New Phase in Documentation of the Armenian Genocide

A decade after Wolfgang and Sigrid Gust published the original version of the website, we announce the launch of the first of a series of new sections of Armenocide. This section contains 80 Danish Foreign Ministry documents on the Armenian Genocide and related issues in the original Danish and in English translation. The documents are compiled, introduced, and translated by Danish historian Matthias Bjørnlund.

As with all documents on Armenocide, the Danish documents are indexed, annotated, and summarized. They add to the close to 900 German Foreign Ministry documents on the Armenian Genocide and the 1909 Adana massacres (a section that includes British documents), already on the website. Some 250 of the most important German documents online have at this point been translated into English, and a section with German documentation of the fates of individual Armenian deportees during the genocide is in the making.

In an age where the publication of large quantities of documents in book form has by and large become economically unviable, aims at becoming an increasingly important primary source of information. It is a source relevant not only to those seeking knowledge of all aspects of the Armenian Genocide, but also to those who research or have an interest in subjects like the destruction of the Ottoman Greeks and Assyrians; the history of the late Ottoman Empire in general; World War I in the Middle East; and Kurdish, Arab, and Jewish issues in the region.

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