ANCA Welcomes Arrest of Indicted Genocide Perpetrator

WASHINGTON—The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) welcomed the Serbian government’s arrest on May 26 of Ratko Mladic, a former Serbian general who spent 15 years as a fugitive from justice after being charged by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in 1995  with genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity during the Bosnian War.


“We join Armenians throughout the United States and around the world in welcoming today’s arrest by the Serbian government of indicted genocide perpetrator General Ratko Mladic,” said ANCA Executive Director Aram Hamparian. “The differences between Serbia’s and Turkey’s response to genocide could not be greater: The Serbian government, to its credit, has acknowledged the truth of its own history and accepted moral and legal responsibility for past crimes, while Turkey—with the complicity of the U.S. government—continues to evade the truth and escape its moral and material responsibilities for the Armenian Genocide.”

The White House earlier that day congratulated the Serbian government for arresting Mladic. Speaking on behalf of the Obama Administration, Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes, who is traveling with Obama at the G8 Summit in France, stated that his capture underscores that “justice will come to those who carry out these types of crimes against humanity, that the international community will be unrelenting in the pursuit of that justice.”


  1. Mladic is a Serbian hero. Does the ANC think that by siding with Turkophile Bosnians they are doing the Hay Dat a favor?

  2. I would like to thank all Armenians for showing support for the Bosnian people. It is deeply touching to have the first victims of genocide in the 20th century showing support for the last victims of genocide in the 20th century. It is time that the US officially recognizes both the Armenian and the Bosnian genocides and that those responsible for both genocides are brought to justice.

  3. Can any human deny the first genocide
    And define the last one!

    Serbian killed 8000 Bosnian 
    They said Genocide 
    Ottomans slayed one and half million Armenians
    (Without leaving any trace in their land 
    Other than in Der-Zor Arabian ground)

    They called it calamity and new word Medz Yeghern…
    And never Genocide
    By new celebrity lawyers
    Who are deprived of any humanity…

    What sort of controversy
    The politics play…
    Sin and Sign
    Define …their own way
    They’re still allowed
    To dance on Armenian skulls
    And ash them away… 

    Bosnian were Christian 
    They were Turkified
    So who is the guilty
    Who Turkified them by force
    Or who killed them because 
    Others forced them to change their religion…
    Creating hate…rage…agony
    Between the same ethnicity
    Of the same DNA…s

    Where there any non-christians 
    Before Ottoman’s invaded Bosnian sand?

    Every one should read and analyze
    if thee has still few brain-cells left intact…!

    All genocides should recognized 
    To relieve humans’ of inhumanity…
    And the first comes first before the others
    Because it became a law by lawyer Lemkin in 1943…

    Why still can’t be applied on Armenian case 
    Those few of them lived
    Left their motherland…
    For the unfair Turks to rape…enjoy…deny…
    And Turkify the rest of Armenians’ left 
    Using them slaves…sex-slaves…
    To have children from artful Armenian race…
    And call them Hemshin or
    Turks from their own blood…! 

    Armenian diaspora’s cohort
    Started from scratch to earn their bread and breathe
    Still cannot get even any cent back
    From their own land  
    and for what their grandparents worked hard…

    I am one of them from Dikranagerd altars
    Where we have many and many defined lands…


    Written instantly

  4. It’s unfortunate that certain people can tarnish a whole people’s reputation across the world. 

    America supports the arrest of a Serbian murderer, but will gladly shake the hands of Hashim Thaci who has the bloody remains of Serbian organs between his fingers.

  5. Genocide is genocide and justice should be blind. Nobody deserves the fate of what befell the Bosnian people during the 1990’s. The people who suffered in Gorazde, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Srebinica,etc did not ask for war. Morever, like Armenians, the Bosnians not aggressors and were ill-prepared for war. Yes, there were atrocities on both sides but clearly the Bosnians were targeted.I’m glad Serbia is changing it stance and I’m also glad that Armenia has good relations with Serbia, That being said, I do not agree with UN actions against the Serbs in Kosovo. I’m pro-Serb but sympathetic to Bosnia in regards to the early 1990’s.

  6. Avetis:

    Mladic is a Serbian hero.” ….therefore ANCA should not cheer his arrest ?
    That’s an illogical argument. Sultan Hamid and Mustafa  Kemal are national heroes to the Turks: what do you say to that ?
    I know that Serbs were royally s______ by the Neocon West and their Turk allies.
    I know Kosovo has the same ancient, historical significance to Serbs as Artsakh does to Armenians: it is the cradle of Serbs.
    I know Serbs were ethnically cleansed by Ottoman Turks to make room for ‘Kosovar’ Albanians.
    I know the remaining Serbs are being ethnically cleansed by ‘Kosovars’.
    I know Orthodox Christian Churches are being demolished in Kosovo, same as Armenian churches in occupied Western Armenia.
    And I know West’s favourite boy Hashim Thaci is the head of a criminal organization that traffics in organs of murdered Serbs.
    But how do you justify murdering several thousand unarmed Bosnians by Mladic’s troops on his orders  ?

  7. @Avery, I agree 100% with your sentiments above. The murdering of several thousand unarmed, innocent Bosnians can not be justified. It was a genocide.

  8. @Avery
    The reason why the 1.5 million dead of Armenian Genocide is not recognized by Washington and the killing of 8000 fighting age Islamic/Turkic Bosnian men is recognized as a genocide is – geopolitics. Learn what the term means before you try to discuss politics or history. By naively recognizing an event that was not a genocide as a genocide simply because the Western political elite wants it that way, you are not convincing them (the one that is trying to undermine the real genocide, the Armenian Genocide) to support the Hay Dat. On the contrary, you are becoming a pathetic PR tool for them.
    Similar to what the Russians experienced in Chechnya, Serbs were fighting a very violent Bosnian population, one that was being armed and trained by Wahhabist militants, Al-Qaeda, Turkish volunteers, British intelligence, German intelligence and the CIA. If you want to see real war time atrocities, look up what these innocent Bosnians were doing to Serbs at the time. Serbian heroes like Ratko Mladic did what they had to do. Moreover, Serbs sent military experts to Artsakh in the 1990s. I personally met two wounded ones in Yerevan in 1992. Serbs are a brother people to Armenians. The Western crime against the Serbian nation must not be forgotten nor forgiven.

  9. @Avetis-

    What you have written above sounds an awful lot like what the Turks say about Armenians before and during WWI. 

    The Bosnians were not prepared for war and certainly not expecting one (In fact, Slovenia was the first area attacked by the Serbs in 1991 but the JNA ended the assault after the Slovenes sent about US$1BN to Milosevic—-btw, Milosevic and Tudjman worked hand in hand in screwing over the Serbs in Krajina in 1995). Their arms, training, volunteers, etc came about a year after the first attacks began in the summer of 1991. The Bosnians could barely scrape together a functioning militia for a good part of the war. Months prior to this, many Bosnian men were already being gathered into camps for forced labor- and rape camps full of Bosnian women– with many eventually being killed. The remaining Bosnians were forced into several pockets that barely held on.

    I do not agree with Western treatment of the Serbs after the war, especially in 1999, but we cannot whitewash what happened in Bosnia. I agree with you on Chechnya 100%. The Chechens won their de jure independence in 1996 ( with the Lebed negotiated peace deal) but chose to reignite the conflict surrounding areas of the North Caucasus in 1999 thanks to Shamil Basayev and the Chechens were subsequently crushed in good measure.

