Sarkozy Warns Turkey over Genocide Denial (Video)

YEREVAN (Reuters)—French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Oct. 7 warned Turkey that it might soon become illegal in France to deny that the mass killing of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire in 1915 was genocide.

Sarkozy (L) with Sarkisian at the Genocide Memorial in Yerevan

While in Armenia, his first stop on a visit to the Caucasus, Sarkozy called on Turkey to make a “gesture of reconciliation” and recognize the killings as genocide.

If it does not, he said, France “will consider it must go further to amend its legislation to penalize this denial.”

Sarkozy warned the measures could be adopted in “a very brief” time-frame, but said the comments were not an ultimatum.

The challenge by the president of France, which opposes Turkey’s bid to join the European Union, drew an angry rebuttal from Ankara the same day.

Turkey’s foreign minister said France should confront its colonial past before giving lessons to others. The French “do not have the right to teach Turkey a history lesson or call for Turkey to face its history,” Ahmet Davutoglu said at a news conference.

Sarkozy courted some 500,000 Armenian Diasporan votes in France and angered Turkey before his election in 2007 when he backed legislation that would prosecute those who denied the killings were genocide. The measure was rejected by the French Lower House of parliament.

While in Armenia, he also urged Armenia and Azerbaijan to resolve their dispute over Nagorno-Karabagh.

“The time has come to take the risk of peace,” Sarkozy said during a meeting with Armenian President Serge Sarkisian.

“Armenians, Azeris and Turks: You must choose this path. There is no other, it is the path of peace,” he said.

To watch the video of Sarkozy’s speech in Yerevan, click here.

Sarkozy is also set to visit energy-producing Azerbaijan and Georgia, a transit nation for Caspian Sea oil and gas headed for Europe, during his trip to the ex-Soviet states of the Caucasus.

(Report by Emmanuel Jarry; additional reporting by Ibon Villelabeitia; writing by Alissa de Carbonnel; editing by Andrew Roche)


  1. oh dear, sarkozy needs to remember france massacre first and talk about turkey, france is nothing for turkey so dosent make any different..

  2. The French “do not have the right to teach Turkey a history lesson or call for Turkey to face its history,” Ahmet Davutoglu said at a news conference.

    It always seems so silly to me when I hear Turkish leaders, (Erdogan and others), state that this country or that country has no right to accuse them of genocide because of their own imperfect history.   It doesn’t even say that “we are not guilty.”   It just tells the other “you have no room to talk.”  Isn’t that deflection the lowest form of defense? Didn’t we all do it as kids to avoid punishment?

    Not only do they “have room to talk;” but they have an obligation to condemn genocide as members of the United Nations and signers of the Genocide Convention.  I wish all the countries of the world had the courage to ignore Turkey’s “tantrums” and speak the truth about the genocidal acts of Ottoman Turkey against Ottoman Christians;   especially now, while Turkey is trying spread it’s neo-Ottoman wings throughout its region and into Central Asia.  

  3. boyajian

    I agree that the answer is peculiar. I believe Turkish spokesmen are past the period in which they routinely had a kind of hysterical reaction to the accusations of genocide, recalling ambassadors and the like.   However, like Hrant Dink I believe outlawing certain opionions, unless they are formulated like hate speech, is contraproductive, in this case, for the Armenian cause

  4. Au contrair, mon ami.

    Outlawing Jewish Holocaust  denial has been very productive for the Jewish Cause and Jews.
    Outlawing Armenian Genocide denial will be similarly very productive for the Armenian Cause and Armenians.

    Naturally,  AG Denialists would strive to convince Armenians otherwise.
    Just as naturally, Armenians will ignore any and all so-called advice from a Denialist, and will  do what Armenians think is best for Armenians, not what a Denialist Turkophile foreigner thinks is allegedly best for Armenians.


