truth behind the tragedy in Khojaly.

    Azerbaijan’s and Turkey’s ambassadors to the Czech Republic also arrived on the scene.

    But in general, the protest was carried out without incidents.

    • Sella, this is a genuine question, and I generally try to not be biased on these issues, so take this the wrong way. But from what you wrote, it seems like Czech Armenians gate crashed a peaceful Azerbaijani protest and remembrance meeting, no? Look, I don’t know much about Khojaly, but who ever is at fault there, it doesn’t change the fact that innocent Azeri people were murdered, whether it be by Armenians or an inside job by their own government, I’m not making a comment on that. Yes, I know they use this Khojaly to spread anti-Armenian propaganda, and Armenians shouldn’t waver in their beliefs and they need to continue fighting for what they believe in, and I also know that what Armenians did in Prague is absolutely nothing compared to what happened in Turkey the other day, but it still feels wrong to me.

    • RVDV,

      I think you are mixing two things-remembrance meeting and falsification of history.

      When a group of Azerbaijanis try to spread their falsified version of history through ”peaceful Azerbaijani protest” in some foreign countries every one (not only Armenian but non Armenians as well) has the right to ”gate crash” and inform the public what happened in reality. Do you think a group of Azerbaijani has the right to brainwash Prague citizens? I do not think so. And I am sure, if you ask Prague citizens they will tell you that they do not want to be misinformed.

      This is the least that we can do.
      And, I would really refrain from calling it a ”peaceful Azerbaijani protest”. This is a government-organized propaganda. You think Azerbaijani government does not know that they were involved in this massacres? Why they are not telling this version of history?

    • RVDV:

      {“it doesn’t change the fact that innocent Azeri people were murdered, whether it be by Armenians or an inside job by their own government, I’m not making a comment on that. “}

      Actually you are making a comment: when you slyly snick in the term “murder” and ascribe it to Armenians as well, you are making an Anti-Armenian comment.

      “Murder” implies premeditation: under no scenario, did Armenian troops deliberately kill Azeri civilians with forethought and premeditation.
      We discussed this many times before, but you have conveniently developed amnesia.

      Armenians gave weeks of advance notice of impending attack via multiple channels: TV, radio, direct calls to Azeri leadership; it is on record.
      Armenians left a corridor open for Azeri civilians to leave: it is on record.
      Azeris failed to evacuate their civilians – either due to incompetence or deliberate malice.
      Battle began.
      Azeri fighters fleeing the Armenian encirclement mixed in with Azeri civilians to save themselves: the cowards used their own civilians and children as human shields.
      Fleeing Azeris exchanged fire with advancing Armenians.
      Armenian troops returned fire: no doubt aware that there were civilians next to Azeri gunmen.

      What would you do: let the Azeri troops using Azeri civilians as human shields safely double back on the Armenians and hit them from behind ?
      Do you know why Armenians decided to take the Khojali airfield ?
      Do you know that Stepanakert civilians were on the verge of starvation after months of complete encirclement by Azeri military and daily bombardment ?
      Do you Stepanakert was leveled ?
      Do you know hundreds of Armenian civilians were killed in Stepanakert due to Azeri bombardment ? including children.
      Thousands wounded, including children.
      How is that not murder. Massacre. Genocide.

      Additional theories of events at Khojali:

      Some Azeri civilians – not all – were reportedly killed by Azeri troops, when the civilians took a wrong turn: Azeris troops not expecting people from that direction opened fire, thinking them to be Armenian troops in the dark
      (I have not studied this aspect in detail: so not sure yet).
      I don’t believe the other theory that Azeris killed their civilians deliberately.
      But some do

    • RVDV,

      “Keep telling yourself that Avery. No one but Armenians seem to be buying it”.

      Are you saying that after reading all those facts about Khojali tragedy you are not “buying” it?

    • Right RVDV:

      how refreshing: you showed your true colors – again.
      Calling Armenians murderers.

      Were you in Taksim square ?

    • Sella: I am saying I don’t know what happened, but murder happens in war. It’s not an insult on your national character.

      Avery: Were you in Taksim square ?

      You know it.

    • Avery ,

      you are not only in denial but also twisting the truth that armenian soldiers exterminated the whole town , Khodjaly, by murdering its habitants children and women…

      shame on you…

    • RVDV,

      I never said or thought it was an insult to my national character simply because I am not suffering from the disease that some Turks do.