  10. I feel and appreciate your pain. However, human values have changed from 100 years ago. Vengeance was the operative word then, prevention is the word today. if genocide is unacceptable for the Armenians, then it equaly so for the Bosnians. Turkofile you say? They are Muslims in a Christian world. it was and is as easy for them to live there as it was and is for us to live in Tirkey and surroundings. By the way you would be surprised to find out that the Bosnians have a distant but solid relationship with the Armenians. [Look up early Bogomil (Paulician ) heresy.] Beside, instead of being the venom dripping vengeance seeking low crawling scum, we presented an example of forward thinking, empathy feeling high mindedness. I say again. I feel your pain. But the way to get revenge, is to prevail in the world opinion, obtain redress, compensation, land and special rights. ( see American Indian vs US governments relationship and treaty Law)

  11. Avetis:

    I know quite a lot about geopolitics. I am sure you have convinced yourself that your are the only one in the world (….or at least on these pages) that understand its nuances, but you can’t possibly be that smart.
    I am familiar with your thinking – via your posts and your Arevordi blogs. However, you are not the only one that knows about and understands how the West, specifically the Neocons who run it, operate, about what was done by them in Chechnya, Serbia, Kosovo, and their plans for the Caucasus, specifically Armenia.
    You consider disarming and mowing down 8,000 unarmed men – fighting age or not – normal: I don’t.
    If they had been killed in battle, I wouldn’t care if 80,000 or 180,000 Bosnian fighters had died.
    Read my original post again about what I said in reference to  Serbs. I may not know their history as well as you, but I know it well enough.
    And no, I don’t think murdering 8,000 out of population base of about 2 million can remotely qualify as  ‘Genocide’, a term that was created to describe the extermination of about 90%-95% of Armenian population of Western Armenia.
    But murdering disarmed men   is a war crime to me – whether the victims are people I like or dislike.
    Turks disarmed all fighting age Armenians serving in the Turkish armed forces, used them for slave labor, then murdered them when they could offer no resistance: I see no difference, other than the scale.
    And if you are so knowledgeable about geopolitics, explain this: When NATO started illegally bombing Yugoslavia, they were unable to break  Serbs’  will to resist. Ingenious Serbs rendered hi-tech NATO bombing efforts militarily ineffective by  various low-tech means. Serbs even figured out a way to detect, track, and shoot down an American stealth F-117, and unprecedented feat. Serbs could have lasted for months, possibly years, yet the reason Milošević was forced to capitulate to NATO was because Russians abandoned the Serbs, and told Slobo he was on his own. Why would Russians, historic and traditional protectors of all Slavs, abandon their little brothers ?

  12. I’m totally in favor of perpetrators of genocidal acts being held accountable for their crimes against humanity, regardless of their ethnic or political affiliations.  But the labels are not a straight-forward or black and white matter.  Freedom fighter or terrorist, or patriot or murderer? These terms tend to be interchangeable depending on which side you ask or what the geopolitical goals are of the side you ask.

    We won’t see the end of genocides as long as the world refuses to remove individual political interests from the equation; as long as we play political games that punish our enemies and turn a blind eye to the crimes of our ‘friends’.  Instead, we should act to stop evil based on purely humanitarian and moral grounds in a world that values the inherent right to life of all beings.  Tell me when I can stop holding my breath…

  13. Part2 Avetis:

    ……. in case it slipped your notice, Mladic was arrested in Serbia, in a Serbian village, by his fellow Serbs. If Serbs were willing to sell out someone – whom you and many Serbs consider a hero – for a few thousand Euro, or for the price of joining EU, then who are we, Armenians, to argue with that ?
    …….and neither ANCA, ARF, nor any other Armenian organization had anything to do with Mladic’s arrest.
    Why are you are attacking ANCA instead of  criticizing Serbs ?
    Re-read ANCA’s Statement: “The differences between Serbia’s and Turkey’s response to genocide could not be greater..”
    ANCA’s Statement was appropriate and timely – on both moral and political grounds: pick either one that suits you.

  14. to all who are against the ANCA quote.

    unger Aram Hamparian just wanted to remind our American friends that you can not be Happy that the Serbs have caught a genocide criminal and on the other hand deny the Armenian Genocide .

    if really we need to cmplain and see were is the problem it’s not the Turks , the problem  actually is our own US Goverment by turning their face to the other side and being deaf and blind to the Armenian Genocide .

    let’s not fight with each other let’s unite for a greater cause .  

  15. @ Avery and Joseph
    The point here is, there was no genocide in Bosnia. If killing several thousand unarmed military age men is genocide, than every nation in the history of mankind is guilty of some form of genocide. NATO/US forces are currently killing tens of thousands of innocent people from Libya to Pakistan. Is what they are doing a genocide as well? If you are ready to consider Western military actions as genocidal, then yes, I’ll reconsider the actions of Mladic as genocidal as well. Besides, we are making a very wild assumption here by believing the Western narration as to what happened with Mladic.
    Moreover, you people are missing a big piece of the story – the Serbian perspective! Listen to Serbs before you happily join force with those we are Armenia’s enemies. A little reminder: Bosnians were/are supported by Wahhabi Islamists (via Al-Qaeda and the CIA) Turkey and Israel.
    The reason why Moscow abandoned Serbia was – Yeltsin! Nationalist Russians at the time was only beginning the internal process to retake their nation from the clutches of Western-backed Jewish oligarchs to whom the drunken Yeltsin was a pathetic servant of. The gradual yet unmistakable rise of Russian nationalism at the time may explain why the West was so hasty in their decision to fragment Serbia. Had today’s Russia been around then, the West would not have dared to violate Serbia in the way they did.
    At the end of the day. It all has to do with interests. And our interest lies with nations like Russia, Iran, Serbia, Cyprus, Syria, etc…
    Keep reading Arevodi’s blog, it’ll help you see things more clearly.

  16. Avetis:
    I will continue reading your blogs, will extract the useful and discard the useless therein.
    But you should also read others’ posts fully: I know quite well the difference between mass murder,  massacre, war crime, and Genocide: read what I clearly  stated  in my posts.

  17. I don’t know what exactly Mladic has or has not done, but  to equate the late Great ‘Avo’ with anything other than honorably fighting and dying for his people is blasphemy and outrage.
    Monte specifically told troops under his command that if they killed any surrendering Azeris, they’d draw a Court Martial.
    He had heard that on occasion individual Armenian troops had hung Azeri murderers wearing uniforms, and specifically forbade any such killings.
    Other Artsakh  wartime  Commanders who served with ‘Avo’ – e.g. Anatoly Zinevich, Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan, Samvel Babayan, etc – are still alive: let’s see anyone try to bring them to Hague.
    If there were any  war crimes committed during the Artsakh War of Survival and Liberation it were committed  by ‘Azeri’ Tatar invaders.
    One specific example: at the start of hostilities, ‘Azeris’ subjected Stepanakert’s civilian population to indiscriminate terror bombing by Grads and hired mercenary pilots: a war crime similar to Srebrenica. An Azeri member of parliament, possibly the Speaker, female (don’t remember her name), even lamented on Azeri TV that they were surprised Armenians in Stepanakert were still holding on after all that mass bombing they were subjected to.

    In this, I agree with Avetis 100%: the West is infamous for selective outrage and selective labeling of ‘war crime’,’war criminal’, ‘Genocide’, etc…

  18. @Avery
    I was referring to Western military actions; not the heroic defensive actions of the Artsakh military. The main point here is that the political West is our enemy. There is no debate over this matter. So, let’s stop doing their self-serving PR, especially when it is directed against friendly nations like Serbia or Iran or Russia or Syria… We have been kissing Washingtonian asses for many decades and all it has gotten us is lip service at best, tacit support for our enemies at worst. Time to stop our pathetic ass kissing. We have been lied to so many times about so many things that I no longer believe anything Western/Washingtonian officials claim. In my book, men like Mlodic are heroes. At the very least, nearsighted and narrow-minded Armenians should have kept their mouths shut over this matter.
    Anyway, I’m glad you have objective/rational reasoning and clearness of thought.

  19. Avdry  et al,
    Emir  thanks.O.K. Genocide  is Genocide,who does  not know that.
    But GEOPOLITICS Avetis hints  at  is deaad  RIGHT TOO.
    Thence,ask Emir and in extension great Turkey to Also feel like  some  of you above  that readily acxcept and condemn the Bosnian Genocide.How about the Kosovar´s  byt eh remnants  of the Ottoman turks.Ask the authorities  to immediately also condemn that so as we can fee  that JUSTICE  IS FOR  ALL, NO EXCEPTIONS   EH????