  5. Boyajian,
    I like  your above  post. It  constitutes ,yes constitutes,because  what  you have pointed  out  is more like a statement ,come from an Int´l attorney.One  who knows and defends U.N. charter, convention Clauses,stipulations  thereof.
    As to my bit  here .I believe France is on our side in AG issue. However, I would very much wish  that neighbouring  sttes, such as Belgium,the Netherlands , Italy ,Spain, Portugal and  others come to grips  in their respective  Legislative Chambers and do so.Now, as France´s official  state visit as  president of  that 5th world  power, has  truly made RECOGNITION OF THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE BY REPUBLIC OF TURKEY AN I S S U E.
    Certainly  it will not go unnoticed  by  the other  4 Powers. Especially those  who so far  having  been non-commital towards THEIR recognition,i.e., Great Britain and the U.S.
    Otherwise  the other  two, namely Russia  and China are easier to join  in.
    Hopefully  this time  over ,our  neighbour will opt  for the other alternative.that  of coming  to grips  with WRONG  by their previous Govt.s  rather  than continue on a course  that  will not succeed. Time  for  old Ottoman diplomacy to meditate and cede.   

  6. Genocide denial requires a strong response.  France is a sovereign state and is entitled to create the strong response it sees fit.  I don’t see France’s idea as anti-free speech, as has been suggested by some.  To me it puts a limit or consequence on an offensive form of speech.  Most nations have free speech within limits; slander and libel are punished under law, for example.  Genocide denial falls into such limits for those who have no doubt about the truth of the genocide and recognize genocide denial as a continuation of the crime in its second phase.   I don’t think it is counterproductive to limit it.  It is proper and dignified. 

  7. If Sarko is a joke, why is official Turkey reacting so hysterically, John the Turk  ?
    Apparently Turks took what he said very seriously: that’s why they were in such an apoplectic shock. 

  8. I agree with you Boyajian on your above post and I very much like a great many of your above posts as well.  They were truly written with great care and good thoughts and I appreciated it.

  9. Genocide is a crime against humanity, therefore, any nation in the group forming the human race has the right to condemn it.  Otherwise, first the Turks, then Nazi Germans, then the Hutus, then the Sudanese might deliberately near-exterminate whole nations and face no repercussions for their barbaric actions.  As a crime against humanity, genocide is not constrained by national boundaries of a perpetrator nation.  If genocide were solely a domestic affair, Raphael Lemkin wouldn’t coin the international term based on mass extermination of the Jews and the Armenians, and the UN wouldn’t adopt the Genocide Convention to which Turkey, by the way, is a signatory.

  10. As ADDENDUM:-May I suggest  that  our political parties  -once  more, like in Beirut,during Civil war-come together and buy space  in IHT,Int´l Herland Tribune-Paris  based-and direct  their PLEA  to EU member  countries  to follow FRANCE´s DECISIVE  step.For  that  is  what  it  is.This time  it was not something  that was  like a  hint  or  mediation…
    Mr. Sarkozy spoke as president  -officially- a couple  times  mentioing state  he belongs  to,FRANCE,one  that  will PASS  the Law that  will punish those denying  the Armenian Genocide. I trust  Hairenik Administration , in extension  the ANC  will consider  my above suggestion, and through  their fine  Network  of committees  all over world prepare  a THRUST ,  i.e.,  purchased  ad space, also  in  other  publications  in EU. countries. For  the Armenian saying goes´YERGAT@ DAK DAK G´DZEDZVI¨,meaning for  those  who don´t undersatnd Armenian(more  or less) WHEN  THE IRON  IS HOT THE IRONMONGER  SHOULD  HIT  HARD  THEN  ON  IT….  

  11. Avery

    The reason that Sarko made this statement is Turks kicked French and Armenian in the ass very badly in Cilicia and they couldn’t forget 

  12. “The reason that Sarko made this statement is Turks kicked French and Armenian in the ass very badly in Cilicia and they couldn’t forget.” 
    So, John the Turk, based on your primordial mentality, what is essentially the difference between you personally as a modern Turk and your earth-scorching nomadic, colonialist, and barbarian ancestors? Also, might you know as to where Turks were when already in the 12th century there existed the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia? Also, when Turks, as outsiders, invade and “kick ass” of the sedentary, more developed, and nobler nations, then Turks are considered what kind of a nation? Make a push with your brainpan and answer for yourself. Good luck.