      Yes, murder happens in war but when your enemy tells you that they are going to have military operation in your town and asks you to evacuate civilians you are supposed to do so. Failure to do so puts the blood of those people on your hands too.
      Now, tell me why Azerbaijani side did not evacuate their civilians when they were told to do so?

      If during the war your enemy tells you they are going to bomb your house, would you live your family inside the house or get them out as soon as possible?

      I posted a video in Youtube showing how Khojali refuges reached the Azeri side, but Armenian Weekly did not publish it.
      As soon as they reached Azeri side the first thing that they said was that Armenians did not have bread to eat but gave their last bread to them. They said they gave us tea and bread and brought even a generator so that they could have electricity. They said that they were happy with Armenians but Azerbaijani side was very bad. If anyone wants to watch the video please let me know .

    • Sella: If I came of as insulting or in an accusing manner, forgive me, my anger was directed at Avery, who does everything he can to divert the topic and draw conclusions out of words that had no hidden meaning. You read the rant on “murder” I am assuming, and how evidently that one word made me say that Armenians murdered Azeris at Khojaly. Like I said, I don’t much on the topic, but to me it looks like massacre, that could and should have been avoided, that was born out of chaos caused by failures by Azeri officials. Anyways, I do know that Armenians gave a fair warning, but in the end, whatever happened, and whoever really did it, hundreds of Azeri civilians ended up dead. Back to my original point, I just wanted to say that I found what the Czech Armenians did, though they had valid reasons for doing so, insensitive IF it was really a remembrance meeting, so strings attached, by the Azeris. I know the traditional response for those like Avery will be to call out the various ways in which the Turkish government still disrespects the AG victims, other than the genocide denial itself. BUT, Turkey has never set the bar particularly high for sensitivity to others suffering (especially those we caused). Nor is it particularly tolerant of its minorities, which explains why I am not living there currently. My apologies, again, if I came off as rude earlier.

      PS. I would like to see the video you mentioned.

    • RVDV,

      The Armenian weekly does not let me to post the link to the video. But if you type
      ходжалинцы благодарят армян

      in youtube you will find it (It meant Khojali people are thankful to Armenians)

      The video says that Mestkhetian Turks, this poor nation who has always been driven from one place to another and who lived in Khojali, were sent from Karabakhi side to the Azerbaijani side.

      They speak mixture of Russian, Armenian and Turkish (I am assuming). I only understand Armenian and Russian part.

      They said that they were happy with Armenians but Azerbaijani side was very bad. They repeated a few times that Armenians did not have bread to eat but gave their last bread to them. They were given bread, pickles and tea 3-4 time a day. They said that Armenians did not have electricity but brought a generator so that they could have electricity. They also said that Mutalibov and his people were guilty for all this.

      Maybe you can translate the Turkish part if you understand? I know there is one or two sentences only but would be interesting to know what they said.

    • P.S. The video does not belong to me nor did I post it at Youtube. So, I do not know origin of the video.

    • Sella, thanks for the video. Unfortunately it does not sound like any Turkish I have ever heard :). I can understand most of Azerbaijani Turkish and I couldn’t make out a word. Nonetheless, I will take your word on what they said (on the parts you could understand).

    • RVDV,

      Maybe Metskhetian Turks speak another dialect (Turkish mixed with Georgian)?

      I thought it was Turkish since it was not Armenian or Russian.

  38. The main event was of course the rememberance of the Hodjali “accident” as some here prefer to call it.

    It seems some ultra nationalist elements took the opportunity to expose their hateful slogans. It was widely condemned by all media and officially by the government ministers. Many were lamenting the lack of more specific laws against hate speech. Many also thought even the current laws should have enabled the DAs to open an investigation.

    In any case I strongly condemn this outrage and I am sure it does not represent the sentiments of the population in general.

    • {“condemned by all media and officially by the government ministers.”}

      Murat, you are lying. Let me repeat: you are LYING.

      Interior minister of Turkey Sahin was there:
      {“Among the speakers at the demonstration in Turkey’s famous Taksim Square was Turkish Interior Minister Idris Naim Sahin, among other leaders of Erdogan’s AK Party.”} (AW)

      {“Turkish Interior Minister İdris Naim Şahin made an impassioned speech at the rally, which organizers said was attended by an estimated 100,000,”} (26 Feb 2012 TodaysZaman)

      {“In any case I strongly condemn this outrage and I am sure it does not represent the sentiments of the population in general.”}

      Of course it does.

