Homenetmen Regional Camp Concludes

WHITEFORT, Md. (A.W.)—From Aug. 17-21, 150 scouts from Boston, Providence, New York, New Jersey, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. participated in the 25th Annual Regional Camp—called Panagoum, in Armenian—in Whitefort.

Young scouts during a presentation on wildlife

Panagoum is one of the few occasions when East Coast Homenetmen scouts can gather in one place to share their past experiences, tell stories, and create new ones that are added to their repertoire of Homenetmen scouting life.

Despite the long distances between them during the year, the scouts remain very close. Every opportunity to get together is followed by the grief of parting again and the promise to come together soon. Until then, each and every one of them lives and works to make the coming experience much richer and memorable.

Daily “activity reports” from the Panagoum were shared on the Armenian Weekly website for families and friends. For the first time, the camp leadership this year assigned the position of camp reporter/photographer to Ida Krikorian from Providence.

Panagoum would not have been possible without the moral and financial support of families, parents, friends, scout councils of each chapter, the Regional Scout Council, and the Homenetmen Eastern Region Executive. With their support, trust and guidance the East Coast Homenetmen Scouts continue to strive for excellence (lavakouyn) and are always ready to raise themselves and others with them (partsratsir partsratsour).

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