  13. John the Turk… thank you for your outrageous and hatred filled commentary. Turkish nationalism has always been based on the victimization of other indigenous peoples to the land you invaded rather late in the game. Your “father of modern Turkey” Attaturk trampled on the lives of innocent Greeks, Pontic Greeks, Assyrians and yes Armenians. My grandparents were in Adana in late 1920 and saw what Turks do…destroy.
           Despite the decades of massacres, genocide and denial, one thing will never change… the Armenians, Assyrian and Greeks build the civilization of Anatolia and Asia Minor centuries before the first of your barbaric cousins arrived to rape and pillage. Today the crafty Turks represent themselves as the caretaker of the “Anatolian” legacy. How audacious that the Turks reap tourist revenue from these vestiges of civilization of people that they oppressed and murdered. Have you no shame!!

  14. Sarko is great for a laugh! Who would take this guy seriously? Hey Sarko, can you say ALGERIA? How about S.E ASIA? he still hasn’t realized the whole world laughs at the French (one of the biggest cowards on the planet)! Hey Sarko…BOO! LOL 

  15. French are cowards?? Please remind me where were the Turkish troops in Lybia? Seems to me Turkey likes to sit back, let other countries do the heavy lifting, and then swoop in and say, “look at us, we’re Muslim and we have a favorable geographic position, therefore although we didn’t lift a finger or send a single soldier to help you, look to us for influence.”

    Also, the “hypocrisy” argument, stupid as it is, works both ways–if you think Sarkozy has no right to say anything about human rights because his country was a colonial power, then you yourself have no right to reprimand him (or Israel, for that matter) because your country is a genocidal power. Can’t pick and choose, buddy.

    If you want France to recognize what it did in Algeria as this or that, then go with your Muslim friends, settle in France, through hard work gain wealth and political influence, lobby politicians and make your case. I know Turks are always bitter that Armenians picked themselves up out of the ashes of genocide and now have achieved enough stature that powerful foreign leaders are aware of the Armenian genocide; hey, maybe those Armenians would not have become such an annoying diaspora if Turkey hadn’t stamped their passports “Return forbidden.”

  16. Hey Haji Bob,

    Can you say CRIMEAN WAR?  Had it not been for the  ‘ Cowardice’ French along with the British and Austrian Empires and Kingdom of Sardinia, The begining of the END of Ottoman Empire had been imminent. Turkey, should be grateful to these nations for coming to their rescue from invading powerful ,Tsarist Russia, in 1854-60 Crimean War. Both, Erdogan and Davutoglu ( Tutti and Frutti ) should BOW in front of their MASTERS and apologize for bad mouthing.