    • Murat: “In any case I strongly condemn this outrage..”

      I’m sure you’re not the only one. Others in Turkey have voiced opposition to the racist side of the protests.

      Murat: “…and I am sure it does not represent the sentiments of the population in general.”
      Avery in response: “Of course it does.”

      We’ll find out soon enough. There are supposed to be protests in 50 other cities. The number of people and what they say may attest to where the country in general stands on this. This could easily turn ugly if ultra-nationalists feel they have an implied approval by the Turkish leadership that they can misbehave. The interior minister’s presence at the event is one such implied leniency for anti-Armenian behavior.

      We have entered the 21st century with the knowledge of countless examples of where hatred begets hatred. We have the choice and the opportunity to deal with painful subjects without making it worse.

    • Avery
      February 27, 2012
      “The people in these protests do not represent all Turks”
      Did anybody here say they did ?

      One day later:

      {“In any case I strongly condemn this outrage and I am sure it does not represent the sentiments of the population in general.”}

      “Of course it does.”

      Care to explain?

  39. @ Armenian Weekly Administration,

    I have a suggestion:
    This is an Armenian publication, and people are allowed to comment in English or Armenian (Not in Turkish), as the reverse valid in Turkish publications.

    Therefore it’s strongly recommended that ‘AW’ to not let Turks use derogatory Turkish words, names or terms in their English look-alike sentencing as comments by few Turkish commentators here, such as deliberate use of the Turkish term ‘Ermeni’ mostly referred to its derogatory meaning in Turkish denialist education and custom.

    This not about freedom of speech, but to ask Turks to respect the same rules which is in place in their publications against our comments. We can never post any comment on Hurriyet or Zaman containing any Armenian words!

  40. That demonstration against the Armenians is totally unacceptable. We need more understanding towards each other. I condemn the organizers of such demonstrations, whoever those might be. We are not all Armenians, just like not all the Armenians are Turks likewise. But, we need to establish good relations for the future.

  41. Demonstrate in Germany,France, the whole of the west with billboards that say ‘Turks are bastards,filthy,lazy’ & see what they’ll do to you.
    In Turkey just the opposite happens where the interior minister participates, gives a speech & hence shows that the government is fine with it. Is this freedom of speech? See why it is necessary the French bill?

  42. True to the last letter Tiger boy!!!!
    You have proved-against all others´ (including my wavering one) that it SHOULD BE PASSED AND ENACTED,similar to the Jews…
    Otherwise the fascist Turkish deep state will carry on freely THEIR HATE MONGERING AND TRY TO OPPRESS NOT ONLY THE ERMENIS BUT ALL GIAVOURS WITHIN TURKEY…

  43. “The law of the Jungle”is the message that this event brings.
    We Armenians must concentrate our efforts in the Homeland.
    Neither the USA or Israel will recognize our plight.
    We must remember that as the Young Turks annihilated the Armenians,
    the rest of the world remained uninvolved.
    The British told us that their navy could not climb the Ararat.

    Enough BS.
    Our only hope as a nation is in a strong Armenia.

  44. Now I can link here a dozen columnists who expressed outrage and disgust at the racist slogans, I can link a ministers condemnation of these groups and their messege, but first, they are in Turkish, secondly, it would spoil the fantasy so many of you have of the evil Turk.

    Of course there were many officials at these events, since it IS the anniversary of Hodjali “accident”! Can someone quote what evil things these officials said?

    • Şahin İdris Naim Şahin, “Türk milletinin utanılacak bir tarihi, geçmişi yoktur. Türk milletinin yüreği birdir ama gerektiğinde yumruğu da birdir” diyerek 1915 Ermeni Soykırımı’nı savundu.

      Murat, now explain how this statement is not a fascist statement full of threat.

    • Murat,

      It was not Khojali “accident” it was Khojali massacre. Please use proper language to describe events. And yes, as an Armenian I am very sorry for what happened to innocent civilians. To me no difference they were Armenian, Azeri or Turk. They were innocent and that is enough for me to be very sorry for them. We are all humans.

      But I guess Turks will never understand-after grabbing 90% of our ancestral land and killing an entire nation they still want to descent on Yerevan in the night to finish their ancestors’ job.

