Barsoumian: Inglorious Belligerence

Azeri War Rhetoric, Violations Continue Unhindered

Two days after the talks in Kazan, Russia, between the presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan failed to produce tangible results, the latter, Ilham Aliyev, renewed his war rhetoric, promising that the blood of Azeri soldiers killed in Karabagh “will be avenged.”

(L-R) Aliyev, Sarkisian, and Medvedev in Kazan.

Money for war

In a speech delivered during a military parade on the 20th anniversary of Azerbaijan’s independence, Aliyev strung together praise of the “professionalism” and “high morale” of his armed forces, a list of acquired weaponry, and, most notably, threats against Karabagh and Armenia.

Weapons build-up is the primary focus of the Aliyev government, at the expense of social welfare programs. “We are buying modern arms, ammunition, military hardware, and this process will be continued,” he said. “In recent years our military potential has significantly increased. We are buying modern combat aircraft, helicopter gunships, troop-carrying helicopters. Artillery installations, armored vehicles, communication facilities, unmanned aircraft are being purchased, the military power of our army is growing.”

Aliyev further boasted about his country’s military budget, which he said totaled $160 million in 2003, $2.15 billion in 2010, and $3.3 billion in 2011. “Today, the money Azerbaijan is spending on the military exceeds the entire budget of Armenia by 50 percent. We live in a time of war. The war is not over yet, only its first stage is, and a country at war should first of all focus on building the army. Today, military spending ranks first in the state budget of Azerbaijan, and this will be the case until our land is freed from occupation,” he declared, noting that Azerbaijan’s state budget was ten times that of Armenia’s.

Last month, the New York Times ran a story describing the pathetic living conditions of Azerbaijan’s refugees, who lack proper housing and sanitation. Frustrated by their living conditions, they often seek hope in guns and guerrilla training; weapons training camps are quite popular among this group.

Aliyev’s government, however, seems to be solely fixated on the army, directing its oil revenues to military expenses. In his speech, Aliyev accused Armenia of occupying 20 percent of Azerbaijan’s lands, and of committing “ethnic cleansing.” He said Armenia is “founded on historically Azerbaijani lands.”

“Nagorno-Karabagh is native and historical Azerbaijani land,” he continued. “This has always been the case, and so is it [sic] today. It is simply occupied temporarily. However, this occupation cannot last long. I am absolutely convinced that Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity will be restored anyway.”

Most recently, Azerbaijan finalized a deal with the U.S. Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank, a U.S. government agency, to fund a multi-million dollar satellite financing project that will allow it to purchase an advanced satellite, ground control equipment, and personnel training. Azerbaijan’s Communication Ministry claims that the satellite, called Azerspace, will be used for commercial telecommunications by one of its agencies, the International Relations and Accounting Center (IRAC). Armenian entities have expressed concern over its possible military use.

ECRI wary of anti-Armenian rhetoric

The Azerbaijani president’s warmongering rhetoric is often complemented by the anti-Armenian propaganda in the Azerbaijani media. Racism and discriminatory attitudes towards Armenia and Armenians is so toxic that the Council of Europe’s European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) gave extensive notes and recommendations to the government of Azerbaijan on May 31.

ECRI expressed concern that the small remaining Armenian population in Azerbaijan has been experiencing the real and psychological consequences of racism directed at Armenia and Armenians, and the discrimination they encounter in their everyday lives.

“The constant negative official and media discourse concerning the Republic of Armenia helps to sustain a negative climate of opinion regarding people of Armenian origin, who remain vulnerable to discrimination,” noted the report.

ECRI urged Azerbaijani authorities to adequately deal with cases of hate speech against Armenians. “It continues to be reported that the media are lacking in objectivity and help to spread a negative image of certain ethnic/national or religious minorities, in particular through the way they report on the conflict over Nagorno-Karabagh or their manner of presenting various religious groups,” it read.

ECRI further noted that there are a few hundred Armenians who failed to apply for an Azerbaijani passport when it replaced the Soviet passport, and who are today living in a state of “statelessness.” Those Armenians now lack their civil rights. “In addition, attempts to have the courts overturn administrative decisions refusing to issue these persons with identity documents have proved unsuccessful,” it read. The report also revealed that people born to Armenian-Azerbaijani marriages use the name of their Azerbaijani parent to avoid discrimination.

The ‘Armenian’ insult

Another issue of “deep concern” for ECRI is the “constant negative official and media discourse concerning the Republic of Armenia” which, it believes, feeds and sustains anti-Armenian sentiment in the country. “This prejudice is so ingrained that describing someone as an Armenian in the media is considered by some people—including by certain Armenians themselves—to qualify as an insult that justifies initiating judicial proceedings against the persons making such statements. ECRI underlines the seriousness of this situation, where it seems that persons belonging to the group discriminated against in this way may themselves have interiorised this discriminatory attitude.”