  17. Not  only the French, but the Anglo Americans  , the spaniards, the Italians,the Dutch(.S.E Asia),Belgians (Belgian Congo) and a host  of others  have been colonialists,imperialists,oh yes  Russia also,plus Japan tried to also…
    But  those days bygone.The natives  of  tbhose  colonial  lands  stood  up fought  for freedom and  gained  not  only FREEDOM…
    But  also  were  compensated very properly.
    Since  then  those Euro Am  nations/states  havse becoming  non colonialists  and are doing their best to accommodate  their previous subjects.
    And  have emerged as powers-some  of the main  ones,  that  is.
    France, actually  with  its  FORCE  DE  FRAPPE-since  more  than three decades has been inofficially  accepted  as  the Centre  for EU  Structure. Witness Strasbourg,as  such.
    Fact  is ,with support  from previous antagonist Germany  now, an ally,it may surpass  the former  4th power Great Britain. Thence  it  is actually to be  taken into consideration as  the one  that  shapes  up and keeps  EU  going.
    When speculating the past  of the above , the present  also shlould be considered.
    Republic  of Turkey does  not seem to desire to let  go  of old Ottomanism wishes,still trying to  fish  in murky  waters and  have  the arab countries(in light  of ,especially ongoing turmoils  there) brought  under  its  Sponsorship, shall we say?
    But  in vain,not even Iran would resign  itself  to  that,since  they know full well what is  intended. If  it  is Evolution to moderate  regimes  and Democracy, they prefer  to go through  process privately  not under  ottoman Turkish  umbrella.
    Hopefully , the present  Govt. of great turkey will realize  that  and by and by mind  their own business. They have a lot  to redress  within their reduced Turkish state and they know it. In vain they are  stretching  it  out ,prolonging  it. The sooner  they mend relations with Armenia/Armenians in the first  place  ,then  the Kurds, Greeks and Syria(instead  of thinking  of forcing  latter to be  remained  as  subdued, they are apt to gain credit  in the today´´s  world  and with  neighbours.
    We Armenians  are  not a belicose  people, but  if  attacked,we  know  how to fight tooth and nails. LTP  tried  , (in his  mind) to appease  g.Turkey by attending  burial  of pres.Turgut <Ozal, which did  not produce results…
    Here,i´d  like to point  out  that  I am  non-partisan and do not particularly approve  of  LTP  or  his opponents,but  I write the  truth. He was ,most probably  he  still was  using  tactics   from old   soviet Lenin stalin  WRONG  thinking  that all  nations are brothers…(some  definitely  are) but  unfortunately majority think otherwise.that  is why he failed. Untill  such time  as  those nation/sstates gone astray, do not undergo  REAL  emancipation become   open  minded  and accept Equality Fraternity ,truthfully  and  in practice, they will continue their path  to deterioration  ,eventual Downfall.
    So the arena  is  open for g.Turkey to turn around and see which  is the correct  path. 

  18. Hey Robert oghlu,
    Can you say the Balkans? How about Sarıkamış? Bulgarians, Greeks, Serbs, and the Russians drove Turks out from invaded lands or defeated them in wars so forcefully that you, as cowards, found a scapegoat for revenge in unarmed Armenians who never caused, partook, or instigated your humiliating defeats in other parts of your filthy empire.

  19. shorty sarko is winking to armenians in france for the coming elections.his words have no historical meaning. you can make sure he will change if turkish voters in france get more than politician..everyone knows this.

  20. shorty sarko’s country has recognized Turkish barbarism against Armenians as genocide, whereas wolf-looking erdogan’s country that perpetrated it prevaricates instead of admitting their guilt.   now, who is cheap?

  21. Oh look my friends.. “Robert The Turk” or should  say “Roberts the Turks” is back .. Robert the Turk can you say “Liar liar pants on fire”… i am sure you can… also, i see you keep changing your avatars…(red on another thread and blue on this thread) must be in your genes to try to hide yourself behined a colorful avatars but guess what??? we know it is you…

    John the Turk– you are pathetic and genocidal.. i would NEVER want to live next to you as a neighbor….

    Ragnar– get over it.. stop preaching to us.. why don’t you preach the genocidal denialists like JOhn the Turk and Robert the Turk… now you understand how their nationalism and BAD Attitude and language is something you need to concentrate on instead of preaching to us???      

  22. Oh look people.. another pathetic and genocidal Turk just joined his peanut gallery.. .Necati.. the notorious ANTI-ARMENIAN denialists…

  23. Necati, you foul-mouthed,  Armenian-hating, Kurd-hating, Armenian Genocide denying, Anti-Armenian bigot.  Who left the door open ?

    You have some nerve posting anything  @AW after your  hate-filled rant. Do you remember this Genis-oglu ?  ‘…this is another reason for me to hate you gaymenians.’ 

    Go away. Go and slither in the muck with your Denialist Turk  buddies  @TZ and @HDN.

  24. Why is it that when Turkish nationalists disagree with a man or a nation, they attack  character instead of the ideas expressed?

    I think I will try the tactic myself.