    • Sella:

      Murat is an old timer @AW; he denies the Armenian Genocide; he calls it a myth, manufactured history.
      So, when he uses the word “accident” in relation to Khojali, he is ridiculing Armenians, who do not buy the Azeri propaganda line that Armenian troops just mowed down Azeri civilians in cold blood, which the word “massacre” implies.
      It was a great tragedy for sure: civilians, children, babies were killed; but “massacre” ?

      “Massacre” implies that Armenian troops just rounded up Azeri civilians out onto a field and mowed them down unnecessarily – just to murder.
      All evidence from Khojali points to the exact opposite.
      NKR Authorities gave weeks advance notice of coming battle.
      NKR troops left a corridor open (as was done for dozens of other villages and towns during the war).
      Azeri civilians were killed from Armenian bullets, yes; but there was no premeditated plan to massacre Azeri civilians.
      There was premeditated, planned massacre of hundreds of Armenian civilians in Sumgait, Kirovabad, Baku. (I know you know about it quite well)
      There was premeditated, deliberate encirclement and weeks long war-crime bombardment of Stepanakert. Estimates are up to 2,000 Armenian civilians were killed, including children.

      But those are myths for denialist Turks like Murat.
      And our Turk guest RVDV (nee Kurd) will not use the verb “murder” when discussing Sumgait, etc. Only when Armenian troops are involved “murder” pops out.

    • Avery: Sumgait, Kirovabad, Baku were pogroms, or as you said, premeditated massacres which include Azeris murdering (the magic word) Armenians. You have to be blind or in severe denial to not see that. And I never mention the word murder with Sumgait, Kirovabad, and Baku, because this is the first time I have ever commented on three, and if you noticed, I used the word murder. ”

      “There was premeditated, deliberate encirclement and weeks long war-crime bombardment of Stepanakert. Estimates are up to 2,000 Armenian civilians were killed, including children.”

      I don’t know what you think happens in wars, but generally when people go to war, they often make plans for how they are going to attack the enemy. No one wakes up and says, you know what let’s go bombard that city. As basically the capital of NKR, Azeri soldiers most likely intended to completely destroy the city, with or without its inhabitants. I also consider what happened there to be a massacre, cut off the city, trap the civilians, and let all hell break loose. I guess the Azeri government is claiming collateral damage?

      This is from the Human Rights Watch regarding the NKR war:

      “Whichever side held the strategic advantage in Nagorno Karabakh at any given moment was the one that most egregiously violated the rules of war.”

      I truly detest quoting a Hardees commercial but, “that’s just the way it is.”

    • Tell it to your racist, hate-filled Turk denialist brothers and sisters.
      The ones with the Anti-Armenian slogans proudly parading around in public.

      We are the recipient of the Mother of All Hates: your ancestors invaded the homeland of my ancestors and started the centuries long hate-fest that continues to date.
      Your ancestors exterminated 2 million – that we know of – of my ancestors , including 1.5 million during the Armenian Genocide (1915-1923).

      Oh, sorry I forgot: you believe AG is a “myth”, a “manufactured history”.
      So much non-hate coming from a Denialist Turk fills one’s heart with joy and feelings of brotherly love.

  45. Necati, Murat and other Turkish posters, any time that innocent civilians die in a war is a tragedy, and compassionate Turks have every right to commemorate the deaths in Khojali. In fact, I am sure most Armenians feel compassion for those who lost loved ones in this tragic event. And I am also sure that since Turks feel so much compassion for the death of people in Azerbaijan and Nagorno Karabagh, we can expect an even greater outpouring of compassion on the anniversaries of the pogroms against Armenians in Baku, Sumgait, etc., and more still on April 24th for the 1.5 million Armenians who lost their lives on ‘Turkish soil’ during WWI. Am I right?

    • Let us not be naive. The demonstrations were not just about compassion. It was about solidarity. More significantly, especially the racist elements were probably riled by the ongoing hateful campaign carried out by Armenians. The recent French law was a factor probably. Also the oportunity to stick it to Armenian nationalists, those who day and day out sermonize about barbaric Turks was too good to pass up. Just look at the hipocrites here explain away mass murder!

    • Murat explain what ‘hateful campaign’ you are referring to. Is it a ‘hateful campaign’ to pursue justice for yourself and your ancestors? When denial comes at you from every direction, in overt and covert forms, is it a ‘hateful campaign’ to try every angle you can to achieve your goal? This is twisted thinking!