In Turkey too calling someone “Armenian” could be considered a grave insult deserving legal action. In late 2010, a Turkish journalist and publisher, Cem Buyukcakir, received an 11-month prison sentence for “insulting President [Abdullah] Gul” by approving a reader’s comment that “accused” the president of being Armenian on the news website

For the small population of Armenians living in Azerbaijan (and Turkey), such episodes are psychologically damaging. ECRI has questioned the number of people of Armenian descent that live in Azerbaijan. According to the last official census in 1999, 700 Armenians lived in Azerbaijani-controlled areas, although the government has claimed that up to 30,000 Armenians live in the country. Giving those claims the benefit of doubt, ECRI asks, “Why less than three percent of those concerned are prepared officially to declare themselves as belonging to this group?”

Azerbaijan’s ‘independent’ media

The Azerbaijani government rejected ECRI’s findings and recommendations. In its response, the government claimed that the media is “independent and nobody can interfere with the activity of [the] press.” It further stated that “there is not any fact” that points to the “negative impact” that anti-Armenian news coverage has had on the country’s Armenian population, adding, “The Armenians in Azerbaijan negatively regard the Republic of Armenia and its leaders, and therefore didn’t leave the country and move to Armenia.”

It went on to justify the overwhelmingly anti-Armenian rhetoric by arguing that the “negative position of the Azerbaijani media towards the Republic of Armenia is natural and understandable.”

“There is no need of preparing such recommendations,” it concluded.

Despite official Baku’s insistence that a free press exists in Azerbaijan, the 2010 U.S. State Department’s Human Rights Report on Azerbaijan reveals that the media is strictly controlled by the authorities, as evidenced by the numerous reports of beatings, detentions, and even killings of Azerbaijan’s journalists.

“Most print outlets in the country were organs of the ruling party, opposition parties, or were thought to be connected to prominent government officials,” found the report. “The government prohibited Voice of America, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, and the BBC from broadcasting on national FM frequencies and national television. Without these international broadcasters, the public did not have access to unbiased news on any widely available broadcast media.” Moreover, journalists who criticized the government were often assaulted and threatened. The authorities, on the other hand, “did not hold perpetrators accountable.”

Unfortunately, racism and discrimination seem to be the currencies of this state that devotes the overwhelming majority of its resources to military build-up. In such an atmosphere, it is highly improbable to inspire trust in negotiations for peace.

Nanore Barsoumian

Nanore Barsoumian

Nanore Barsoumian was the editor of the Armenian Weekly from 2014 to 2016. She served as assistant editor of the Armenian Weekly from 2010 to 2014. Her writings focus on human rights, politics, poverty, and environmental and gender issues. She has reported from Armenia, Nagorno-Karabagh, Javakhk and Turkey. She earned her B.A. degree in Political Science and English and her M.A. in Conflict Resolution from the University of Massachusetts (Boston).
Nanore Barsoumian

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  1. Dear Ms. Barsoumian,

    Do you really find it hard to understand why a nation would hate a country and its residents who are responsible for making refugees out of 1 million of their brethren, and occupying 20% of its terriroty? Or is it that you understand it all well, but are using the charged word ‘racism’ to get back at Azerbaijan, the arch-enemy of your own motherland? Two countries at war with each other are just that: countries at war. Racisim has nothing to do with it! And it is laughable too. To an outsider, Azeris and Armenians look the same. And you think Azeris are being racist? Get out of here! Find a better thing to do with your life than spread propaganda and/or fulfill your audience’s preconceptions and hatred. And, now, I dont think Armenians hate us Azeris (and they do hate us) because they are racists. No, they hate us, because we are at war. So let’s please stop bull-shitting.

  2. Dear Nanor, I congratulate your well written and justified essay of the way things are in that country.  Armenians are viewed in a very bad light and plus Armenians only retaliated after the fall of the Soviet regime when Azeris annihilated the Armenian population by going into every Armenian house and killing them in Baku, Sumgeit and four other cities.  Those lands were indeed Armenian soils for thousands and thousands of years, one can only check the previous atlases and maps to know.  Azerbaijan and Nagorno-Karapakh/Artsakh are supposed to be in ceasefire, why is the Azeri government continuously go on war rhetoric against Armenians everywhere in the world, via the media and the internet when they are supposed to be in a ceasefire?

    The one million refugees are supposed to be taken care of by the Azerbaijani government, what are they doing for them?  Instead of lavishly spending on warfare, they should take care of their refugees and their people that are living in destitute miserable conditions.

  3. As an Armenian, I must say honestly that Azerbaijan’s propaganda, though crude, outshines Armenia’s.  Armenia is losing the war in the media and that is not a good thing.   Azeris have succeeded by and large in making themselves look like the victims.

