Diaspora Minister Visits ARS Central Executive Headquarters

WATERTOWN, Mass.—On June 30, Armenia’s Diaspora Minister Hranoush Hakopyan visited the ARS, Inc. International Office in Watertown. She was accompanied by Armenia’s Ambassador to the U.S. Tatoul Markarian.

A scene from the meeting
A scene from the meeting

The guests were welcomed by ARS Central Executive secretary Mayda Melkonian and office staff. Central Executive chairwoman Vicky Marashlian, vice-chairwoman Maro Froundjian, and Board member Graciela Kevorkian joined the meeting via videoconference from California, Canada, and Argentina, respectively.

During the hour-long meeting, the ministry’s projects, as well as the ARS’s centennial events, were discussed in detail. Hakopyan stressed the need to encourage diasporan youth to visit Armenia as often as possible.

The ARS Central Executive members went over plans for the centennial events, which will be launched next year in New York and concluded in Armenia. Also discussed was the possibility of mobilizing young and retired Armenian professionals to reside and work in Armenia, allowing the country to benefit from their knowledge and expertise.

Hakopyan advised the ARS to formalize these ideas and expressed her willingness and readiness to assist in their implementation.

At the end of the meeting, Melkonian presented Hakopyan and Markarian with a publication on the ARS. Hakopyan also presented a gift to the ARS.

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