    Look at the little man Robert. Teensy tiny Robert. No girlfriend, no current or former wife, and no kids. Probably lives in a storage shed. His only meaningful social interaction is with Armenians, who are the only people who communicate with him, other than the customers at Kebab King. 

    His first instinct is to attack not just Sarkozy [stand in line], but all French people as cowards.  Really? Hundreds of thousands of French men and women died fighting the Nazis while Turkey secured Hitler’s southern flank by declaring herself neutral. Turkey may have had good reasons, but a nationalist Turk should bite his tongue before calling French cowards.  Other than fighting the Kurds to a draw and slaughtering Christians, please point out Turkish victories since Salamis. There ain’t none. 

    Nat. Turks always invoke the language of hoinor and courage, but the same nationalists never display either.  Save me the stories of your great military leaders. They stopped being great 400 years ago.

    And by the way, Robert, the nucleus of the Polish King Sobieki’s bodyguard which stopped the  Ottomans near Vienna were Armenian. They knew why they fought.

    Not that Robert knows or cares, but we might all be living in the Dominion of America if the French had not helped the Americans in 1776 – 1781 through the profession of arms.

    And our brethren of Anjar and Musa Dagh thank the French for rescue from Robert’s  grandfathers of the spirit. 

    Vive La France

  25. Paul jan let’s break it down for them denialists… because as we all know they process information int he speed of a snail…..

    the cheap one is of course their own country’s governing body including all them bought up politicians who can’t stand up against Turkey because they are afraid their pocket book will diminish if they say something TUrkish govt has not shoved in their face.. pathetic indeed.. and these denialists are calling everyone else cheap and pathetic… hillarious to say the least.. absolutely comical…

    Dont we know already that them denialists will call anyone who stands up for the truth cheap, rude, weak, scared, ect ect ect.. this is their only tactic Paul jan… they have to use such language because they have nothing to stand on…


  26. Necati, if that makes you feel better, you can believe that Sarkozy is just playing for votes, but did it occur to you that France simply recognizes Turkey’s guilt and is willing to risk soured relations with the guilty?

  27. It is sad that this esteemed group of nationalists find solace in the political panderings of Sarkoz the American, that little Napoleon of EU.  Even Turks do not take him seriously, and you know how hysterical they can be on such issues. 

    My favorite is this blatant lobbying for a ban on free speech.  Music to the ears of Turkish facsists everywhere, and beieve me no one likes banning “unpleasant” speech or “inconvenient” truth or mention of mere facts more than they do.  Who knew this bunch would have so much in common such a group.  In fact, was it not Hrant’s honest and straight talk that put him their sights?

    So the counter argument is banned, what happens then?  Facts disappear, history is re-written, and argument is won?  Facts will be facts no matter what laws are passed banning free speech and investigation and whatever resolutions are passed by any group of politicians.  In fact, what fact requires this much of fire power for protection?  None.

  28. Even Turks do not take him seriously, …’
    Really Murat-bey.  Turks  don’t take him seriously ?
    What do you call the hysterical over-reaction from official Turkey?
    “Keep advice to yourself, Turkish PM tells Sarkozy over Armenia remarks” PM Erdogan (TZ 2011-10-11)
    “Turkey calls on Sarkozy to look in the mirror on history controversy” (TZ 2011-10-7) (Davutoglu)
    “Turkish gov’t, opposition join in Sarkozy slamming” (HDN 2011-10-11)
    “Bağış calls French President Sarkozy as ‘helpless’ ” (HDN 2011-10-9) (Turkey’s EU Minister Egemen Bağış)
    “Turkey tells France to confront colonial past first” (HDN 2011-10-7) (Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu)
    I’d say Turks took  Pres. Sarkozy’s statement about the Armenian Genocide very seriously. Official Turkey’s reaction clearly indicates stunned panic. 