    As for the Azeri who commented on this page:  First, you Azeris are from Central Asia, speak a Turkish tongue, and are not indigenous to the region at all, just as Turks are not indigenous. You have a lot of gall to claim anything.   Sorry, but it’s a fact of history.

    Second, there is something basically wrong with a country like Azerbaijan that wants to take over a territory (Artsakh/Karabagh) in which you Azeris are the minority.  What do you plan to do with the land and its people (Armenians) that are not even yours?  Do you like us so much that you want us to be your citizens?

    Third, you Azeris victimized Armenians when you had the chance to make peace in the 1980’s.   We Armenians don’t trust you, as you are like your Turkish brethren: you like to kill vast numbers of Armenians of all ages and genders.   Sorry, but facts are facts.  You committed genocide.

    Armenians are not going to put up with this sort of barbaric behavior.  You Azeris and Turks already have more land than you deserve or know what to do with.  You even covet much of Iran. You are greedy for land and, again, non-indigenous.  

    Lastly, we are not going to allow you Azeris to come back to Artsakh where you will start a war again so that Azerbaijan will intervene, and we are not going to let you in because, please understand, we are aware that you will outbreed us.  

    Azeris should stay where they are and be happy that they have even as much as they do, which they do not deserve in the first place.

  4. Azeru,

    If you did not know, then you should learn that not only the 20% that we have already liberated, but all of Azerbaijan is an ancient ARmenian land.  Where was Azerbaijan before 1918?  You are nowhere to be found in any historic maps.  Surprised? Do some research.  How far does your history streches back??  Now you can laugh all you want.  Nervous laughs are laughs too.   

  5. Wow, what a bunch of fascist comments! You guys say, Azers don’t deserve to be there, that we are bunch of Central Asian expats! And all of these comments on an article decrying racism!!! Do you really not see the irony of your position! By the way, Armenia too is an Asia country. Look up any geographic source. Armenia is 100% in Asia, Azerbaijan is at least partially in Europe (see CIA Factbook).

    Now, let’s assume, for argument’s sake, that your Central Asian claim is correct. If so, Azeris came to the Caucasus in about 950s. So, you are saying that a people who have lived in their villages for over 1000 years can be kicked out and made homeless simply because ALLEGEDLY their land was own by some other nation? Do you realize what a mess the world would be if other nations made the same ridiculous claims as you guys are making? And, let’s say you are correct, Armenians lived their in 949. What if Persians or some other nation came and said, wait dear Armenians, our Ancestors lived ther in prior 450 BC. So we are gong to get into a bunch of tanks and kill and chase you away. You are living in Ancient Persian lands.

    Now, if you knew a tad bit of history and genetics, you would know the current Azeris had nearly the same DNA strains as the other Caucasian inhabitants (sorry to insult your racial pride by comparin you to Azeris, sorry). What happened is the Azeris were the local Albanians who simply adopted the Turkish language of the new-comers. So we did not just drop out of the sky. Also, if anything, it was Armenians who more recently came to Karabak. After the Turkish massacres, you fled your villages in the heart of Asia (i.e., Middle East) and rushed to Caucasus under Russian protections.

    Now, before you air your racist comments on an article criticizing Azerbaijan for racism, please have the rectitude and self-consistency to avoid being racists and fascists, and sound like Nazies justifying their aggression. How are we supposed to live with a neigbor like you, with your eyes on our land. We cannot. That is why a war is inevitable. And this time, Russia will be paid off with our oil money to stand by and let us sort it out.

  6. Some questions for Azeru:
    Q1: In 1988 who massacred whom in the city of Sumgait ? (hundreds of unarmed, defenseless civilians hunted down hiding in their apartments…savagely murdered)
    Q2: In 1990 who massacred whom in the city of Baku ? (hundreds of unarmed, defenseless civilians hunted down hiding in their apartments…savagely murdered)
    Q3: In 1991 which government launched operation ‘Koltso’ (Ring), an act of governmental terrorism against the peaceful population of dozens of villages of Nagorno-Karabakh ?
    Q4: The government of which country was it that rained death and destruction on the civilian population of Stepanakert in 1992, by long range artillery and GRADs (a war crime), killing about 2,000 civilians, wounding and maiming thousands more, including children ?
    Q5: Which country is it that considers a psychopathic axe murderer – who murdered an Armenian sleeping in bed at a NATO Partnership for Peace Training in 2004 – a National Hero ?
    Q6: Which country was it that ordered its soldiers to destroy 1000s of  intricately carved, centuries old Armenian Khachkars (cross-stones) to erase any traces of the original Armenian inhabitants in 2005 ?
    Q7: Which country is it that in May 2011  threatened  to shoot down civilian passenger aircraft – a terrorist act – scheduled to travel between to two peaceful cities ?
    There will be more, but let’s see what have they taught you in the Azeri educational system.