  20. Dear Avetis, Gaytzag, Avery,
    If Western Armenians had same mentality of as Artsakhian population, we could have defeat Turks the way we did in Sardarabad … our naive Armenians believed in British, Italians and french troops during 1-st world war, where all of them forsake our defenseless “weaponless” Armenian population and let bloody criminal Turks and Kurds to carry on their ancestral Mongolian dream to eliminate Armenians from our historical Anatolian land, where our real Armenian civilization stated from there. They Islamized left over Armenians of Turkey, where Mongols proudly called then Islamized Turkish Hamshen we are begging Obama to honor our Martyrs Genocide victims to call properly “Genocide” and he played same old dirty game with Armenians…for over 96 years US politicians (except few of them such as President Regan) played turkey games with Seljuk Mongol Turks and Tatars and suck their wealth buy their guilt give them weapons for the sake of 1.5 million Martyr Armenians blood…yes we all learnt from our sad and unhappy history, nobody cares for us but Armenians of the world.. it is time for all of us to have one voice together and demand the real justice, that world forced us to forget.. and please stop finger pointing at each others this is what people like “Robert the turk” enjoyed the most and call us Dashnaks!!

  21. the comment about immortal ‘Avo’ and honorable, heroic Artsakhtsi warriors was NOT in response to you Avetis (I know your worldview/thinking well enough…)

    It was in response to Grish’s comment [“…and I wonder if Monte Melkonian was alive, how Turkic world with the help of Christian world would take him to Hague”].

    My mistake: I should have said so in the relevant post.

  22. Avetis,

    I have been reading and analyzing all your comments on this post.  You are well informed and have made very good points.   There is no question that Russia has been Armenia’s security guarantor for a long time, but I am not sure if  Nationalist Russians have been very successful in fully retaking their nation from the clutches of Western-backed (Jewish?) oligarchs to whom the drunken Yeltsin was a pathetic servant of.   I also think you are underestimating the power of the Armenian lobby in the USA and the speed it is growing at.  The second biggest ethnic lobby in the USA (which is the Armenian lobby) is not as small of a force as it may seem and disregarding it or underestimating it when it comes to geopolitics may play into our hands when it is done by enemies.   I think the recognition of the Armenian Genocide is around the corner (give it a few more years at most) and subsequently formation of the Western Armenia.  What will Russia’s role be in it? Will they deceive Turks and change sides on them at the last minute?? Maybe! Hopefully! We will see.  At the end of the day it is all about interests as you said.  But who’s interests? Turkey has become so big both economically and politically that no matter who their boss is at this moment, it is neither in the interests of Russia nor USA, neither EU. (lets not forget they conducted military air force excersices with China very recently).  
    I think ANCA statement on Mladic was more of a tactical move than a …

  23. I am Soulfully Happy…
    As an Armenian 
    We are still united…
    And we will always Stay united
    We Intermarry Armenians
    In spite of divided churches
    (Catholic…Orthodox …Protestants and so)
    one and I hope we will stay united
    And our youths will marry Hemsins
    As I feel they are probably
    More genetically Armenian than Us…
    Because of their intermarriages
    Refusing to marry turks… 
    We need Hamsen Armenians to increase our population
    As our girls are marring foreigners
    And our boys more and more

    We are Not like Slaves… 
    Living in Yugoslavia before 
    They are from the same origin by their genes 
    But killed each others because
    The Ottomans invaded them 
    Changing them from Christian to Muslims
    Read their genetics and their Y-chromosomes 
    Very interesting site …
    (From Wikipedia)

    June 1, 2011

    Genetic history of Europe
    In 2005 various South European medical schools and institutions specializing in human genetics did an analysis of the variation at 28 Y-chromosome markers among a sample of males from throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, relatively equally split among all three major ethnic groups.[11] The most notable find was the high frequency of haplogroup I; specifically its subclade I-P37 (I2a), which had a frequency of 71% among Bosnian Croats, 44% among Bosniaks, and 31% among Bosnian Serbs. A similar study in Croatia found that Croatian Croatshad a frequency of about 45%, but that among them Croats in Dalmatia had a particularly high frequency (around two thirds).[12]
    Subclade I2a* is typical of South Slavs, especially Croats in south Dalmatia and Bosnians. Another subclade, I2a1 (formerly I1b1b, I1b2), is strongly associated with indigenous Sardinians, but it is also found at low to moderate frequency among populations of the Basque Country,Iberia in general, France, mainland Italy, the British Isles, and Sweden. Contrasting with the tendentially southeastern distribution of I2a* and southwestern distribution of I2a1, the subclade I2b is most commonly found among populations of Northwest Europe, especially Denmark,Germany, the Netherlands, and the British Isles.

  24. Dear Grish, You are on target.  If Western Armenians were not so naive and unfortunately also not so much disbersed all over the mountains of Western Armenia in far away small and larger towns and cities, rather then all being in one state, say Erzeroum municipality/area and were able to fight like “meg ouj, meg marmin, yev meg hoki”, also if they didn’t believe the deceitful Westerns such as “the British and French” at those times, we should have survived the Genocide by the Seljuk blood thirsty and blood sucking Turks and mostly by the Ittihadists.  But unfortunately the Genocide did happen and now we must get-together (Tashnagtsoutyoun, Ramgavar Azadagan Mioutyoun, Catholics, Protestants) all of us against our duo enemies: The Turkish government and the Azerbaijanis.  They haven’t changed in 100 years and they don’t seem to want to change in another 100 years, unfortunately.

    However what ANCA is trying to do is to teach the world that a Genocide and killings of mass murders is not acceptable behaviours and therefore the criminals of such killings and Genocides must be punished at all costs.  Unfortunately the complicity of the US government siding beside and next to the Genocidal Turks as Obama and the previous US president have done (excepting President Raegan) is not acceptable behaviours nor Democratic behaviours as the US presidents yell from the top of their lungs and continue to repeatedly say it in their media.  Democracy, as the founders of the United States Government was found upon is based on justice, not only in America but all around the world.  And therefore as the US is continuously siding with the Genocidal Turkish government is NOT the democratic policy as the US government was founded upon. Thus if the the United States wish to maintain her democratic policy must never side with the Genocidal denyalist Turkish government, rather see to it that the heirs of the martyrs from the Armenian Genocide are fully paid, that Turkey accepts her criminal past and starts paying reparations to the Armenian people; our historical anscestral lands along with our long lost houses, buildings and monuments.

    Dear Sylva, Thank you for your soulful poem and also for the educational site that you have provided us with.


  25. @AR
    I don’t share your optimism. I believe the political establishment here in the US wants us to believe that we have a “powerful” lobby… And to preserve their positions as community leaders, our representatives are simply parroting their lies. The sad fact is, many, if not most of those who represent us in various diasporan organizations in America, indirectly or directly work for the US State Department. The American political system is run by a closed-circuit. It’s run by a few special interests: the military-industrial complex, oil lobby, the Zionist lobby, Wall Street banksters and the pharmaceuticals industry. The rest of the so-called lobbies are little toys that the aforementioned monsters use and discard as they please. You are making the wild assumption that a thing called “democracy” actually exists in the United States. Making the sheeple think that America is run democratically has actually been their most powerful weapon. Just think, America is ONE major party more than the Soviet Union. And the two political parties of America are nothing but two sides of the same coin. American politicians, including the presidents, merely represent those who actually run the global empire. So, think of Barack Obama as the spokesman or the salesmen of the real leaders of the United States.

    Therein lies a danger. When we have well-meaning and proud Armenians such as yourself believing in the American system presented to you by Washingtonian demons, you can very easily be led against your nation and you wont even know it. By promoting a Hay Dat in Washington that is fundamentally geared to go nowhere, we Armenians are wasting our limited resources, precious efforts that we could instead be invest in the Armenian homeland.
    I careless about “genocide recognition” per se. The liberation of Western Armenia, what geostrategically matters to Armenia and Armenians may come this century. However, it won’t come as a result of our Hay Dat in Washington. Liberation of Western Armenia will come as a result of right regional geopolitical conditions and Armenia’s growing alliance with Russia and Iran. Russia and Iran are the only ones that can make our Western Armenian dreams come true, not Washington, not Brussels. To this effect, we must have the foresight and the political depth to consolidate our pan-national efforts in places like Moscow and Tehran – not Washington.

