AMAA Awards Scholarships to Needy and Deserving Students

The chairman of the AMAA Scholarship Committee, Robert Hekemian, Jr., recently reported awards totaling $105,000 in direct scholarship grants to college students for the 2009-10 academic year. This year, 53 students applied and, upon verification of need and academic qualifications, 51 were awarded scholarships. In addition, $15,000 was assigned for qualified university students in Armenia and $300,000 to various institutions of higher learning, including Haigazian University of Beirut in Lebanon and California State University in Fresno.

“Words cannot express my appreciation for the support that I receive from AMAA for my studies at Rutgers University,” wrote one scholarship recipient. “Hard work has been part of my college life. AMAA’s scholarship aid will drive me to do more.”

For over 40 years, AMAA has helped thousands of college students with scholarships, thus helping them to prepare for the future and relieving the financial burden that makes it harder to focus on their work. Many past recipients have returned the favor by helping others in need.

The scholarships granted this year were provided from the income of several AMAA endowment funds established over the year, from John and Sona Abadjian; John and Mary Abrahamian; Rev. Hovhannes Agnerian; Haigazoun and Angel Andonian; Dr. Robert Nerses Armen; the Aynilian Family; Vahan and Grace Azadian; Rev. Antranig Bedikian; Tavit and Sirvart Bogosian; Rev. Dr. Giragos and Yeprouhie Chopourian; Giragos M. and Helen T. Churukian; Arthur Dadian; Drs. Nazareth and Ani Darakjian; Dr. Haig Robert Darpinian and Berjouhie Timourian; Hagop and Esther Dohanian; Armine Ejdaharian/Bilezikian; Dr. Meguerditch Ejdaharian; Rev. S.K. and G.T. Emurian; Ani Etoyan; Charles Mesrob Garabedian; Flora and Diane Galoostian; Leon and Matilda Giridlian; Louise Googooian; Anne (Googooian) Halford; Khacher and Puzant Guzelimian; Angele Bedrossian Hancock; Martin Hatch Jr.; the Hekemian Family Trust; Dr. Michael S. Hovenanian; Peter and Sara Hovenanian; Paul and Arousiag Iskiyan; Martha D. Jedidian; George and Elizabeth Jerjisian; Karekin Kaboolian; Leo Kaljian; Ohannes and Araxie Karamanoukian; Alice Odian Kasparian; Kevork H. and Sirvart Kassouny Kavouksorian; John G. Kazanjian; Jeffrey Kerbeykian; Moses and Victoria Keshishian; Dr. John Keuhnelian; Lucy Kezlarian/Philipian; Rev. and Mrs. Dikran and Yester Koundakjian, and Haroutune and Salihe Berejiklian; Araxie Kouyoumjian Poladian; Hrant, Dolores, and Rosanne Krikorian; Serge and Ann Krikorian; Prof. Lootfi Levonian; Yervant and Virginia Levonian; Samuel and Victoria Magzanian; Rahel and Osanna Makanian; Edward and Helen Mardigian; Albert, Henry, and James Mouradian; Leon Mouradian; Murad and Yevkin Muradian; Raymond and Marie Nahigian; Nazareth, Artin, and Yester Nazarian Memorial Fund; George and Alice Philibosian; the Stephen Philibosian Fund; Altoon and Sarah Saprichian; Dickran and Flora Sarkisian; Krikor and Anna Sermabeikian; Berjouhi Sherene; Diran Simpadian; Edward and Hovnan Tashian; the Telfeyan Evangelical Fund; Ezras and Nellie Tellalian; Dr. Jirayr and Louise Tezel; and Rev. Edward S. Tovmassian.

The AMAA was founded in Worcester in 1918 and incorporated in New York in 1920, with the purpose of strengthening and supporting the Armenian people in their Christian faith and to encourage religious education as well as literary and philanthropic work everywhere. Since its founding, the AMAA has expanded its programs to 23 countries around the world.

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  1. Could you please give me information about Sarra Saprichian, one of the benefactors of the above-mentioned scholarship.  I’m working on a book and would appreciate any information you have about her.  Thank you

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