  7. Avery, you confuse cause and effect, and cherry-pick your “facts”? The events in Sumagayit took place AFTER the Armenian uprising and violence in Karabak? When you start a war and make territorial claims against another country, do you really expect to continue to live in their major cities? What happened to over 500,000 Azeris living in Armenian Republic? They too were gone, kicked out.

    As for the Koltso operation, this is mere fiction. There was no such operation. Also, just think about it … Kolsto is a Russian word, and its direct translation into Azeri does not make sense in the context. Beside, why would Azeris all of a sudden start killing Armenians? The status quo suited us. By defintion, you were the one who wanted a change, and resorted to violence. If we are just after ethnic minorities for no other reason than being pure evil, why are there still hundreds of thousands of Georgians, Lezghis, Tats, etc. still living in Azerbaijan in piece and comfort?

    And I too have questoins for you:
    1) Who is responsible for creating over 1 million refugees in Azerbaijan? And I am not talking about the ones kicked out of Armenia (let’s say they cancel each other out with the Armenians kicked out of Baku).
    2) How many UN and European Counsil resolutions are there recognizing the Armenians as the aggressor and asking them to withdraw?
    3) How many of the above has Armenia ignored?
    4) How many international laws has Armenia violated by occupying 7 Azeri districts (ousides karabak!) and trying to use them as negotiating tips?
    5) How many children and women were killed in the Khojaly genocide?

    Etc, etc, etc. So if you are going to cherry pick facts, be careful, because the other side might just have the more objective facts at hand (e.g., UN, etc. resolutions). Do you research before you succumb to children’s tales and ethnic mythology.

  8. Hint for Azeru:  Answer to all of Avery’s questions above is the same! 

    Pick up your mirror and while looking into it, see the coward who refuses to accept historical truth or the right of self-determination of a people.  Who is calling who fascist?

  9. Dear Nanore, First off I wish to reiterate that your post above is brilliant, you touched every aspect of the truths that prevail in and around Azerbaijan and secondly, the Weekly is very fortunate to have you as their writer.  Your prose and intelligent thoughts are outstanding and thank you.  Forgive me for misspelling your pretty name above.

    To the poster above, both today’s so called Azerbaijan land and the name are stolen.  There was never a country called Azerbaijan east of the Ural River 100 years ago.  The name Azerbaijan was stolen from the Persian state in today’s north western state/land of Iran.  The Azerbaijanis of today they like to claim that they derived from the Albanians of the past, but the Albanians were not Tatars such as the Azeris of today.

    Greater Armenia or Ancient Armenia, independent from 190 BC to 387 AD, known as Greater Armenia (or “Armenia Major”) to distinguish it from Roman-controlled Lesser Armenia (or “Armenia Minor”). Source:

    Prehistoric Armenia 4,000 B.C.E. – 1,000 B.C.E.  Source:

    Armenian Kingdom, 69 B.C.E. – 94 B.C.E.  source:

  10. Azeriu,
    I wonder sometimes why Persians call their own huge provinces Azerbaijan. Your artificial country is created and built, based on stolen land from others, such as Iran and Armenia (see Google world historical maps) Baku and surrounding Ghanat created first by Ottomans taken away from Iran, stolen back by British, then become part of Soviet Empire. Stalin illegally attached our beloved historical lands such as Artsakh and Nakhijevan as a new Tatar’s land, in order to ship oil for their thirsty machinery…all your historical facts and civilizations come from Persian Empire and Armenian civilizations of that area, your beloved azeBYjan supposed to be part of today’s Iran.. you should thanks to those stupid Mullahs, where they have no balls to claim their historical lands back again…every Persian patriotic person, knows that your beloved alioff land is Turkified by Ottoman tribes from Central Asia…see your country flag symbol!! your real Azeri people are on the other side of border called Iranian Azerbaijan are proud Persians, they are proud to be part of Persian civilization rather than to be uncivilized turkic civilization!! your civilized countrymen are so proud of their civilization they could not stand to see even an old Armenian cemetery in Nakhijevan, where their existence going back way before Turkic tribes invasion from central Asia, now people like you and Sultan alioff call us Fascists!! Like Boyajian said go pick up the real mirror and answer Avery’s questions!!

  11. Azeriu, you have been mislead, misdirected and too, have been lied to by your own leaders…
    – Azeris initiated the Azeri Genocide of the Armenians;
    – Azeris, have been a nation only since the 20th century (1918) NOT before!
    – Azeri leaderships and their families are buying mansions in many other lands – monies that should be benefitting your citizens – before all the world!
    – Azeri leaders want to appear as though your citizens are suffering;
    – Azeri leaders are using all the benefits from the oils found in Azeri lands to advance their own cohorts… themselves… and to hell with your citizens;
    – Azeri leaders are harming their own citizens – lying, thus blame Armenians;
    – Azeriu should read the world’s history books – not the Azeri verisions – to learn that your Azeri nation did not exist before the year 1918.
    – Not your Azeri version of world history   a true history book published in the free world – if you have any such books in your country.    