    I suspect you are placing hopes on Washington and Ankara breaking off ties. Don’t fool yourself, it wont happen anytime soon. Washington (and Tel Aviv) need Ankara more than Ankara needs them. However, this does not mean that Washington and Tel Aviv are not hedging their bets when it comes to an increasingly independent Turkey. As a result, Washington and Tel Aviv have begun prepping Kurds in northern Iraq. American and Israeli intelligence have been training/funding Iraqi Kurds since 2003. They are laying the foundations of a Western/Israeli backed Kurdistan that will act as a buffer against Arabs, Turks and Iranians. So, if the kaka-hits-the fan between Turkey and the West, expect the West to fully back Kurds – not Armenians. Expecting the West to ally itself with a little “Russian-outpost” called Armenia is naive at best.

    I don’t think you have thought out these things completely through. Don’t put any hopes in the political system of the West. Armenians need to have the foresight to concentrate their limited pan-national resources in Russia and Iran. When Western Armenia gets liberated it is most probably going to be in the same manner as in 1915 when Czarist and Armenian forces routed Ottoman troops during the early years of the First World War. The rise of Bolshevism ruined it, but that’s another story.

  26. @AR
    I forgot to add: I don’t know where you are getting your information about Russia from, but starting in the late 1990s Russian nationalists spearheaded by the FSB brought Russia’s Jewish oligarchs to their knees. Some, like Berezovsky, fled the country. Some, like Khodorkovsky, were placed into jail. Some, like Lebedev, have been forced to join forces with the ruling administration. Moreover, unlike the 1990s, the Zionist state today considers Russia a strategic threat. Russian diplomacy and arms are some of the main reasons why Iran has not been attacked yet. As a matter of fact, Russia is the political entity that is actually building Iran’s nuclear power plant. Russia backs Syria and maintains ties with the Hezbollah. Russia officials support the creation of a Palestinian state. Moreover, when Russiam forces entered Georgia in the summer of 2008, one of the locations they targeted was a secret Israeli military installation.
    So, don’t kid yourself. This is no longer Yeltsin’s Russia. Traditional Russian nationalism (Christian-Orthodox-Slavic nationalism) is on the rise. Russians are rediscovering their Czarist traditions. The Kremlin is gradually rediscovering its global role. Give it some time and they will be fully in control. Moscow controls the largest land mass on earth. They have virtually limitless natural reserves. And they have laid the ground work for taking a big chunk of the Arctic region as well. More importantly, they are showing that they have learned their history lessons very well. Russian power and influence is expected to rise greatly during the course of this century. Russia will be in the diver seat in the 21 century. At the very least, I want Armenia to be in the passenger seat.

  27. Avetis,

    I still think you are half right.
    Liberation of Western Armenia can happen only in two possible ways.  Either WW3 or International court.  If it is the WW3 then Russia would obviously play a huge role, but if it is through courts then it would show how powerful our diaspora is.  Olso I don’t exclude that the courts decision could cause WW3.  But I think you are still underestimating the ARmenian power in the world.  As for democracy in US and both political parties being the two sides of the same coin, be sure that I am past that in details.  
    Do you live in US? 

  28. Half of what Avetis says is correct. And this half, to me, goes to his assessments of role of the West and that most of those who represent Armenians in vdiasporan organizations in America, indirectly or directly, work for the US government. I have debated with him extensively in other threads, and I came to believe that his major flaw is his suggestion for Armenia to embrace overreliance on one power in the conduct of country’s foreign policy and, broadly, in the international system of stratification. Overreliance on one power never guaranteed national security in the long term. Rigid alliance of a minor state with a power center can be detrimental for the minor state’s national security if and when larger state’s geopolitical interests swing. Conversely, preservation of an optimal balance among power centers has always been beneficial for strengthening statehood and advancement of foreign policy goals of a minor state. I also don’t share his optimism about Russian power and influence rising greatly during the course of this century. Human development statistics—mainly demographic and economic—testify to a divergently different prospect. I greatly disagree on his vision of history of the Armenian-Russian relations, such as “Liberation of Western Armenia is most probably going to be in the same manner as in 1915 when Czarist and Armenian forces routed Ottoman troops during the early years of the First World War” and “The rise of Bolshevism ruined it.” Well, Czarist regime attempted to use the Ottoman Armenians and their national liberation aspirations and a few Armenian revolutionaries, understandably, saw a way to throw off Turkish shackles with Russian help. But Avetis forgets that Russia was expanding in the Caucasus not for the beautiful Armenian eyes but for desire of control over the Middle Eastern hydrocarbonate riches. There were plans to inhabit the liberated Western Armenian lands with the Don and Kuban Cossacks. As for the rise of Bolshevism that brought Russian Caucasus advances to a halt thus allowing bloodsucking Turks to mass exterminate Western Armenians, Avetis stubbornly refuses to admit that Bolshevism was an ideology that the prevailing majority of ethnic Russians embraced. Thus, it was Russian, too, even though it was brought from the outside and many of its leaders were not ethnically Russian. But Russian masses accepted the new ideology and the new regime, and it was Russians who were sending gold and ammunition to Mustafa Kemal to eliminate Eastern Armenia after Turks have emptied Ottoman Armenia of Armenians. It was Russians who gave two large chunks of historic Armenia–Karabakh and Nakhichevan—to the Turko-Azeris. And it was Russians to instigated Azeri barbarous murders in Sumgait, Baku, and Maraga and emptying of Armenian villages in the Shahumian region. Our major national disaster will be when we forget the lessons of history. Its most important lesson is to never rely to an excessive degree on any outside power.

  29. @ AR
    Thinking that historical wrongs will be corrected through international law is naive at best. International law is written by the powerful to rule over the weak. Only in the case of a major regional upheaval will Western Armenia be a possibility – and only with the help of Russia and Iran. Again, our limited resources are being wasted in an anti-Armenian viper’s nest called Washington. Armenia should do its main political/economic investments in Moscow and Tehran, and Armenia should seek to maintain good ties with Brussels and Beijing. In this day in age, Washington is a threat and a liability for Armenia.
    @ Arsen
    As usual, your information is essentially disinformation. Your take on matters is not based on an objective or accurate understanding of history and politics. No one knows what percentage of the Russian population supported the Bolsheviks. Suggesting a majority did is a lie. Yes, a significant percentage of the empire’s none Russian population (Uzbeks, Georgians, Jews, Armenians, Tatars, Tadjiks, etc) and the Russian peasantry supported the imported Bolshevik movement. [one of the reasons why I don’t believe in democracy] The Russian establishment, its nobility, its intelligence, its clergy, its middle class, its upper class, etc., were mostly against Bolshevism and they fought the Red Army to the end. But after its devastating defeat on the western front against Germany, Russia was very weak at the time and the anti-state element within the empire was too powerful. They took advantage of instability and chaos. The empire eventually succumbed, opening the gates of the Caucasus to Turkish/Islamic hoards.
    Not Russians but Bolsheviks gave Armenians territories to Turks. As a mater of fact, there were only several people that made that decision – and not ONE of them were Russian. Political policy in Moscow at the time was carried out only by a handful of people – none of them ethic Russians. As a matter of fact, there were more top level Armenians in the Bolshevik movement than Russians. Do you want to blame Armenians for the anti-Armenian deed in question? It’s sad that you don’t even realize how silly you sound. In an effort to preserve the Supreme Soviet, the Communist party supported the Azeris in the initial phase of the Artsakh struggle. This was understandable. After the break-up of the Soviet Union, however, when the geopolitical formula naturally changed in the region, Russia quickly started supporting Armenians. Nevertheless, without this geopolitical change-of-mind in Russia in 1991, Artsakh and parts of Armenia would have been Azeri territory today. Thinking otherwise, is ill-informed.
    I rather have greater Armenia remained part of the Russian Empire than suffered a genocide and Bolshevik rule. I am not going into detail about other matters here because I know you are more interested in flexing your “intellectual” muscles with me than discussing historical/political truths.

