Uncle Garabed’s Notebook (July 30, 2011)


To Jesus Christ! A splendid chap!
Sir Ralph Richardson

Classy Joint

Khatcho: Waiter, how come there’s no coffee on the menu?
Waiter: Because I wiped it off. You think we’re a bunch of slobs around here?

Smart Girl

Mgrdich was waiting to board a vehicle at the bus stop when a beautiful girl disembarked from the bus. He was so captivated by her that he forgot all about where he was going and instead followed her as she left the stop. Soon after, she noticed that someone was following her, and wheeling about, demanded to know why he was following her. “Because I fell in love with you at first sight, will never love another, and will not relent until you are mine.” She replied, “If you turn around you will see my sister who is following us, and who is even more beautiful than I am.” He turned, only to see that there behind him was an ugly old hag. “You lied to me,” he accused the girl, who replied, “So did you. If you would never love another, why did you turn around?”

Post Hoc, Propter Hoc

It happened during the last great blackout that hit the entire northeast when the electrical grids went down. Edo was in his Boston apartment changing a light bulb when the power failed. His wife, Anno, ran over to the window and saw that all Boston was pitch black. She turned to Edo, and in a scolding manner said, “Now look what you’ve done!”

What’s in a Name?

Sahagian: Hebrew in derivation, identified as a descriptive term, Sahag is a truncation of Isahag (Isaac), which is defined as he laughs.

CK Garabed

CK Garabed

Weekly Columnist
C.K. Garabed (a.k.a. Charles Kasbarian) has been active in the Armenian Church and Armenian community organizations all his life. As a writer and editor, he has been a keen observer of, and outspoken commentator on, political and social matters affecting Armenian Americans. He has been a regular contributor to the Armenian Reporter and the AGBU Literary Quarterly, “ARARAT.” For the last 30 years, Garabed has been a regular contributor to the Armenian Weekly. He produces a weekly column called “Uncle Garabed's Notebook,” in which he presents an assortment of tales, anecdotes, poems, riddles, and trivia; for the past 10 years, each column has contained a deconstruction of an Armenian surname. He believes his greatest accomplishment in life, and his contribution to the Armenian nation, has been the espousing of Aghavni, and the begetting of Antranig and Lucine.
CK Garabed

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