    As to the facts of AG: there is more than enough evidence. Devious Denialist  Turks’  transparently juvenile attempts to run out the clock by ensnaring  trusting Armenians in endless so called “fact-finding” or alleged “historical research” is beneath contempt.  Some Armenians were naïve enough to step into the quicksand, but very few. Fortunately the vigilant majority sees thru  the Turks’ machinations.
    And apparently facts do require protection: according to  leaked cables,  Turks have been purging their archives that have incriminating evidence related to the AG since 1918.
    It is indeed sad that a  Turk Denialist  finds solace in a mythical make-believe world  where 2 million Armenians that were living in Ottoman Turkey in 1915 simply vanished into thin air – with no involvement  on the part of  Turks.

  29. Oh of course of course… I knew another peanut was missing from the peanut gallery and was waiting for him to pop his ugly head and here it is ladies and gentlemen.. another notorious Anti-Armenian denialist MURAT…. now we have almost every one of them denialists popping up on our pages because another international high official slapped Turkey’s hand… well well well.. play nice offsprings of all the barbaric nomads who stole and raped our sisters, aunts, mothers, sisters and even children…you are all pathetic…..

  30. Murat, you have it wrong.  This is not a ban on free speech.  It is a moral statement that says, in essence, that the denial of genocide is a continuation of the original offense and because of its heinousness, it will not be permitted.  It says that the “counter argument” is not permitted because it is not true.  Sarkozy is suggesting that France may limit the expression of offensive and immoral genocide denial.  Only those who deny the genocide would take offense to a limitation on denial.  If France, as a nation, has determined that genocide was committed by the Ottoman Turks against the Ottoman Armenians, they have every right to object to its denial on the grounds that the denial itself is a reprehensible lie.  And this is consistent with their policy on the holocaust!

  31. JDA- brillant.. :)

    Avery jan- ditto…  Necati represent what devil worshippers are..

    Hey Robert, i want to point out to you about your buddy Necati… this individual represents who the REAL devil worshipper is… remember how you called my sister Seervart, the angel that she is the devil worshipper… ??? of coures you do… …

  32. It is curious that anyone would criticize a curb on free speech somewhere in the world, can simultaneously overlook the law in Turkey that criminalizes use of the term, Armenian genocide, as a threat to ‘Turkishness’.  If this omission were not so serious, in that 301 has caused much pain and even death, it might be seen as just an amusing joke, but in reality, it is a pathetic bid to control the truth and an honest evaluation of history by preventing their own citizens from even discussing it publicly. This is truly a theatre of the absurd, where a stupid law attempts to control and reorient thought, from truth to lies.

  33. The absurd, the lies and the brainwashing took over the truth…Turkish denialists can’t distinguish between them anymore… it is absolutely histerical to read the denialists cry on “ban on freedom of speech”… REALLYYYYYYYY?? are you seriously b#*$(#*$(#$ing about freedom of speech..???You, the Turkish denialists… why don’t you take your outcry and raise your concerns with your own govt who would jail, and even kill at the utterance of the word Armenian and Genocide… you are all pathetic…. instead of sreaming bloody murder why don’t you look at your selves first…..

    Boyajian said it right.. Only those who deny the genocide would take offense to a limitation on denial.

    Avery jan– excellent examples… lets see how they will respond to that? it is all there.. black and white…  

  34. I understand why evil Turks and their hired stooges are furious when Armenians and non Armenian Friends demand justice from the evil Turkish government about the Armenian Genocide.  Evil Turks, your ancestors were criminals, murderers, rapists, child molestors, thieves, savage barbarians with no respect to human kind specially towards Christians.  You belong to the lowest of the low in the human family.  Decent and kind Turks one day, you are going to be the majority.  God be with you.

  35. “ in Turkey that criminalizes use of the term, Armenian genocide, as a threat to ‘Turkishness’…

    There is no such law in Turkey.  There is not one single person sentenced or serving for such a crime in Turkey.  Sure, 301 has been used to harass and bully folks but hopefully with the new constitution in the works, such loop holes will be removed.

    Ironically,  Turkey is one of the few places where this “holy” topic can be discussed and argued freely.  Countless articles, TV discussions, conferences and books, not always reflecting the general sentiment of the population either.  Can you do the same say in France or God forbid Armenia?  

