Hamazkayin Forum Kicks off in Yerevan

YEREVAN (A.W.)—The 16th Hamazkayin Forum opened in Yerevan on July 13 with the participation of 24 Armenian students from 8 countries.

The opening ceremony was an opportunity for the organizers and students to introduce themselves, get acquainted, and talk about the 2-week program ahead. A 15-minute film on the founding and work of Hamazkayin was also screened.

Speaking briefly at the opening ceremony was Mgo Yapoujian, a member of the Hamazkayin Central Executive; Dr. Lilit Galstian, a member of Armenia’s National Assembly and the director of Hamazkayin’s Yerevan office; Dr. Herand Markarian, a founding member of the Hamazkayin Forum; Khatchig Mouradian, the Forum’s program director and editor of the Armenian Weekly; as well as general supervisors Zepur Ohannesian and Sako Nokhoudian.

Earlier that day, the participants visited Yerevan State University and met with its president Dr. Aram Simonyan, who spoke about the university’s history and its current departments, emphasizing the many enrollment possibilities for diasporan students.

A lively question and answer session followed.

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