  12. Azeriu: Since you didn’t bother answering any of my questions, I won’t bother answering yours.
    Some FACTS:
    [1] You are the one who confused cause and effect. The massacres in Sumgait were started by Azeris, instigated and organized by the Musavat Party in response to peaceful protests in both Yerevan and Stepanakert: Nagorno-Karabagh ASSR leadership petitioned USSR Supreme Soviet to secede from Azerbaijan as allowed by Soviet Constitution. In response Azeri mobs started killing Armenians in Sumgait in 1988. (N-K ASSR and Nakhichevan ASSR were illegally gifted to Azerbaijan by Stalin in 1920s)
    [2] Khojaly ‘genocide’ (in quotes):
    Go ask your government how many: they did it, and blamed it on Armenians.
    Ask Azerbaijani president Ayaz Mutalibov who said in an interview with Czech reporter Dana Mazalova that his Azeri political opponents organized  it to get rid of him.
    Ask Azeri reporter Eynulla Fatullayev, who visited the site and discovered the truth: he was jailed on trumped up charges.
    The ‘official’  (naturally inflated) death toll provided by Azerbaijani authorities is “613 civilians, including 106 women and 83 children.”
    Human Rights Watch says about 200 were killed.
    War-crime bombardment of Stepanakert by Azeri war-criminals killed about 2,000 Armenian  civilians in 1991-1992: how is that not ‘genocide’ ? (by the same  illogical Azeri definition of what constitutes genocide)
    [3] Azeris who fled Armenia: 300,000 Armenians fled Azerbaijan, and 168,000 Azeris fled Armenia: not a single Azeri in Armenia was hurt: they were compensated for their real estate and allowed to leave unmolested with their property. Armenians left all their accumulated wealth in Azerbaijan and fled for their lives.

    [4] Armenians are not, quote, ‘occupying’ anything: Armenians liberated historic Armenian lands. Azeris are still occupying parts of Armenian Shahumyan region, and of course the historic Armenian territory of Nakhichevan (where they destroyed 10,000 Armenian Khachkars)
    re:  [“As for the Koltso operation, this is mere fiction. There was no such operation. Also, just think about it … Kolsto is a Russian word, and its direct translation into Azeri does not make sense in the context.”]

    If you believe it is fiction, no amount of documentation can possibly convince you otherwise.
    Not that I am trying to convince any Azeri  or Turk: my job is to watch for you guys, and counter the Anti-Armenian disinformation wherever and whenever you guys post.

  13. Avery, I did respond to your email, but the moderator removed them (I guess he/she did not like it)

    But overall, wow, if I was an outsider reading your post, I would be completely astonished at your fascistic line of reasoning. You liberated historical land of Armenians? All of the 7 adjacent regions? Imagine this scenario: your house has been home to your and your ancestors as far as memory goes. And then out comes some stranger with guns, kicks your out of your home, kills off your family, and gives the following justification: “I BELIEVE 1500 years ago, my great great grandfather lived on this land. I am liberating it from you!” Do you imagine what a judge in a court would say to you? I have no other words to exchange here with you guys. You are living in a fascistic dreamland of Great Armenia. Think of this: if you are so great, why are you so small and scattered across the globe. Only 7 million Armenians, versus over 100 million Turks. And don’t say, you have great culture etc. What exactly do you have? Dolma? Get in line: dozens of regional countries are claiming it their own. The Armenian flute? Ok, I will give you that. As for historical empires etc., yes, you did have one 2000 years ago. But so did everyone else at some point or another. And if having an empire is a sign of civilization, then the Turks trump you hands down. And not because theirs is the most up-to-date (the soccer team with the latest achievements is the current reigning champion, and not the team that last won 80 years ago). but because theirs has been much much larger and more lasting, and, AND, they beat you really badly in 1915, hands down. Yes, you won in the 10 sq mile Karabak in 1994 (a battle but not a war). Is that why Armenians are so great? Get real. And be patient. The war is not over yet.

    As for the racist comments about being from Central Asian, what century are you guys living in by thinking that someone being from Centrl Asian is somehow a fatal flaw? The world has long outgrown such racism. And beside, do Azeris really look like Asian? And even if they, so what? Is that a horrible thing? And, by the way, Armenia is not European either. Just check maps and geography. It is sad to have such an inferiority complex. The only people who think Armenia is European are Armenians themselves.

  14. Avery,

    You liberated Karabak. When are you going to liberate the stolen land from Turkey. If you are waiting the right time to attack on Turkey. Why do Armenians expect Turkey to tolerate the Armenians agression and have a good relation and respect with Armenia?