  30. Avetis, where in previous threads did I “as usual”(?!) disseminated disinformation? Incompatibility with your views is disinformation and lies? Are you that narrow-minded? I’m not “suggesting” that the majority of the Russian population supported the Bolsheviks. I reiterate the knowledge I obtained during my under- and graduate studies and through my own doctoral research on Russian Civil War. Virtually all internationally-renowned Russianists (Richard Pipes, Dominic Lieven, etc.) agree that Reds were able to defeat the Whites and Bolshevism consequently triumphed in Russia because larger masses of ethnic Russians welcomed the imported ideology. The anti-state element within the Russian empire wouldn’t be as powerful as to contribute to the demise of the empire had there not been wide-spread discontent with miserable, intolerable conditions in which Russian workers and the peasantry lived. Not to see this obvious actuality in which Bolshevism attained a fertile ground is silly and short-sighted.

    Bolsheviks who gave Armenian territories to Turks and Azeris in 1918-1921 were the official authority representing RSFSR: the RUSSIAN Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. Many were non-Russians, I never denied that, but they represented Russia at the time nonetheless. Many in the Young Turk top echelon were non-Turks. Do you mean to say that it was not Turks who mass murdered Armenians? Stalin was Georgian. Was the Georgian nation guilty of purges?

    In the initial phase of the Artsakh struggle, if we admit that the Communist party was attempting to preserve the Supreme Soviet, who were the decision-makers at the top who extended support to the Azeris pillaging and massacring whole Armenian villages? Who were they ethnically? Non-Russians?

    You answer your own arguments by this one phrase: “…without this geopolitical change-of-mind in Russia in 1991, Artsakh and parts of Armenia would have been Azeri territory today.” Bingo! So at the end of the day it’s all about “geopolitical change-of-mind” not the ethnicity-based unconditional love for the beautiful Armenian eyes.

    First democratic republic of Armenia leaders didn’t want to part with the Russian empire and create the republic. If Armenia stayed in the Russian orbit, of course it’s less likely that the nation would have suffered a genocide and Bolshevik rule. But, as you confirmed, geopolitical changes-of-minds do happen and to overrely on just one power proves to be suicidal.

  31. Dear Avetis,
    One more thing, I just like to add it up is Iran’s position with Armenia…Iran’s Islamic government will support azerByjan if Alioff turn a green light to Ayatollahs Shias and get rid of Israelis!!Only Persian nationalists (secular) can understand the danger of Pan-Turkism, right now they have no power over Ayatollahs, and country control by fanatic Islamic clerics..Iran do not have good relationship with alioff and azeBYjan, and politically are with Armenian side, let’s hope stay that way… all I am trying to tell you that Armenians are not the same people of 19-th century, we are well educated, regardless if we live in RF or USA or EU or Armenia, our goal supposed to keep our independence and make country stronger, where we are surrounded with sea of enemies and less friendly nations..we have to act smart and do our best in politics and live with today’s world realities!!draw a proper map for our Armenia and her people. We all are deserved to have a stronger Armenia and happy population!! remember “tomorrow” is unknown the “past” is gone we have only today to act…

  32. Avetis:   I read somewhere that, according to a recent poll,  even in today’s Russia over 55 per cent of the population would vote for the restoration of the Soviet Union in the form it existed, read:  under the rule of the Communist (Bolshevik) party.  What makes you believe that Russians in their majority would not embrace Bolshevism back in 1917, if this imported ideology was so alien to the Russian mind and soul? Why was it possible to implant this ideology in Russia and not in Australia? Is it only because the importers wished to eliminate one of the fronts in WWI and destroy the empire or also because the Russian people might have accepted the new ideas as concordant to them?

  33. Avetis,

    Since you so much emphasize the ethnicity of rulers of the Imperial or Bolshevik/Soviet Russia, who ethnicity-wise do you think was Tsar Alexander III? The one whose government in the 1880s-early 1890s rose chauvinistic of the Armenians (who were, probably, the most Russophile of the tsar’s subjects)? The one who ordered the closure of all Armenian parish schools and their replacement by Russian ones and the persecution of the Armenian Church? Was he not Russian?

    Who ethnicity-wise do you think was his heir, Tsar Nicholas II? The one who ordered Armenian schools, cultural associations, newspapers and libraries closed in 1897 and the confiscation of the properties of the Armenian Church in 1903? Was he not Russian?

    P.S.  Don’t tell me these or their predecessor Romanovs were of half-European royal blood, thus cannot be considered ethnically Russian…

  34. ARsen,

    re.   geopolitical changes-of-minds do happen and to overrely on just one power proves to be suicidal    Such a simple thing, yet so hard for some to understand. Nothing is more true abour ARmenia than this statement.

    I often say ARmenia, due to its diaspora, (mainly N. America, Europe and Russia) has come to a point where from now on it can only be good or better.  The reason I say that is because more and more I see how diaspora Armenians, be it from Russia or USA, get involved in the everaday Armenian politics.  Of course the diasporans can’t act against the interests of the countries they live in, but that in turn creates a very interesting and balanced situation.  For example if the interests of ARmenia crosses the national interests of USA then we have the Russian diaspora to push things forward.  Same way if interests of ARmenia crosses with the interests of Russia then we have the Wetstern diaspora for back up.  So what happens is that at the end of the day we have three parties:  WESTERN DIASPORA, RUSSIAN DIASPORA, and of course the government of ARMENIA.  Assuming Western diasporan is in a disagreement with Russian diaspora then ARmenian government will be in a unique position to calculate precisely what is in the best interests of ARmenia and do accordingly. (I assume there would not be a scenario where Western and Russian diasporans would agree on something against ARmenian governments will {except the protocols that were signed with turkey :) } ).  This is a win win situation of course only if we have a democratic government in ARmenia.  The recent amnesty in ARmenia is a prove that we are heading towards democratic government. 


    Correct me if I am wrong, you don’t think the Russians liked the recent amnesty in ARmenia do you?? 
    Also you clearly are failing to realize that Israel’s (Jews’) power does not come from their allies such as USA.  It comes from their diasporas in the USA and other coutries. 

    You calim that –Thinking that historical wrongs will be corrected through international law is naive at best.  
    You clearly have been missing the recent court rulings over the French and German life insurance companies. Need I go on???
    You give Russians more credit than they deserve.  No offence to you but had you not reffered the posters here to read the ARevordi blog, I would have thought that you are a former “chekist/comitetchik/operativnik”. I don’t think you are or were but your views remind me of some that were.  Stop being so “RUSAMET”.  Aftel all they are not helping us because of beautiful ARmenian eyes or because loooong loooong time ago we were their BIG brothers.  They do it because they don’t want to loose Armenia to the West just like they did Georgia.  It is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of. 

    You also claim that –  Washington is a threat and a liability for Armenia. 
    Just because Wasington keeps on milking turkey by not officially recognizing the ARmenian Genocide, subsequently Western ARmenia, does not mean that Washington is a threat and a liability for ARmenia.  Slowly but surely the Washington does the right thing.  If you have any evidence that the Washington is a treat for ARmenia please share with me.  In case you don’t then please stop spreading such a nonsence.


  35. @Karo
    I have debated these kinds of topics with likes of you for many-many years. Your kind is desperately reaching for the bottom of the barrel to make a point. It gets rather annoying after a while. But I’ll address your comments, not for you but more for the other observers here.
    During the late 19th century, Armenian nationalism (that which was for the most part started and encouraged by Czarist Russia) began working against not only Ottoman rule – but against Russian rule as well. In addition, Armenian nationalists (who were given a lot of Czarist support in the late 19th century) began entering Marxist/Socialist movements. The Czar, who’s rule was beginning to weaken, saw this as backstabbing as well as a long-term threat to the empire. Naturally, some problems emerged between Armenian nationalists and Russian officials as a result. Armenian nationalists attacked Russians and Russians in turn responded by cracking down on Armenian nationalists. The embattled Czar even went as far as temporarily closing Armenian schools because of all people Armenians had also become problems for them. All in all, however, these were very minor problems and had it not been for Western and Turkish propaganda you and I would not be discussing them in a public forum.
    Why are we even discussing this? Russia is has been, is and will continue being for the foreseeable future, Armenia’s security guarantee. It’s interesting, what are you tempting to do with your comments? What is your intention? Is it self-destructiveness or is it something more sinister? Or are you just simply trying to flex your muscles as well?
    Nevertheless, had it not been for them pesky Russians coming down to the Caucasus two hundred ago, you, I and every other Armenian in the world today would still be living like mountain Turks or Kurds. It’s down right absurd that a significant portion of Armenians today subconsciously hate Russians more than they hate Turks.

