Taniel Varoujan’s Daughter, Veronica Safrasian, Passes Away

Veronica Safrasian
Veronica Safrasian

Veronica Safrasian (nee Varoujean Tchiboukerian), the daughter of Taniel Varoujan, a well known writer and poet, passed away on February 25 in Purdys, N.Y. at the age of 98.

Veronica was born on June 6, 1910 in Perkenik, a village of Sepastia. After studying in Geneva, Switzerland, she came to the United States in the 1930’s.  She worked as a librarian and for the Rizzoli and Doubleday bookstores in New York, as well as for the New York Library until she retired in 1982.

She was very proud of her Armenian heritage and always participated in April 24th genocide demonstrations in New York City.

She is survived by a daughter, granddaughter, great grandson, nieces, nephews, and cousins.

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Guest Contributor

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  1. I was surprised and delighted to hear that the daughter of our beloved poet Taniel Varoujan was living in N.Y.My deepest sympathy toall the family members.I definitely will light a candle for her soul. deeply touched,

  2. I wonder, is this the mother of Veronica Alma Safrasian who attended PS 135 Man?
    If so, I have fond memories of spending time /w them.

    My deepest sympathy to the family for their loss

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