  15. Azeriu:

    re: I have no other words to exchange here with you guys.”
    Then don’t: ArmenianWeekly did not invite you to post: you decided on your own.
    And as to throwing out the words  ‘fascistic’, ’racist’, and such: look in the mirror pal. Your Musavat Party goons murdered unarmed, defenseless Armenians hiding in their apartments in Sumgait (1988) and Baku (1990)  for no other reason than the targets were Armenian.
    Your disinformation channels (e.g. recently noted the 21st anniversary of what you guys call “Black January”, when Soviet paratroopers landed in Baku to save the Armenians from the ongoing bloodbath: NOT a word was mentioned as to why the Soviet paratroopers were there in the first place.
    Apparently in Azeri mythology  they decided to just land and start killing innocent Azeris: for absolutely no reason at all.

  16. Aazeriu:     The historical fact remains that modern-day Azeris are remnants of those Turkic nomadic tribes that came to the Caucasus and Asia Minor as invaders in 10-11th centuries AD. These lands were inhabited by other peoples, nobler and more civilizationally advanced: Persians, Armenians, Caucasus Albanians, Assyrians, Arabs, etc. The fact remains that your ancestors have invaded the region, adopted these ancient peoples’ traditions, cuisine, cultural habits, alphabet, etc. Stating historical facts is by any account “fascistic” or “racial” only because you don’t feel comfortable with them. The fact remains that up until 1918 there was no such a nation on the face of the Earth as “Azerbaijanis” who now comprise the bulk of population living in the makeshift Republic of Azerbaijan. Muslim tribes occupying your modern republic’s territory before early 20th century were known as Caucasian Tartars or simply Muslims. That is: with no national identity. You stole the name “Azerbaijan” for your democratic republic in 1918, a name derives from Atropates, a Persian governor under the Achaemenid Empire who ruled over the region of Atropatene (present-day Iranian Azerbaijan). The name “Atropates” itself is the Greek transliteration of an old-Iranian compounded name with the meaning “The Land of the Fire”. Over the span of millenniums the name evolved to Aturpatakan to Adharbadhagan, Azarbaydjan and present-day Azerbaycan. Armenians, who resided in the region for 5000 years, knew it as Atrpatakan. By no historical account the land belonged to Turkic people because Turkic tribes appeared in the region only in 10-11th centuries AD.
    To answer your question as to Armenians are so small and scattered across the globe. If you’re literate you should know that all ancient nations historically dwindle in numbers because they’ve been on the map for a very long time fighting external enemies and trying to preserve their uniqueness. Second factor is that Armenians are Christians not crazily-reproducing Turkic people. And thirdly, in the case of Armenians, as you may know, the heinous crime of genocide was perpetrated by your next-of-kin Turks in 1894-1896 and then in 1915-1923 in Western Armenia. As a result of these barbarian slaughters around 2 millions perished, hundreds of thousands fled scattering across the globe.
    As for great culture that Armenians have, again, if you are literate do some research of ancient Greek, Roman, Persian, Assyrian, Khazar, Arab, Latin, and European chronicles and find out what other say of us. From establishing first known metallurgy production in the region to having an empire that was rival to Rome; from translations of the Greek, Syriac, and Latin books to production of Armenian own manuscripts in language, literature, historiography, and philosophy; from adoption of Christianity as official religion becoming the first nation to do so to creating our own alphabet; from creation of account on history of Armenia to translation of Bible which was internationally termed “The Queen of Translations”; from churches and monuments to khachkars (cross-stones); from world-renowned philosophers, scientists, composers, writers, engineers many to marshals and generals. Now, if you think we have only invented dolma, continue day-dreaming.
    By the way, Turks have not “beaten us down” in 1915. Armenians were not at war with Turks nor they organized any large-scale violence against them. Innocent people became victims of savage slaughters, tortures, mutilations, rape and humiliation simply because they were Armenians and Christians. Are you taking pride for such a barbarian behavior of your ethnic Turkic cousins? If you do, individual of what class and rank do you consider yourself? What human values? What civilizational level?
    Someone being from Central Asia is not a fatal flaw. But someone being an invader from Central Asia, a destroyer and a thief of cultural achievements of other peoples living in regions other than Central Asia is a flaw. This is not racism, This a confirmation of a historical fact. Will it be OK if Armenians invaded your native lands in Mongolian steppes and, after you complained, call you a racist?

  17. Aserviu, when are you going to reply to the question of how your own Azeri leaderships are stealing from your own citizenry?
    As your leaderships are buying and owning properties outside of Azerbaijan… AND USING ALL THE OIL MONIES TO SECURE THEMSELVES… NOT seeking to advance YOUR OWN Azerbaijan’s citizenry…
    Actually… your leaders need to spend all the oils monies for themselves – in order to hide the truths since this will then appear to show to the world that your citizenry is “suffering greatly” from Armenian’s actions… WHEN in reality, it is your own leadership causing all the hardships TO THEIR OWN CITIZENS… And, your response to this misuse of the monies from your citizens’ oil fields – – by your own leadership??

