ARF Bureau Sets Course for Future

PARIS (ARF Press Office)—The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Bureau reported on May 27 that the party has set a course for its future activities following a recently convened plenary session focusing on the party’s responsibilities since emerging as an opposition force after pulling out of Armenia’s governing coalition.

In discussing and assessing recent developments, the ARF Bureau asserted that leaving the coalition was the right choice. Becoming an opposition will afford the ARF the opportunity to challenge the authorities and prevent dangerous developments in Armenia-Turkey relations.

“The ARF will refrain from drastic approaches and the changes in its posturing will be based on the authorities’ policies,” said a statement from the Bureau.

The Bureau said its priorities would be to strengthen its political organization, educate a large cross-section of the population on national values, and to promote the party’s programmatic approaches to strengthening democracy and social justice. As such, the Bureau emphasized the important role the youth will play in shaping an effective political, economic, spiritual and cultural society guided by national interests.

On the Karabakh peace process, the ARF Bureau urged resolve and absolutely rejected efforts by Turkey to intervene in the resolution, and emphasized the importance of advancing and presenting and defending the Armenian position to the international community.

The Bureau also called for renewed efforts for the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide, condemnation of Turkey and demands for reparations.

Defending the interests of the Armenian state and elevating Armenia’s economic capabilities remain top priorities for the party.

In conclusion, the ARF Bureau asserted that the party’s decision to leave the governing coalition should not have a negative impact on Armenia-Diaspora relations. On the contrary, the Bureau said that it was only through uniting all national capabilities that all challenges facing the Armenian nation can be addressed.

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