      Turkey holds the key to ending this ‘hateful campaign’ by simply ending its hateful campaign of denial.

      And what is more hate based than to forge solidarity as Turks against Armenians?

  46. Yes, Avery. But the Turks thought process is flawed/twisted. So they don’t recognize the AG but call it war time happenings. Then, when we talk about the happenings in the Khojali it becomes a massacre. Why because their kind was killed? But, if it were Armenians that were killed they would call it war time happenings. This is a racist theme that repeats itself throughout history with the Turkish minorities, blaming the victims of their atrocities with twisted explanations. And, yes the Turkish government officials are not clear with the differences in the definitions between causalities of war vs massacre vs genocide. Maybe, they need to be educated with a lecture given to them by United Nations War Crimes Commission.

    And, I wonder where all those that protest Khojali were two day ago on 2/27, the anniversary of the 1988 Azerbaijani program in Sumgait, against its own Armenian population. But, then again it’s not them or their kind that it happened to, so who cares.

  47. Like Vache said before, instead of fighting with these worthless Turks, we will be better off to make Armenia and Artsakh stronger in democracy, militarily, and economically, get rid of oligarchic regime, make sure there will be enough room for Armenia in EU dept. then we can deal with world power one by one including Turkic tribes!! For now our unity is more important than Turkish demo…We can not change anti-Armenian feeling among Turkish population…..they can have their wolfy dance as much as they want, let Europeans worry about these savage people in Europe and US, as long as they are not in Armenian soil!!

  48. Hurriyet:

    *Turkey ‘ready to share pain’ with Armenians*

    _Ankara offers up a possible olive branch in the wake of the French judiciary’s rejection of an Armenian ‘genocide’ denial bill, with Foreign Minister Davutoğlu saying: ‘We want to share the pain of those who are ready to share it with us’_

    Here we are again!
    Just before 24th April every year, *Turks wear their human mask AGAIN*.

    __The shameless Turkish government first sponsors and organizes anti-Armenian demonstrations throughout Turkey and other countries, spread and provoke racial hatred… and then comes their phony OLIVE BRANCH__

    • What does “share our pain” mean? Yes, another springtime deflection.

      The Turks should incite censure the genocidal racists in their society. Instead of doing so, Erdogan referred to the genocidal protestors last week as participating in ‘isolated incidents.”

  49. RVDV
    What do you mean by “Sumgait, Kirovabad, Baku were pogroms […] which INCLUDE(?!) Azeris murdering Armenians”? What else do you imply the pogroms “included”? By using the verb “include” do you dare to imply that it was Armenians who rose to murder Azeris in those cities?!

  50. RVDV,

    I want to get back to a different issue raised by the article.

    What percentage of Turkish citizens, do you think, hate Armenians to this genocidal degree?

    In its worst and most powerful days, even the Ku Klux Klan did not have public rallies dreaming of dead Black people, although they murdered them often.

    The widespread use of signs against Armenians at Taksim is very reminiscent of Brownshirt Nazis terrorizing Jews in Germany.

    I read somewhere you signed the apology petition. That took guts, and in the long run you and 30,000 others advanced human rights in Turkey.

    Finally, since you are a liberal, where is the Turkish liberal diaspora voice? Why is it not standing up to ATAA?

    I challenge you to counter-demonstrate in April against the Embassy Turks who dance and hold signs about the joy of raping Armenian women. You can see this shameful spectacle on youtube. Each year Tan welcomes and fetes them after they dance for joy at the spectre of dead Armenian children.

    And yet Davatoglu, who instructs Tan, says he wants to share our pain.

    • My guess would be about 65 to 70 percent. The other 30 percent being SOME liberals, Kurds, and Alevis. The issue with liberals in Turkey is that the center left party in Turkey is the CHP- Republican People’s Party- Ataturks party. Even they side with the right wing on some of these issues. The ATAA represent the Turkish government, the do as told. Anger should be directed not to them but the Turkish government. There is not a big Turkish community where I live and the nearest Turkish consulate is a 1.5 hour plane ride away, so my demonstration opportunities are limited.

    • 70%?? I’d say 10% who hates Armenians, 1% genocidal degree. The rest loves/sympathizes/doesn’t care. You can find lots of racist/genocidal comments in the internet but those are the opinion of very very very few, and mostly teens who are pissed off and playing war video games.

