ASA Welcomes New Sister

RADNOR, Pa.—The Armenian Sisters Academy (ASA) of Radnor recently welcomed Sister Nelly Isin for the 2010-11 school year. Sister Nelly is well-remembered and loved from her days with the ASA in the early 1990’s. She was new to America then, and would take home Montessori story books to improve her English. Many remember reading specialist Mrs. Gold who helped not only the students but also this new Sister who had come from France, via Tehran, Iran, and originally Istanbul.

“When you have determination, you succeed,” says Sister Nelly. And it was that tenacity that allowed Sister Nelly to add English to the list of five other languages she’d mastered: Armenian, Arabic, Turkish, Italian, and French.

Her time as a Sister has been one of selfless giving in many forms. At one time, she taught at the Institute Mariam, an Armenian high school in Tehran with 3,000 students. She spent time in France, caring for another sister and housing high school and college students. She’s taught at the ASA’s sister school in Lexington, Mass., and most recently ran the Sisters’ bed and breakfast in Rome. Managing guests from around the world in this 10-room inn was not easy, but as testimony to her hard work, the inn often had repeat guests, including ambassadors and celebrities from Holland and Ireland. She was there in 2000, a Jubilee year when tens of thousands of Christians visited Rome.

“I’m happy to be back in this joyful, well-organized school,” reflects Sister Nelly. “I pray for the faculty, staff, and volunteers that enable the Academy to run so smoothly.” She’s proud of the addition the Academy added in 2004, and she’s quickly becoming a favorite among primary-level students as she teaches religion and Armenian. Her bright blue eyes and quick smile make her a favorite among the staff, too.

For more information about the Academy, visit, or contact Susan Pogharian by calling (610) 757-7090. To enroll your child, email

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