Element Band Concert (Englewood, N.J.)

MARCH 12, 2011 * 20TH INDEPENDENCE CELEBRATION. Hamazkayin Eastern USA and chapters are organizing a performance series in Boston, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C., in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Armenia. Held under the auspices of H.E. Tatoul Markarian, the ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to the U.S. Supported by local Gomidehs in all towns and the chapters of ARS, AYF, and Homenetmen. Featuring Element Band (www.elementband.com). Element Band’s greatest aspiration has been to apply new styles and innovation to musical traditions. Under the direction of Ara Dabandjian, the band’s music has met that challenge and has gained a unique identity in the process. The bold arrangements partner rock melodies, traditional Armenian, and the sounds of the Mediterranean. Fiery and passionate notes waft in and out of the music with pulsing cadences, infusing listeners with a unique and upbeat energy. Its eight members, including three vocalists, come to life through the use of unique instruments, trademark arrangements, and a rare chemistry, to make their performance unparalleled. For the NJ/NY/PA area—Begins at 7:30 p.m. at Dwight Englewood School, 315 Palisade Ave. in Englewood, N.J. To purchase tickets ($35, $50), visit http://www.itsmyseat.com or call Sona (NJ) at (201) 334-8658, Vartuhi (Philly) at (215) 233-1440, or Rita (NY) at (718) 459-4298. For the DC/VA area—Begins at 7:30 p.m. at the Auditorium at Langley High School, 6520 Georgetown Pike, Mc Lean, Va. To purchase tickets ($30), visit http://www.itsmyseat.com or call Lila at (703) 734-0372 or Karine at (301) 770-8765.

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  1. And well the Armenian diaspora – world over, together, shall celebrate the 20th year since the fledgling nation of Haiastan has happily evolved… Persistence!  We have come back, we are resurrected again! Now despite the continued efforts of a turkey to continue to eliminate any and all signs of the existence of the ancient advanced Armenian peoples.  A turkey’s pursuit, still ongoing into today to continue to remove any signs that Armenians existed for so many centuries BEFORE the turk hordes came from the Asian mountains (whence their history does not exist) yet these hordes determined to gain themselves a nation (ready made) via planned elimination of its Armenian citizens and, too, to continue their policy to pursue erasing signs of the Armenians from their own lands,  The turks planned to slaughter and worse of the Armenian population in order the turk could then can pursue lying,  historically, all that was of the Armenians would then become the history and the culture of the turkeys.  Today, this continues as they have stolen – still lying, onoging, to claim all advances of the Armenians over centuries were never of the Armenians…. but belonging to the brilliant and advanced (unhistorical) turkeys.    Note: yet the world does recognize that the Armenians were first nation to recognize Christianity as their national religion in 301AD (Rome in 307AD)… Thus the need for muslim turkey to eliminate the Christians!
    Today, a turkey continues to allow to fall to ruin, or too, creates turk’s museums out of the ancient Christian cathedrals and churches remaining – thus continues to move to erase any signs of the original Armenian culture, all the properties and the wealths of the Armenians which the turkeys have stolen – riches of the Armenian culture to be as if these were all originated by turks. All civilized nations consider all that centuries before had been created are retained and left standing for all civilized peoples that followed to know and  to learn from, to respect the antiquity left behind for the future generations to come.
    This is not of the turkey mentality… for any signs of the Armenians antiquity is to be destroyed by turks… But yet,  still exist – all bones of the Armenians who were forced to march to their deaths into the deserts – slaughtered, cruelly violated.  Actually, in death our victims bones are still unburied, but these bones speak to us – speak volumes still today.  For this, and so much more,  the accursed  lying turkey leaderships shall never be freed – thus a turkey continues to lie to the world, even to lying to themselves, using lies – to exist.
    Now, in the 21st century, the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation is still pursued by the need of the turks to continue to abuse the existence of the fledgling nation of 20 years, Armenia, when, obviously, a muslim turkey feels compelled to treat Armenians as a people who are to be treated as being beneath the ‘superior mentality’ of these genocides perpetrators… Bully turkeys still commit Genocides… behave as though the turks are due and owing from all the nations of the world… Imagine! civilized nations today tolerate the turks  to continue their bullying and abuse of peoples before all the world..  Actually, an “in your face” to all the world… daring any nations to address the turks who have been committing Genocides since the 19th, 20th and still into the 21st centuries!!  Genocides as their M.O. since they have “gotten away” with all their Genocides – as until today… Imagine! a turkey is not brought to face their guilt as were the Nazis of Germany against the Jews.  Discrimination!! Are some Genocides are worthy of being more recognized and the guilty made to face justice?   Evidently a turkey denials are effective against all the civilized nations… as truths!!
    The Turkish Genocide of the Armenians is in fact, being bandied about – over the years – as unworthy of justice – been ignored by the greatest republic the world has known, the USA government (USA State Department whose leaders even removed USA Ambassador Evans from office for speaking truths of the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation – evidently to assuage the turkeys.. WHY?
    Too, it appears that whistle blowers – brave persons who bring to light all that the USA State Department is ‘hiding’ dishonestly, for its own convoluted unAmerican reasons such as today against the latest whistle blower, Julian Assange.  Too the USA State Deparment (via courts) ‘gagged’ a Turkish born woman, Sibel Edmonds, too a  citizen of the USA) employed HER to seek out data she brought to light the  anti-American actions of a turkey… BUT she too, was forced to step back – she too, was gagged by the courts of the USA!!  FOR SHE WAS NOT ALLOWED TO SPEAK OUT AGAINST A TURKEY!! One wonders why a turkey can control the efforts within our own USA leaderships – within our own USA borders!! One wonders what does a turkey hold over the USA leaders that can force the USA leaders to ‘fear’ to speak out against the bullying turkey leaderships.. One wonders… does a turkey use the tactics as they did against an American congresswoman whom they ‘filmed’ together with a ‘planned’ Turkish woman… as described by Sibel Edmonds… One wonders, filmed??  Manooshag

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