    • Tokado,

      If the vast majority of Turks were not genocidal, which for the first time I believe, and which RVDV asserts, how do we explain the lack of scandal and outrage in general Turkish society to the outrages when ultra nationalists – Nazis-speak with glee of killing Armenians?

      There is more than the last week. There is the not guilty verdict, the wearing of white hats, the laughing policemen with Samast, the killing of the Priests, the torture killing of Protestants, the list is longer than what I glean from the USA.

      If we assume for the sake of argument that only 10 per cent is genocidal, why are these acts not the subject of mass demonstrations and revulsion?

      Or, maybe the 90 per cent don’t care if Nazis run their country. Most Germans weren’t Nazis, after all.

  51. All I can say is following to .-First to Grish Begian,you are right but please turn words into action cooperaqte with me and all others TEAMWORK is best!!
    To Hairenakitz ,likewise,we (most of us)do know what faceless or better yet ¨¨Yergyers¨¨ double faced those turks are.Note from now oin I shall not write turk in capital letters….
    Do not waste time on them.If some have extra time then try to educate them.
    My motto????
    M i a p a n i l (not Miasnutyun) latter given and promoted amongst us by turkish Armenian speaking agents…because in advanced countries no political party affiliate Unites with the opposing ideology one(say in France, italy etc.,) but THEY COOPERATE…
    This is first lesson we must learn .Example? mysself.-I admire and accept rightfull.clever beneficial suggestion-for Armenia/Armenians- from any ideology member Armenian. Because he/she also is ARMENIAN…
    never mind his being maoist, Tashnag or Ramgavar etc.,capiche???
    Next, if you really mean business,let us work togehjter towards what I ´m about to post in….my Manifesto the Final one for not only us Armenians our patria but any other nation on earth who will take it.

  52. Clashes between Soviet troops, who were belatedly sent to Sumgait to stop Azeri-Turkic barbarity, cannot by definition be a part of Sumgait, Kirovabad, and Baku pogroms, because pogroms in their entirety were perpetrated by Azeris against Armenians. Be careful with definitions in the online publication where descendants of a victim-nation post.

    • Had the Soviet soldiers been sent on time all three of the pogroms could have been avoided, so I think they play a very big part in the three massacres.

  53. “Avery …Care to explain?”

    Gladly RVDV:

    {“What percentage of Turkish citizens, do you think, hate Armenians to this genocidal degree?”} (question posed to RVDV in another thread).
    RVDV responds: {“My guess would be about 65 to 70 percent. “}

    This thread:

    Armen writes: {“….do not represent all Turks”. }
    I reply: {“Did anybody here say they did ?”}

    Murat writes: {“…sentiments of the population in general.”}
    I reply {“Of course it does.”}

    ‘all’ = 100%

    ‘population in general’ = 50%.
    RVDV estimates Turks who hate Armenians “to this genocidal degree” at 65%-70%.

    Nice try RVDV, but no cigar. Better luck next time.

    PS: Kudos to RVDV for estimating it fairly accurately and honestly at 65%-70%.
    My estimates are in the same ballpark.

    • I would certainly like to have someone like you on my side during an argument. I reluctantly concede that your explanation does in fact make sense my friend. Live to fight another day I guess :)

  54. CORRECTION: {‘population in general’ = 50%.}

    I used the ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’ symbols, but looks like the software did not like it and flushed it.

    In text: “population in general” means less than 100%, but greater than 50%.

  55. Agree, RVDV. But, nonetheless, Azeris’ clashes with the Soviet troops who were belatedly sent to restore law and order cannot in any way be equated (or be a part of) with the pogroms and massacres of Armenians perpetrated by the Azeris. Azeris demonstrated their savagery, backwardness, and ethnic intolerance. In other Soviet republic, Estonia, at about the same time, there was a stand-off between local Estonians and ethnic Russians and there were no Soviet troops in sight. Nevertheless, Estonians didn’t strip Russian women naked, made them dance, rape, and then burn alive. This is what we, Armenians, came to believe as being largely (not entirely, of course) characteristic to Ottoman Tuks and their Turkic brethren Azeris.

    • I agree there. Soviets emphasized the Soviet identity above the individual ethnic identities so they might have even just been unsuspecting of the violence. I forget which of the 3 pogroms, but in one, all the murders were by knife wounds- not a single gunshot. Killing someone is one thing, but drawing it out with stab wounds, now that’s just subhuman.