    I am sure you would understand why Turks may find France’s, or rather Sarkosy’s pandering on this topic particularly distasteful.  Here is a country which organized a Legion D”Armenique for sole purpose of terrorizing the Turks and to make them more pliable to colonization and occupation.  When the excesses of this gang became too much to stomach even for the French, they were disbanded unceremoniously, but not before they distinguished themselves in brutalization of women and children. Here is a country which has killed over a million Algerians to force its rule over them and all this in modern times and never even acknowledged that reality.  Here is a country that has started the nightmare of Indochina, and the debacle of Suez and so on and on…   

    Again, what kind of historical fact requires this much protection and help from Sarkosy?  None.

  36. Murat-bay, you are out of your hilluciated mind… i swear sometimes I think where in the hell did you people come from? MARS?  where do you get your messed up information from? who is feeding you this poison?

    You say 301 is only used to bully and scare people?

    here is just FEW that came up real fast under search….i am sure you knew about this right but yet you decided to lie through your teeth.. typical..

    1 – In February 2005, Novelist Orhan Pamuk said “30000 Kurds and one million
    Ottoman Armenians were killed in Turkey” during an interview, done by a weekly
    magazine paper. After this interview, he was prosecuted. However, the court came
    to the conclusion that the permission of the ministry of justice is required for
    hearing of the case. On the other hand, because the ministry of justice did not
    agree with the court and stated that the permission was not necessary for the
    court to try. Then the case was dropped by the court. (Radikal, 23 January 2006,

    2 – Birol Duru is a journalist. On 17 November 2005 he
    was charged with “denigrating the security forces” under Article 301 because he
    published on the Dicle news agency a press release from the Human Rights
    Association (IHD) Bingol branch which stated that the security forces were
    burning forests in Bingol and Tunceli. Birol Duru is due to be sentenced on 8
    December 2005.

    3 – Novelist Elif Şafak said in her novel the name of
    which is “Father and Bastard” that “I am the grandchild of genocide survivors
    who lost all their relatives to the hands of the Turkish butchers in 1915, but I
    myself have been brainwashed to deny the genocide because I was raised by some
    Turk named Mustapha. (Magazine named “Mekanım”) Due to the these and similar
    statements in mentioned novel, Elif Şafak was tried under Article 301 for
    “insulting Turkishness”. She was acquitted at the first hearing, as there were
    “no elements of crime.” ( Turkish Daily News, January, 25, 2007.

    4 –
    Murat Belge, Hasan Cemal, Erol Katırcıoğlu and Haluk Şahin were sued with the
    argument that they have “insulted the judiciary institutions of the state” in
    their articles about the court decision that halted the Armenian Conference. The
    journalists were acquitted (Turkish Daily News, January, 25, 2007)

    You must be under the influence of a very heavy drug called amnesia and hillucination.. i suggest you see a doctor along with your buddies Necati, robert the turk, john the turk, and other denialists….