  36. @ paul
    There are as many polls as their are interests funding them. Don’t pay much attention to polls. Modern Russians, especially the new generation, does not want anything to do with Bolshevism.  The older generation’s nostalgia with yesterday has to do with post- Patriotic War communism, when the Soviet Empire was powerful and stable. Don’t make the mistake of equating early Bolshevism with late Communism. After the Second World War, the Soviet Union began taking on a Russian flavor. This was due to the patriot fervor that the war had brought upon the region’s Slavs and due it the weakening of organized Jewry as a result of Stalin’s purges in the 1930s.
    I am a diasporan, but I have learned that Russia is the single most important yet least understood factor in Armenian statehood. A Caucasus without a strong Russian presence is a Caucasus without an Armenian presence.

  37. @AR
    I don’t know political insider information. I can only guess and say that if they had a say in it, Moscow would have only encouraged Yerevan to give amnesty to the criminals that attempted to overthrow the government in 2008. Russia wants stability in Armenia. Russia also realizes that the Levon camp is powerless now. I don’t think Moscow was involved in the decision, however. I think it was Serj Sargsyan’s administration’s foresight and initiative. President Sargsyan is a brilliant strategist. By becoming soft on certain matters, he has effectively defanged the self-destructive peasantry in the country. He is gradually lessening political tensions in the nation at the same time discrediting the opposition. Armenia must remain stable because Georgia is about the suffer a regime change in the near future.
    Again, international law is made by the powerful to control the weak. Understand that. The situations you cited are mere peanuts; they are window dressing. They are not major geopolitical matters. When it comes to geopolitical matters, there is no such thing as law – then only interests exist. The Armenian Genocide and Western Armenia are purely geopolitical matters. As I suggested to you in my previous post, not understanding the Western alliance’s political system makes well meaning individuals such as yourself indirectly work against the interests of Armenia.

  38. Avetis,

    re.  The situations you cited are mere peanuts; they are window dressing.

    Call it whatever you want.  To me they are PRE-CE-DENTS.  Much more to come.  Much more is on its way.
    You keep on insisting that Western alliance’s political system is against ARmenia’s interests.  Not having the same interests and being against are two different things. I am saking you for the second time to explain, if you can, how Washington is a treat for ARmenia. 

  39. AR: (brownish red logo) re: “…how Washington is a treat for ARmenia.” (I assume you meant threat)
    I do not represent Avetis, of course, but my read of the threat to Armenia from the  (Neocon) West  in general, and Washington in particular is as follows:
    1) The West, particularly the Anglo-American Empire has coveted the vast, sparsely populated landmass of Russia for at least 200 years.
    2) This massive landmass has practically unlimited natural resources and raw materials, including unlimited hydrocarbons, that the Capitalist, consumer-oriented economies  of the West need to maintain their economic supremacy, which translates into military supremacy, which translates into World control.
    3) Anglo-Saxons are very smart, forward looking people: they plan their moves  50 to 100 years into the future.
    4) Soviet Union/Russia was/is too powerful militarily. Russia has as many or more nuclear warheads as NATO, so she can’t be threatened or blackmailed with  nuclear annihilation. For example, US used this threat to cow Pakistan – a nominally nuclear nation with a large, competent military – into submitting to US completely
    5) Since the West can’t bring Russia to heel militarily, it takes the long arduous road of death-by-a-thousand-cuts: Russia will be encircled to divide her forces, weakened internally by rebellions (Chechnya), distracted, dismembered, then taken over.
    6) Russia’s is most vulnerable at her Southern underbelly: large, unstable, militantly Islamist populations and countries.
    7) The Pan-Turanic chain, if and when completed, would be a huge, safe operating base for the Neocon West.
    8) They don’t care about the Islamist threat because both England and US are safely protected by vast Oceans.
    9) Armenia is just an impediment: I don’t think US cares about Armenia one way or another – it’s just a huge headache blocking their plans.
    I had reached this conclusion  long before I stumbled upon Avetis’s private blog about a year ago: it was quite  revealing to see somebody else share my views.
    I vehemently disagree with Avetis on many of the things he says there, but on this I agree with him.
    Of course neither I  nor Avetis are the only two people in the world: it has been out in the open, if you look a couple of levels below the surface.
    The famous Neocon Russophobe Zbigniew  Brzeziński has fairly openly talked about it for about 20 years (in code, of course).
    On Washington and the West: I disagree with Avetis’s  position that we should abandon DC, and concentrate our efforts in Moscow.
    Assuming Washington is the seat of Anti-Armenian efforts, doesn’t it make sense to “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer” ?
    There is no doubt in my mind that we must be active in the West, although there is no doubt in mind either that Russia’s Armenian Diaspora is very if not more important to Armenia.
    For example, about 70%-80% of private  foreign remittance of about US$1 Billion coming into RoA is from Russia’s Armenian Diaspora.
    (I will not discuss the military aspect: Avetis covers it in his blog in great detail)
    However, Avetis’s  optimism about Russia is overly inflated, I believe.
    Russia has huge natural resources, but her population is relatively small and poor, and about 15% of the population is Moslem  growing at 2-3 times the rate of the Slavs.
    The West has a relatively wealthy, huge population base. The Anglo-American countries alone have a base of  about 400 million (USA, England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand). Plus EU’s Western European base.
    The recent Russian insult to Armenians in Sochi should concern us all.

  40. ‘A Caucasus without a strong Russian presence is a Caucasus without an Armenian presence.’

    It was the strong Russian presence in the Caucasus that was interpreted fearfully by the Ottoman Turks that led to elimination of an Armenian presence on our historical lands in 1915-1923. Don’t forget!

  41. I consider it below me to answer a petty person who can descend so low as to address me as “likes of you” and “your kind”. Therefore, my response is not for Avetis but for other observers in this thread.

    The rise of Armenian nationalism in the 19th century was one the reasons Russians grew suspicious and sensitive towards the Armenians. This is a known fact. My intention is to explain by examples of Alexander III and Nicholas II’ Armenophobic behavior is that Russian attitude towards Armenians, or any other ethnic minority for that matter, changed, changes, and will change according to the circumstances on the ground: domestic, foreign, national security, economic, etc. In short: the circumstances in which the best possible outcome is dictated by Russian interests. Therefore, it’s a demonstration of simplicity of mind to suggest that Russia acts in the interests of other nations and not in their own interests, whether when expanding in the Caucasus two hundred ago in order to get closer to Middle Eastern riches or when cracking down on Armenian nationalists who rose against Russians primarily as a consequence of Tsarist policies of Russification and a thousand-year long aspiration to have a nationhood of their own. My intention is for Armenians to be on alert in that no outside power acts in our interests and no country—be it Russia or the US—can be trusted to the extent that we fall under a false impression that anything they undertake is aimed at anything other than advancing THEIR OWN interests. In this context, the example of Russians’ coming down to the Caucasus two hundred ago to save Armenians from becoming like mountain Turks or Kurds is laughable. A sober assessment and realization of the trivial truth that every nation acts in its own interests cannot be seen as an expression of Russophobia.

  42. Avery,

    Your assumption is indeed correct.  I meant threat.  Thanks for correcting me. I misspelled it.

    Let me comment to you by the order of your numbered comments.

    1)  True, I agree.  I believe you meant Anglo-Saxons and not Anglo-Americans.
    2)  True, I agree.
    3)  Very true, which in turn answers a lot of ananswered questions.
    4)  True, but I am not sure who controls their nuclear warheads at this point.
    5)  The West does not need to bring Russia to heel militarily. it already brought Russia to heel economicaly (early, mid, late 1990’s).  Russian money is worthless. (was/is not convertible)
    6)  Don’t agree.  Never underestimate the Chinese threat.  Chinese in China hate Russians more than Azerbaijanis hate ARmenians.  (something not widely discussed)
    7)  West will sacrifice Turkey to Russians. (like ARmenians sacrifice animals)  
      :)  Not only they care about the Islamist threat, but they can’t wait to be attacked.  Slowly but surely.  The real question is how to involve China. Isn’t it about time? 
    9)  West’s plans has already been blessed by ARmenians.
    Russophobe Zbigniew  Brzeziński is a puppet.  He has accomplished his mission long time ago. 