  56. I have lived through the Lebanon war & have witnessed the MASSACRES of unarmed innocent Lebanese & Palestinians civilians in Sabra & Chatilla refugee camps in 1982. I’m sure all commentators here have heard about this subject. These MASSACRES were committed at a time of peace (when Arafat & his guerrillas had already left Lebanon) & when these camps were protected & the safety of civilians was guaranteed by the multinational forces of US, France & Italy. Israeli troops were present at the perimeter of these camps watching when the phalange troops entered & committed these atrocities of rape, killings.The Israelis knew what was happening inside the camps, did not act to prevent & stop it. This was a MASSACRE.

    1. Azerbaijan
    RAPE & MASSACRES of Sumgait, Baku, Kirovabad of unarmed innocent Armenian CIVILIANS were committed when there was no fighting & war of two opposite armed forces & very similar to Sabra & Chatilla massacres, it happened during time of peace. The Azeri forces encouraged & participated in these killings, similar to the Israelis & their crony phalange troops. This was how the Armenians of Azerbaijan had to flee the country to save their lives leaving behind their unburied dead & belongings.

    2. Armenia
    There was not a single rape & killing of Azeris living in Armenia proper when they fled together with their belongings after the Sumgait, Baku, Kirovabad massacres of Armenians. Above all the Armenian government made sure that no harm would come to fleeing unarmed Azeri civilians.

    3. Khojali
    However in Khojali’s case, there was fighting going on between two opposite forces. Artsakh forces had warned weeks before for the civilians to evacuate through a safe corridor left open. There are many explanations & stories as to why some the civilians were left behind. There are stories that cattle was evacuated by Azeri helicopters & not civilians. Majority of Khojali inhabitants were Meshketian Turks from Uzbekistan who were settled there by the Azeri government. The Meshketians were considered as 2nd class citizens by the Azeri… Azeri troops hid behind innocent civilians & used them as shields similar to the Palestinian guerrillas in Beirut (1982) who used to shoot at Israeli aircraft from civilian areas thinking that the Israelis will not reciprocate which they did with thousands of casualties of innocent Lebanese civilians.
    It is always very painful the killings, massacres & loss of life of innocent, unarmed civilians whether they were Meshketian Turks, Azeri or Armenians. However one thing is very clear that this happened during WAR & not during peace time.
    Unfortunately CORRUPT Aliyev & his clan, twist this tragedy to stay in power longer. Denialists & Armenian from their comfortable accommodations in Ankara (n) & London (M) repeat same like parrots without doing proper study & research.

  57. Correction:
    Denialists & Armenian HATERS from their comfortable accommodations in Ankara (n) & London (M) repeat same like parrots without doing proper study & research.

  58. VTiger,
    Your No. 2 above is so much correct.I was in Yerevan,about that time when the Azeri omon forces drove the shahumian Armenianbs out,hardly letting them take more than personal clothing..anyhow in Yerevan in the Metro
    I started conversation as to what happened to over 150,000 azeris living in yerevan mainly.Response was and I quote¨we put them on carpets(Gorkeri vra) and ssent them away..
    So let us stop worrying what azeris or their allies wish to imply to us that our forces committed massacres in Khojali…
    They will not stop it is their VOJ .style…to lie , falsify ,present the opposite of what happened,thus gaining -if Euro ams and others can believe them-that their version of the happenings are correct and true.
    You cannot change theeir VOJ…an impossibility…
    So please take it easy, foiget it…let them grind their oxydated axe as much as they wish.
    Let us be on our right Track and forge ahead…..
    Never believe their extended hand.sure take it in their fashion insincerely…say yes to their friendship such aas just two days ago¨¨we are ready to share with armenians the HAPPENED ….BOTH THEIR PRES. AND OTHERS SAID SO….BELIEVE IT AS SINCERE…AND WHAT WITHOUT ANY REPENTENCE???? GIT OUT OF MY FACE….

  59. This action in Turkey can be likened to Nazi growth in Germany to foster, intensify a deep seated animosity that obviously still exists among Turks.

    I think it’s an effort to bolster Turkey’s image among its own and they probably hope the world (to make the Armenians look bad) in an attempt to counteract any forthcoming activities for worldwide remembrance for the Armenian Genocide in 2015.

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