  18. Monastras:

    First of all I didn’t liberate anything: it was the Artsakh’s Armenian Warriors, with some help from Armenians from RoA and Armenian Diaspora. I  just  write.
    Regarding the historic Armenian lands currently under Turk occupation: you boastful, overly self-confident Turks keep asking that same question, implying of course that Armenia’s military is no match for the Turkish military, and that it will be crushed.
    Quite so: Armenia’s military is no match for Turkey’s military: I have never claimed it is, and don’t know anyone on these pages that has.
    Turkey’s military is vastly overrated, but numbers are numbers: we can count.
    However, don’t insult Armenians’  intelligence by implying that RoA would attack Turkey.
    The way it will play out is that Turkey will disintegrate from inside into 3-4 parts.
    Mustafa Kemal’s experiment has ended in failure: Turkey is returning to its radical Islamist roots: the recent solid election results for Erdogan, and the neutering of Turkey’s Generals by the Islamists are proof enough.
    Rising Islamism will inevitably bring Turkey into conflict with the West, which will do everything to destabilize and dismember Turkey.
    Kurds and Zaza who constitute about 25 million of Turkey’s population are the vehicle to destroy Turkey from inside.

    Armenians simply need to continue the preparatory work we have been doing and wait for our lands to fall into our lap.
    And finally, regarding your ‘tough’ military: about a year ago Israeli  Naval Commandos murdered 9 Turk civilians on a Turkish ship in International waters. Erdogan threatened to send the Turkish Navy with the next flotilla, and promised to be on one of the ships.
    We are still waiting.

  19. Azeriu, your own leaders, filling their own pockets, buying mansions even beyond their own country… spending the oil monies elsewhere… when the Azeri citizenry are being denied their needs.  Too, your leaderships cause it to appear that it is the Armenians’ actions which deny your Azeri citizens their needs.  REALITY: YOUR OWN LEADERS ARE DEPRIVING YOUR OWN CITIZENS TO MAKE IT APPEAR AS IF THE ARMENIANS ARE CAUSING YOUR CITIZEN’S SUFFERING – INSTEAD IT IS YOUR OWN LEADERSHIPS WHO ARE DENYING YOUR OWN CITIZENS – WHILST THEIR OWN POCKETS ARE BEING FILLED.

  20. To the warmonger Azeriu
    I agree with you that we are in a state of war. But I want to add that the people of Artsakh are waiting there for you, for one stupid mistake of your government in order to start their final march on Baku. Azerbaijan twice made the mistake to attack the people of Artshakh and repeat another genocide. Both times it suffered a humiliating defeat. A third mistake is sure to be the last one of the artificially made Republic of Azerbaijan.

  21. this is our response to azeri forgery.enjoy! Web site was created by “Xenophobia Prevention Initiative” in cooperation with forum users.

    The aim of the project is to analyze the data and provide objective information about the events in Agdam, during which civilians of Khojaly village were killed. Agdam events have become one of a major promotional factors used by Azerbaijan against the Armenian side.

    At the same time work on the factual material showed that the Azerbaijani side is using a large number of fakes, including the use of photographs of people killed in other conflicts or natural disasters.

    In the work on project, materials submitted by the Azerbaijani side were mostly used, interviews and statements taken from both Azerbaijani and independent sources. Armenian materials on the site are included only as an analysis of materials presented from these sources, or for complex information on the issue.
    visit tjis site, please

  22. Avery jan- absolutely brilliant.. bravo…bravo .. bravo… sooooo happy …sooo glad we have someone like you to absolutely BLOCK/PROVEN WRONG such idioatic comments posted by some Azeris and Turks on these pages….

    Gor jan- qefs ekav when i read your posts.. shat shat apres…

    Monastras— well well well… can’t stay away can you? well why would you? without us you guys will be bored…

    Aazeriu- you have all the answers you need from this post and others, now be a good boy or a girl and go study your lesson… you will be tested very soon…

    One good lesson to never forget: your millitary is strong because your govt is compromised of full of dumb *(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*()*)( who can’t think with their brains or have a heart….. Armenians on the other hand don’t have a strong military support but we have brains, hearts and souls.. we know what we are fighting for… our soldiers are OUR weapons not some company manufactured machinery… but we can’t say the same about your military background can we?… and by the way, you keep loosing battles everytime you jump like a retarded rooster because you know why? you can’t defend a country that is not a country or a nation..and you know why? Azerbajian is just an artificially created country…..why would a soldier put his life on the line for something he does not have… THAT IS WHY your Sultan Abdul Stupid needs heavy and expensive machinery because he can’t rely on humans to fight his war for him no matter how many numbers he produces.. such embarassment for your govt don’t you think? At least Armenians.. every single one of them died in honor and if GOD FORBIDS and I pray to the LORD we will never see another war where my sisters and brothers will perish), but if that happens, those who will be fighting will die in honor knowing the reason they died for.. UNLIKE you brainless people who follow orders of your bloodthirsty govt without truly understanding or attempting to understand the meaning behind it… does my govt care about our well being or does my govt is using all the wealth to secure its fat and ugly belly….so sad for you people…