    Like the great philosopher once said; WAR IS THE PRICE FOR PIECE. ARmenians stand to gain the most after the next big war, which is inevitable. 

  43. The recent Russian insult to Armenians in Sochi should concern us all.

    Avery, could you please provide a link or hint this is about? I have somehow missed it. Thanks. 

  44. Admin: it happened again: I had typed an eight followed by close-paren and it changed to smiley face.

  45. @Avery
    Placing a statue of Andranik in a public forum in Russia was a very foolish step by the region’s Armenians. Again, we are getting carried away with emotional/unessential concerns. I don’t blame Russian officials in this matter. It is no secret that annual trade between Moscow and Ankara runs to the tune of about forty billion dollars. Russians and Turks have a very good business relationship. Despite that, however, Turks realize that Armenia and Artsakh are untouchable only due to Moscow’s support of Armenia. Despite the good business relations, Moscow fears pan-Turkism and the spread of Islam (more so than us Armenians, as a matter of fact). As a result, Moscow needs Armenia as a limiting factor to Turks even in the best of political circumstances.
    Thus, Moscow is managing the situation. It is keeping good lucrative relations with Ankara as it keeps Ankara at bay in the Caucasus via Armenia/Artsakh. Armenia is Moscow’s sledgehammer hanging over Turkish heads in the region. Nonetheless, Moscow policy is not to seek to inflame Turkish passions – especially over unimportant stuff.

    The fact is that the monument in very provocative to Turks. Many Armenians do not realize that general Andranik is very well known amongst nationalist Turks. Turks consider Andranik a war criminal, a terrorist and a bandit. As you know, there are many millions more Turks/Azeris/Tatars/Muslims than Armenians in Russia… What if one day they (Turks) decided to erect a monument to Talaat Pasha or Abdul Hamid or Atakurk… What then? The fact that no such statue exists in Russia is in a way a victory for Armenians.

    After all is said and done, Russia is Armenia’s number one strategic ally in the region and silly squabbles such as this will not change that geopolitical reality on the ground. Sentimental and foolish Armenians cannot allow sentimental and foolish matters such as this turning into political problems. Geopolitically, this matter is not an issue. If Armenians were seriously offended by this matter, similar to what Jews do in places like Washington, Armenians must learn how to effectively take such fight behind closed doors in the Kremlin. Armenians only know how to complain and how to predict the worst; and they then wonder why there is such low morale in the country…
    PS: thinking that by wasting our diapora’s limited resources in an anti-Armenian viper’s nest like Washington is a smart thing to do (because one must keep one’s enemy closer) is naive at best. We simply don’t have the national network, financial power or the experience to effectively manipulate or exploit the powerful demons running the show in Washington. The Anglo-American-Zionist global order is a direct threat not only to Armenia but to the much of the world. Armenia needs less Washington and more Moscow, Tehran, Beijing and Brussels. Armenia need to cut off its tie with institutions like the IMF, the modern world’s Western slave masters.
    PS: Moscow’s bad demographic situation has already begun to improve. This matter is being actively debated in Russia. Serious long-term measures are being put into place. The Russian Orthodox Church is also growing very powerful; this will also have a positive impact on Russian demographical situation. Moreover, in an certain sense, Russia only settped out of the “old world” in the year 2000. Russia today is a growing/developing nation with great-great potential in the coming century – barring any unforeseen calamities. The Russian-Armenian community is by-far the diapora’s most prolific. Armenians are very well positioned in Russia. If they become organized, Armenians can be in Russia what Jews are in America. Anyway, regarding Russia, give it time and you will see what I am talking about.

  46. Avetis,

    re.  Placing a statue of Andranik in a public forum in Russia was a very foolish step by the region’s Armenians

    According to the latest mews, General Andranik’s statue is being transferred from Sochi to (be placed in) Adler. So after all it was not as foolish as you think.  Agree or not?  You have a unique way of explaining things when they don’t meet your Russophile strategy. And don’t take it personal please.  Even if I fully agree with you why Russians would want to remove the statue, it still does not mean that it was a foolish step to erect it. 

    re.  thinking that by wasting our diapora’s limited resources in an anti-Armenian viper’s nest like Washington is a smart thing to do (because one must keep one’s enemy closer) is naive at best.

    Avetis, I think you have high credentials to teach English, History, maybe conspiracy theories too, but not politics.  Again, no offence to you friend.  You also would make a great lobbyist for Russian-ARmenian relations. 
    You are so convinced (maybe brainwashed too) in your toughts about Washingto being a threat to ARmenia that anyone that does not correspond to it, you simply mock them.  You have no room for any information that does not go along your views about Russia.
    I already told you in my earlier comments that not having the same interests  and being a threat are two different things. So for the 3rd and last time I am asking you to provide with some information, if you possibly can, on how Washington is a threat to ARmenia.    

    re. Armenia need to cut off its tie with institutions like the IMF, the modern world’s Western slave masters.

    Such an immature statement.   So Russians are the Angels to protect humanity and Westerners are the slave masters???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Russians never wanted to control the whole world. Only 15 republics, Mongolia, and the Arctic Ocean.  When they realized Alaska was too much for them to have, they decided to give it to Americans and symbolicaly charged them a couple of peanuts for it.  No, No. No, it was NOT because they could NOT hold on to it. They simply wanted Americans to have more land.  

    Avetis, whether  you and I like it or not, there will be 1 (one) government in the future.  Only one.  Which one of today’s governments will succeed in achieving it is not important at this moment.  What is important is for us  to understand that the reason we did not have it 2000 years ago was the lack of enforcement.  Modern weapons, transportation, technology are in full support of that.  It is inevitable, just a matter of time.  It may sound scary but we have to be prepared for that.  Having a one government for the whole world does not mean loosing our freedom.  People can/will still decide whom to choose as their leaders.   

    Was Tigran the Great a slave master?  Do you see now!!!

  47. AR:    You wrote: “Having a one government for the whole world does not mean losing our freedom. People can/will still decide whom to choose as their leaders.”   How do toy know?  From my readings into the subject I understand that these sinister globalist forces, architects of the much-criticized “one world government”, intend to strip people of freedom, nations of religions, countries of borders, and, above all, individuals of dignity and fidelity to principles.   I will oppose these sons of b*** globalists as long as I live and in any way I can…

  48. I’m glad, Avetis, that we agree on this one, although we disagree on many other issues. Having said this, I’m not sure if the notion of “neo-Bolshevism” is applicable to these globalist forces, becasue in essence they are supranational, supragovernmental, and supraideological.

  49. I may disagree with you, but unlike some other individuals here, I know your heart is in the right place. Neo-Bolsheviks/Globalists are firmly entrenched in the Anglo-American-Zionist alliance. They are multi-national. Their ideology is to control the world’s wealth (its financial system, its trade, its natural resources). They seek to eradicate the notion of the nation-state. They seek to eradicate the traditional family. They seek to eradicate religion (specifically apostolic Christianity). They seek to replace languages with English – the linguistic vehicle upon which the aforementioned is carried out.

    A person striped of his family, nationality and religion is a slave, a robot, an easily manipulated animal. The biggest danger posed by Neo-Bolshevik/Globalists is the alarming fact that a majority of the world’s population is unaware of its existence or its intentions.
    AR was right in that tendencies to enslave the known world existed since the beginning of human history. But they did not have the proper tools to carry it out. With the defeat of National Socialism in 1945, with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Western alliance has begun its globalist agenda. They have many powerful tools today – the control of global finance and trade. They have sophisticated weaponry. They have a global network of activists and spies. They able to set the moral, cultural and academic trends of the world. Their politically driven psyops (psychological warfare operations) is ubiquitous.
    Call be crazy, but I see the rise of Russia and China (Russia in particular) are the only remedy against this global monstrosity.