  37. Here is a country which organized a Legion D”Armenique for sole purpose of terrorizing the Turks and to make them more pliable to colonization and occupation.’
    It is interesting how Denialist Turks’ timetable always starts after 1915. Nothing happened prior to 1916, and in 1916 for no reason, the French organized an Armenian Legion for the sole purpose of, quote, ‘terrorizing the Turks.’
    Of course the nomadic warrior tribes of Seljuk Turks who invaded the Armenian Highlands did not terrorize the indigenous, sedentary Armenians who had been living there about 4,000 years when the marauding tidal wave of  Seljuk Turk hordes came galloping from the Mongolian Steppes  and  crashed on the peaceful Armenians.  Turks did not murder, massacre, exterminate, butcher, terrorize, loot, burn, destroy, gang-rape Armenian women, abduct Armenian boys and girls, enslave Armenian young women and sold them to harems: Turks came  in peace. Turks did not come to colonize nor to occupy: they came in peace.
    And Sultan Hamid  did not massacre 300,000 Armenians in 1895.
    And there was no Adana massacre in 1909, where 30,000 Armenians were murdered.
    And there was no April 24, 1915, when the Armenian Genocide began.
    The French Armenian legion was formed in 1916: its purpose was to fight Turk murderers who were in the process of exterminating the Armenian race.
    They fought in Armenian Cilicia 1918-1919. The same Cilicia where the Adana massacre took place just a few years earlier.
    The legion contained many  survivors from  the heroic battle of Musa Dagh in 1915.
    The legion was disbanded by the French after they reached a secret agreement with the Turks, at the expense of Armenians, and started withdrawing  from Cilicia around 1920. Turks continued exterminating Armenians until 1923.
    Denialist Turks find the idea of armed Armenian units blasphemous, because  gyavurs  are not supposed to resist when their families are being put to the yatağan: they should have peacefully submitted to the mass slaughter.
    And contrary to Denialist Turk disinformation, French do not hide the fact that they fought Algerians, or the Vietnamese, or any of their other national shames.
    Unlike Denialist Turks, French do not claim that  Algerians started fighting and killing the French for no reason.
    And of course the SOP of the Denialists is in full display here: conflate every unrelated  wartime atrocity with Genocide. Deflect, Dissipate, Deny.
    Apparently in the minds of Denialist Turks,  combatant and non-combatant deaths during a war of liberation against colonial rule  in Algeria is equivalent to the planned and executed extermination of unarmed, defenseless civilians of a minority ethnicity (Armenians)   by their own government of the dominant majority ethnicity (Turks).

  38. Murat,  Why would it not be permitted to talk about the AG when a good many Turks’ mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers have been Armenians and the truth as to what transpired in their country from 1895 through 1923 is well known by a great many historians (who are not paid or harrassed by their gov’t) and even politicians and knowledgeable people of Turkey?  People who know the truth they ponder and wish to speak about it, because they feel it is wrong not to.  Meanwhile in Armenia, the remnants of the atrociously murdered annihilated heirs of the martyrs wants justice.  How could you even expect for Armenians in Armenia who’s grandparents and great grandparents who have been murdered and denied by the Turks for 96 years to say anything else but the true facts that an entire nation has been premeditatedly murdered?  Anyone in the right mind would understand this fact.  Armenians both in Armenia, in Artsakh and in the Diaspora haven’t had closure yet from this enormous murder of a nation.  We are still waiting for Turkey to come to their senses accept their past and pay renumeration to all Armenians.

    President Sarkozy sainly and very justly wants to see the end of all Genocides for all mankind.  The man is respectful to all the martyrs around the world due to their untimely death from premeditated Genocides so that mankind will have his peace and shall not see Genocides and Haulocausts anymore.  This justified act of President Sarkozy to Armenians for their enormous loss of humans and their homeland although it is for the Armenians; but in reality it is a very good message for all belligerent governments and countries to stop such heinous acts throughout the world.  

  39. ‘Ironically,  Turkey is one of the few places where this “holy” topic can be discussed and argued freely.  ‘
    { The chief prosecutor in the southeastern province of Diyarbakir has filed three separate lawsuits against Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) deputies Leyla Zana and Nursel Aydoğan and independent deputy Aysel Tuğluk.
    The prosecutor demanded 45 years in prison for Zana, 72 years in prison for Diyarbakir deputy Aydoğan and 33 years in prison for Van deputy Aysel Tuğluk.}
    (Hurriyet Daily News October 12, 2011)
    BTW: MP Leyla Zana spent 10 years in prison for speaking Kurdish in the Turkish Parliament in mid 1990s.
    Apparently topics can be discussed and argued freely in Turkey as long as it is approved by the Turkish Government. Topics not on the approved list can get you charged.

  40. Thank you, Gayane, for the doing the homework! This chronology is accurate, and therefor impossible to overlook…so, it is much appreciated. 

  41. well if President Sarkozy would like to really turn the screws he could work to televise the German documentary Aghet, that would open people’s eyes.

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