Michelle Hagopian Breaks AYF Women’s All-Time High Scorer Record

There was only one record broken at the 2016 Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) Olympics in New Jersey.  That record was not an individual event record, but the women’s all-time high scorer record set by Michelle Hagopian of Greater Boston/Granite City. Michelle’s last AYF putt All time high [more...]

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2016 AYF Olympics: Coach’s Comments

The following is a compilation of quotes from some of the coaches who were involved in the preparation of their teams for this year’s Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) Olympics. (Photo: Tamar Kanarian) Greater Boston This year’s winning Greater Boston chapter was coached by Ara Krafian. Ara is [more...]

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Sponsor a Page in the 2016 AYF Olympics Commemorative Special Issue

The annual Armenian Weekly Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) Olympics Special Issue will be published shortly. The issue will feature articles and photos of the 2016 AYF Olympics hosted by the AYF New Jersey “Arsen” chapter. As in previous years, we are seeking sponsors for the issue. For $100, [more...]

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AYF Olympic Queen 2016: Victoria Mesropian Yekhpairian

By Harry Derderian Victoria was a swimmer—a very good one—who was dominate for the New Jersey Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) in the 80’s and early 90’s. Not limited to the Olympic portion of AYF, she was an active member participating in all aspects of AYF life—plenty of spirit! Olympic [more...]

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AYF Olympic King 2016: Mike Mirakian Jr.

by Harry Derderian Mike Mirakian Jr.—a totally appropriate choice for Olympic king! Active in the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF), a consistent AYF Olympic participant, and active after his AYF days—all criteria met in splendid fashion. Olympic,Queen Victoria Mesrobian and King Mike Mirakian [more...]

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2016 AYF Olympics: North Andover Wins First Ever Softball Game

NORTH ANDOVER, Mass. (A.W.)—You can label this the classic David & Goliath story. ‘The challenge was up to North Andover, a small community in Merrimack Valley which had never prevailed on the diamond—ever in its brief but storied past.’ (Photo: Tamar Kanarian) On one side, you [more...]

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AYF Western U.S. Concludes Annual Convention, Issues Statement

LOS ANGELES, Calif.—The Armenian Youth Federation Western United States (AYF-WUS) held its 43rd Annual Convention on the weekend of Sept. 9 at AYF Camp. More than 60 delegates from 13 AYF chapters were present at the Annual Convention, the highest legislative body of the organization. The [more...]

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2016 AYF Olympics: Greater Boston Is Greatest

By Bob Tutunjian NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (A.W)—The Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) Greater Boston “Nejdeh” was formed 16 years ago with the merger of the Boston “Siamanto” and Watertown “Gaidzag” chapters. The Siamantos won the Olympics five consecutive times from 1980-1985 while the [more...]

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2016 AYF Olympics: Sunday Results (Track and Field)

Below are the results of the Sunday Track and Field events at the 83rd Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) Olympic Games, which were hosted by the AYF New Jersey “Arsen” chapter. Women’s Track and Field (Photo: Tamar Kanarian) Men’s Track and Field  (Photo: Tamar [more...]

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