Participants of the ARF Educational Weekend

AYF Eastern Region Hosts ARF Educational Weekend in Connecticut

PLAINVILLE, Conn.—In the ARF’s 125th anniversary year, the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) Eastern Region hosted its biennial ARF Educational Weekend on Nov. 6-8 at the Fairfield Inn & Suites in Plainville. The weekend, planned by the AYF-ER Central Executive, brought in 25 AYF members from [more...]

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nico feature

Poem: The Unneeded Dark History

By Nicholas Michael Krikorian In the year of 1915, Armenia was threatened, And on April 24th, The dark Ottoman Empire prevailed. One million and a half lives were lost, One million and a half tears contacted the dirt, Because of black-hearted unconscionable warriors, One million and a half houses [more...]

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(L-R) Ema Bandazian, Jacqueline Fales, and Gaby and Kristina Bedrosian tell of ancestors killed in the Armenian Genocide. (Photo: Carmine Galasso/Staff Photographer for The Record)

NJ High School Tennis Players Speak about Armenian Genocide

Recently, four Armenian-American high school students, Ema Bandazian, Jacqueline Fales, Gaby Bedrosian, and Kristina Bedrosian, brought attention to the Armenian Genocide, in the current year of the Centennial of the crime, by discussing their family histories with a local New Jersey newspaper, [more...]

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A scene from the seminar

2015 AYF Senior Seminar

By Sylvahna Menissian The Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) held its annual Senior Seminar on Oct. 2-4 at Camp Haiastan in Franklin, Mass. With almost 100 AYF Seniors in attendance, members came all the way from California, Canada, the Midwest, and the Eastern regions. The committee put together a [more...]

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AYF Juniors practicing archery

AYF Junior Conferences Held in Detroit

By Araxie Tossounian “Welcome to the Future,” was the theme for the Midwest Junior Conferences that were held Oct. 9-11, hosted by the Detroit “Kopernik Tandourjian” Junior Chapter. Participants listen to a presentation Juniors from Detroit and Racine gathered at Echo Grove Camp on Friday [more...]

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Ara Sarajian (right) with friends, and local AYF and ARF ungers in front of the ARF office in Stepanakert

Sarajian: What I Learned in Artsakh

As I found out that my summer trip to Western Armenia was cancelled (due to circumstances overseas), I was disappointed and frustrated. My good friend Stephen and I were planning on visiting a land we had never seen before, a land that belonged to our ancestors. After being informed that we could [more...]

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Tamar Melkonian and Ani Zargarian of the Arev Armenian Folk Ensemble

2015 AYF Olympics Saturday Night: A Successful Experiment

The Saturday Night Dance at the AYF Olympics has always been…something less as Olympic weekend dances go. It was always the little brother to Sunday’s Olympics Ball. Since the emergence of the Friday Alumni Dance, the Saturday Night Dance has even taken a back seat to that. There are all kinds [more...]

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2015 AYF Olympics: ‘Stand Up for Your Survivor’

The Providence committee had a serious discussion early on in their planning process. It was asked that, given it is the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, was it appropriate to even have the AYF Olympic Games this year? It was a good and necessary discussion to have, and they made a right [more...]

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Stole-bearer Mgo Kassabian leads a religious procession at St. Gregory Church a week after leading his North Andover AYF to Most Improved Chapter recognition. Mgo also received the coveted Ernest Nahigian Sportsmanship Award for exemplary service at the Games. (Photo: Tom Vartabedian)

Kassabian Lives His Late Father’s Dream

NORTH ANDOVER, Mass.—Mgo Kassabian had two big reasons to celebrate at this year’s AYF Olympics in Providence, R.I. Stole-bearer Mgo Kassabian leads a religious procession at St. Gregory Church a week after leading his North Andover AYF to Most Improved Chapter recognition. Mgo also received [more...]

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2015 AYF Olympics: Coaches’ Comments

By Bob Tutunjian This section is a compilation of quotes from some of the coaches who were involved in the preparation of their teams for this year’s Olympics.   Providence This year’s winning Providence Chapter was coached by a team of several alumni. One of them was long-time [more...]

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