  23. JUST  BACK FROM RA,I refuse to comment as the others  have done on Azeru  agitating garbage-waste.It  is for those  who have time and can engage tyemselves with such.
    All I can ¨suggest¨¨ I never advise…is to learn  from me and others  who know the following;-
    Truth of the matter  is the following:Great Turkey having suffered defeat on efforts to enter EU,be the Conductor  so to speak of the Middle  EAst  countries…viz  pompously orchestrated  grand meeting at Istanbulla, a few  months ago with intention to be  big  boss in that area.Iran, and all Arab countries  refused  to be conducted by ex-Ottoman  Turkey,now they-viz  great Turkey , has  turned all its  attn: on RA and Access to Azerbaijan via Armenia  etc., It is no uses  Turkey is loosing  all of her  energy in that area.She better go work hard to finding a resolution for settling Armenian CASE an damages to be paid for BLOOD  Money to ARmenians  and also return of personal  real properties, riches confiscated etc.,
    WE do not buy what azerbaboons set forth.They are being instigated very clearly by great Turkey. Latter  is loosing  ground  in all asects ,even in Libya  brokering…we  shall see  that too.

  24. Please excuse my typographical errors on above post.I was in a hurry ,typed very fast.
    Also bear in mind what we have to do from now on-which I did in Yerevan,as much as I could-request that the word HIMNAHARTZ , not be applied to NK ,fait a complit case. Artsakh ,as an independent entity is a reality to the chagrin of the turco-azeris,much as they advocate the contrary. We must put accent without any ado, on Western Armenianm territories , Nakhijevan,Shahumian, as our just Cause and basic PROBLEM>OTHERWISE THEY WILL KEEP ON BOMBASTING NK AS SUCH.let them know our CAUSE/CASE ,the main one is Western Armenia and Genocide claims Blood money et al

  25. Chi hasgcank  yev  der g´hamarink ,chenk ouzer hasgnal wor  mer  BOUN  Himnahartz  NK  che Ayle Arevmdyan Hayastan.
    WE did  not understand and negate to understand that our MAIN  Question is  not Nagornyi Karabagh,but Western Armenia.
    Cavok, mer te Hayreni yev  te Ardyergri Arajnortner  chen ouzer  hasgnal wor Medz  Turkia Grnag  yev ajagcoghn e  Azerbaijani-ir grdser yeghbor
    Lamentable, our both Homeland and Diaspora leaders do not wish to understand  that great Turkey is the supporter and helper of its younger brother Azerbaijan.
    Ays  vdangavor untack  sharunagelov  Odarner aveli yev aveli  aynbes g´dbavorvin wor  Hayeru  MIAG  HARC  NK  n e..voch mi Khosk Arevmdahayastani ,hedevapar  mer ARtar  Tahd  yev Haducoum.
    This dangerous process by being continued ,the foreigners  are  more  and more impressed that  Armenians´ only Question is   NK,not a word  regarding Western Armenia, thence  our  JUST CASE  and Compensation.
    My plea  is to all of us  here on this Forum to change  that trend as above.Demand  in parallel with  NK Independence, our Western Armenia Demands.
    Im Aghers bolorin ays  Forum  in vra, pokhel  ays  untack,inchbes ver  nshvec,Bahanjadirutyun  zukaherapar NK Angakhutyna,mer Arevmdyan Hayastani Bahanjk, haducum  Yegherni

  26. Azeris, wake up… it is your own leaderships who are stealing from you.  They are using the oil monies for themselves… then, telling you that it is the Armenians who cause your Azeri citizens your vile living conditions.  Your leaders and all their families are owning properties/mansions in foreign lands… using your own nations natural resource, oils,  only to  benefit themselves – and to hell with you –the  Azeri citizenry.

  27. Hi, manooshag,
    The best explanation for these poor people, who are tricked by their government will be to publish actual data on the property they own out of their country and overseas. I hope these data will not violate any law, and it is possible to make it open to public, better with pics included.

  28. @ avery whats you say is really wishfull thinking noting more  turkey is diverse country but can not be disintegrated when i read your comment i instantly sensed that it stems from the longing you have for eastern turkey  all your  argument based on unfortunatly emotional ground only afew million in turkey i am sure you will wait for long long time if not forever
    lastly i wouldnt worry about israel after all its just political game between turkey and israel the real thing is next to you , azeris piling up heavily and recently threatened you with war be prepared i would say, instead of living in dream world

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