  50. Avetis:   Agree in most part. Disagree that “Neo-Bolsheviks/Globalists” is the correct denomination. Globalists or International Power Elites are names mostly found in the literature. Disagree that Globalists are entrenched in the Anglo-American establishment (Caroll Quigley has written extensively on this). The other way round would be more correct. I’d add Internet and social networks to the list of powerful tools to advance their globalist agenda. Partly agree, since it’s just a speculation, that the rise of Russia and China are the only remedy against this global monstrosity. Globalist forces also work to shaken the foundations of America. A bi- or multipolar world can be a remedy. Growing number of knowledgeable people can be another one. Faith in God and in the victory of the forces of good is, by all means, a remedy.

  51. AR seems to be the willing disciple of the following globalist school of thought –
    “We shall have world government whether or not we like it. The only question is whether world government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”
    James Paul Warburg – In an address to the U.S. Senate, July 17th, 1950
    “For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”
    David Rockefeller, from his own book, “Memoirs”.
    “The ultimate challenge is to shape the common concern of most countries and all major ones regarding the economic crisis, together with a common fear of jihadist terrorism, into a common strategy reinforced by the realization that the new issues like proliferation, energy and climate change permit no national or regional solution.”
    Henry Kissinger – op ed piece for the International Herald Tribune – January 12th, 2009
    “The New World Order will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down … but an end run on national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.”
    Richard Gardner – Council on Foreign Relations Journal, April 1974, Page 558
    “In the next century, nations, as we know it, will be obsolete. All states will recognize a single global authority.”
    Strobe Talbott – Deputy Secretary of State under Bill Clinton.   Time Magazine, July 20th, 1992
    “Fifty men have run America, and that’s a high figure.”
    Joseph Kennedy, father of JFK, in the July 26th, l936 issue of The New York Times.

  52. Arsen, when I compare or equate Bolshevism to Globalism its more for rhetorical effect than anything else. However, I do see parallels and I’m sure you do as well. Nonetheless, based on my life long observation of the Western alliance, I firmly believe that the modern world’s Globalism is fundamentally rooted in the Anglo-American-Zionist order and it was made possible by the defeat of Germany in mid-20th century and the collapse of the Soviet Union at the end of the same century. Although Anglo-American in nature, the Globalism ideology is purely business/wealth oriented. Traditional religions (Apostolic Christianity in particular), independent nation-states, nationalism, traditional family/ethics are obstacles for the Globalist movement. Although, for example, I have nothing against feminism and homosexuality per se, I nevertheless see that unorthodox/unaccepted aspect of traditional societies are being manipulated and exploited by Globalists towards their long term political/financial purposes. This does not mean that nations should stubbornly cling on to their old ways of thinking. This simply means that targeted nations need to stop the meddling of their internal affairs by the Western alliance. Nations of the world need to work towards progress without Western NGOs, the IMF, the World Bank, USAID, etc… This is where Russia will prove God sent in the 21 century.

  53. Avetis:   Agreed in most part with a few reservations and/or alterations above.

    Experienced the workings of globalists in personal life and in personal career which they disrupted at the and. Despise their behavior and methods, most of all: their unempathetic, condescending attitude towards people with fidelity to convictions who don’t kneel before them or serve their sinister agendas. Proud to say: never caved in and never will in the name of Jesus Christ.

    Glad to know this side of you. Your heart is in the right place, too, however we disagree on some geopolitical nuances.

  54. Arsen and Avetis,

    More tha anything I am realist.  You two live in dreams and tend to oppose the Mother-Nature.  You have been watching to many conspiracy theories on youtube.  I guarantee both of you will change your views down the road, just a matter of time. 
    I don’t know about both of you but more than anything I appreciate my freedom.  
    Avetis, if you did not know then you should know that English language is nothing more than a modern version of the ARmenian language.  Our job should be stopping the globalist from distorting the history, especially the ARmenian history. 

    One more time I want to ask you (both of you), was Tigran the Great a slave master??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Arsen, hopefully trying to aswer this question will enlighten you a little bit.

    Also, there is no such a thing as Anglo-American-Zionists.   

  55. AR:    I never watch conspiracy theories on youtube, because I actually from time to time read the works of authors whom the mainstream academia and political establishment brand as “conspiracy theorists.” In fact, some of them are serious scholars. For example, Carroll Quigley, noted for his teaching work as distinguished professor at Georgetown University, for his academic publications, and for his research on secret societies. Quigley had an important influence on President Bill Clinton’s political philosophy in 1991, when the latter launched his presidential campaign in a speech at Georgetown. Clinton mentioned Quigley again during his acceptance speech to the Democratic National Convention in 1992. Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time is considered the bible of non-mainstream history. Enough credentials for this “conspiracy theorist” for you?

    If you consider yourself a realist, you should know both sides of the history of the mankind. Have you done that yet? How can you appreciate your freedom while holding a view that one world government is just a matter of time? But one world government is exactly about the opposite: the limitation of freedom, as well as eradication of family institution, nationality, religion, and state borders. Can you feel free when these distinct socio-cultural values are taken from you? Mother-Nature as you call it, or God, to be correct, has created a human being to be free, not susceptible to the whims of a bunch of paranoiacs obsessed with world domination and total control on Earth. It is ungodly and blasphemous, because men cannot have total control over other men for there is no such a thing as total control per se.

    I never heard of Anglo-American-Zionists, either, but I’ve read about Anglo-American establishment in Quigley’s renowned book The Anglo-American Establishment: From Rhodes to Cliveden, where he traces the history of a globalist secret society founded in 1891 by Cecil Rhodes and Alfred Milner.

  56. Arsen. The term “Anglo-American-Zionist alliance/order” is something I coined several years ago. Once you put into the “Anglo-American” formula the Jewish factor, it all makes better sense. I personally think my term is a much better description/assessment of the global alliance in question essentially because in the power centers of Washington and London, the Jewish/Zionist presence has been and continues to be very great…

  57. Arsen,
    re. Mother-Nature as you call it, or God, to be correct, has created a human being to be free, not susceptible to the whims of a bunch of paranoiacs obsessed with world domination and total control on Earth.

    How do you know??  Unless you have solved the ultimate question of mankind, then you can not possibly know it.  Can you?  How do you know what the GOD had in mind when designing humans? Regardless of what your beliefs are, mankind has always had masters and slaves.  Not much has changed.  
    What gives you more freedom now when  ARmenia has borders and its own president.  Do you believe the shots are called by him? Or do you believe the borders are protected by our own army???  Wake up, stop watching and start seeing.  

    What the globalists are doing now is what Alexander the Great has tried, or Tigran the Great, or Chinggiz Khan. 
    Arsen, what we need is to stop the globalists from distorting our history. This we can.  Otherwise there is no way to stop them from their desires because it is natural.  If the people are smart enough the government(s) can never enslave them. 

  58. AR:    “If the people are smart enough the government(s) can never enslave them.”  Exactly.  I’d add: “and free enough…”

    I, of course, cannot possibly know what God had in mind when designing humans, but I know His Word from Genesis to Revelations.  “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32), meaning asking Jesus (who is the Truth) into your heart as your Master and Savior will cleanse your conscious and free your spirit.  It means we’re not accountable to a bunch of other human beings imposing their sick will on us.  They are not my masters, Jesus is. As such, I’m not their slave.

    That Armenia has borders or its own president or if its borders are protected by whomever is a part of freedom, because a nation is a grouping often possessing or seeking its own government.  Other important elements of being free are faith, family traditions, social affiliations, national identity consisting of common history, geographic location, culture, language and ethnic origin. You say “mankind has always had masters and slaves”.  But mankind has for most of its history had tribal, communal, and state formations as well.  Who decides for mankind how they should live?  A bunch of globalists?

    And, no, what the globalists are doing now is not what Alexander the Great or Tigran the Great or Genghis Khan have tried.  These great warriors have tried to expand their rule by conquest, acquire new lands, pastures, and wealth, in short: create empires.  But empire is still a state unit, AR, ruled by a single supreme authority just like a president now rules a country; that has a territory, just like any country has.  The only difference is that empire comprises a number of territories or nations. I think the desires of globalists are more sinister as compared to those of great emperors, for they aim not just at a classical imperialist expansion, but eradication of family, nationality, religion, and identity.  If you think the globalists are doing now what emperors did in the past, then you should also know what happens to empires at the end.  They collapse thus proving that the desires for global domination are not natural and they can be stopped by many ways.  Educating people is just one of them.

  59. “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” Albert Camus

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