Editorial: What’s the Rush Senator Kerry?

President Obama, clearly in no hurry, waited more than a year to fill the empty U.S. ambassador position in Azerbaijan.

Unfortunately, the president’s choice wasn’t worth the wait.  He nominated Matthew Bryza, a controversial diplomat, widely viewed as pro-Azerbaijani and carrying heavy conflict of interest baggage tied to his wife’s professional advocacy at a Washington, D.C. think-tank in support of Azerbaijani interests.  This think-tank, the Hudson Institute, significantly, has refused to reveal its foreign sources of funding, but public records show that its programs have been funded by interests from Azerbaijan, Turkey, and the Caspian energy industry.

The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, John Kerry, from the Armenian Weekly’s home state of Massachusetts, rather than opposing this flawed nomination, or, at the very least, using his powerful position to demand careful scrutiny of this nominee, has instead stretched the Senate’s rules to rush through Bryza’s confirmation as quickly as possible.

Under Kerry’s leadership, the Foreign Relations Committee did not provide the traditional one-week notice for Bryza’s nomination, and then, unusually, allowed only one day for Senators to submit written Questions for the Record.  Today, as we go to press, it remains unclear if Senator Kerry will again seek to rush through this process by scheduling Bryza for this coming week, despite the fact that his fellow Senators and, more broadly, concerned elements of American civil society, have yet to have a chance to meaningfully review, investigate, and respond to the written responses just released by the State Department.

Kerry’s unusual “fast-tracking” of this nomination is all the more troubling in light of the sustained efforts over the past several months by Armenian Americans, in Massachusetts and nationwide, in calling upon him to ensure careful scrutiny of the U.S. ambassadorial nomination to Azerbaijan.  The urgency of the Armenian American community’s communications with the Senator have reflected profound reservations over Bryza’s demonstrated unfairness on Armenian issues, as well as concern that the confirmation of a nominee who has consistently turned a blind-eye to Azerbaijani threats, aggression, and acts of cultural desecration will substantially set back the cause of peace in Nagorno-Karabagh.  The community’s concerns about Kerry’s actions are compounded by unanswered questions about why he has remained so conspicuously absent, during this session of Congress, as a co-sponsor of the Armenian Genocide Resolution, a measure backed by the Senate Majority Leader and one that he had, until now, consistently backed throughout his tenure in public office.

All citizens and Senators deserve a chance to meaningfully participate in the important Constitutional process of ambassadorial confirmations, especially when vital life-and-death issues are at stake, as they are in Nagorno-Karabagh.  As chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and a Senator representing America’s oldest and largest Armenian American communities, John Kerry should put the brakes on the Bryza nomination.


  1. Is Senator Kerry really a stalwart friend of the Armenian community or just another turncoat figurehead looking for the next big voting block to befriend?

  2. Kerry is a member of ‘Skull and Bones’ secret society. He’ll do whatever internationalist power elites will tell him to do and for their interests only…

  3. Any Armenian worth his salt, knows Senator Kerry’s “True Colors”.
    Remember he’s the person who in the late 1990’s vehemently called for the destruction of Iraq’s “Weapons of Mass Destruction”.

  4. Lost respect for Kerry,when he lied about his war record.Never trust a politician,they all have their own agenda.Kerry is supposed to have a lot of money,so he wouldnt be motivated by a bribe,or maybe not enough.Will the Armenians ever learn about double-talking politicians?

  5. I am very much disappointed so is the entire Armenian Community, “Mr. Kerry this is the least expected of a seasoned politician claiming dedication to the Armenian interests and causes/”  I am writing these lines with a heavy heart…. Heidi Kohler

  6. Senator Kerry and Amb. Richard Morningstar are great friends AND the latter was Byryza’s mentor, according to Sibel Edmonds.  See?

    Read her latest article  – about Bryza, on Boilingfrogs.

  7. HYe. Obviously, Kerry has turned to more lucrative sources… although being from the wealthy Heinz family, this should not be a ‘problem’ – (yet this behavior, actually ‘aping’ the Turks and their agreements to agree and then agree not to agree is not a surprise) as he has proven himself, over the years, several times…  and now, let’s see how he explains himself… if he is able, at all.   Manooshag

  8. Senator Kerry is a very smart kikhl. Armenians should not be disillusioned by this man. He is not our friend. He could care less about us Armenians.

  9. Can someone tell me why Kerry, a US senator, should care more about Armenians or anyone else more than others?  Why should not the interests of his country be foremost in his mind and guide his actions? 

  10. So is installing a stooge on the take for the Azeri government, in the best interest of America? Further, is lying for the Turkish Government about mass murder and theft of property of the Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians and now Kurdish population, in the best interest of the US? Your people need to pay for your crimes worry about that.

  11. Murat, you now seem to be interested in US electoral and representative system? I thought you could only spit out spite in matters related to the genocide of the Armenians by the hands of your barbarous forefathers… But I’ll try to explain. First of all, John Kerry is a member of the legislature of a country where, as a result of forced expulsions from their historical homeland in Western Armenia, Armenians were driven out en masse by the blood-thirsty Turks and now represent some 1.5 million-strong community of American citizens of Armenian descent. Therefore, Senator Kerry’s interests of his country and our interests of our new American homeland are, essentially, no different. Second of all, Kerry is the US senator representing the state of Massachusetts, where there is second largest constituency of electorate of American citizens of Armenian origin. In contrast to pluralist fascist state of Turkey, our elected representatives are expected to defend and pioneer the interests of their constituencies. If they don’t, they won’t be re-elected for the next term or receive full-fledged support during their current term. Is this clear or I need to repeat it for you?

  12. Kerry’s allegiances are motivated by subliminal messages from his forefathers. It’s in his DNA. I’ve never known it to fail. Amazingly, we Americans allow people like him to grab the gold ring.  

  13. Hey John,

    How about answering Murat’s question! One can throw your “response” right back at you by just replacing the names of the groups. So go ahead and answer the question, if you can!

  14. Alasa,

    Cut the bull! Your answer is not only highly subjective, questionable and one-sided, it also borders on outright racisim! What makes your being an American any different than my being an American? So, according to your logic (or lack there of), only those who are Armenian-Americans have the right to representation while a Turkish-American, or an Azerbaijani-American, or any other type of American are up the creek without a paddle because we do not warrant any form of representation.

  15. Senator Kerry realizes that Armenia is a thorn in his side and it’s not just about America’s interests.

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