AYF's 100 Days of Action

AYF’s ‘100 Days of Action’ Begins

Over the past 100 years, the Republic of Turkey’s government, through denial and suppression, has led a full-fledged assault against recognition and reparations for the crimes committed during the Armenian Genocide. The Armenian Genocide that started on April 24, 1915, was not a byproduct of war, [more...]

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A group photo of the participants.

81st Annual AYF Convention Held in New Jersey

The 81st annual AYF-YOARF Convention took place Dec. 26-30, 2014, in East Rutherford, N.J. More than 30 delegates attended this year, and the event was highly productive and efficient. Each district in the AYF Eastern Region was well represented. A group photo of the participants. The weekend began [more...]

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The cover of a 1999 edition of Moushegh Ishkhan's 'Letter to Father Christmas,' illustrated by Khoren Hagopian (Kilikia Publishing House; Aleppo)

Letter to Father Christmas

  By Moushegh Ishkhan Translated by Tatul Sonentz   The cover of a 1999 edition of Moushegh Ishkhan’s ‘Letter to Father Christmas,’ illustrated by Khoren Hagopian (Kilikia Publishing House; Aleppo) Father Christmas, This here letter—my very first— I write to you And [more...]

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The AYF-YOARF Eastern Region strongly condemns the continuation of ceasefire violations committed by the Azeri government.

AYF-YOARF ER Statement on the Downing of Artsakh Helicopter

On Nov. 12, 2014, Azeri military forces shot down an Artsakh Air Force Mi-24 unarmed helicopter at1:45 p.m. local time, once again violating the ceasefire. The helicopter was engaged in military training exercises near the line of contact. According to the Nagorno Karabagh Republic (NKR) Defense [more...]

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A scene from the celebration

Philadelphia AYF Hosts Eternal Flame

Celebration Features Karnig Sarkissian By Taleen Streeter During the weekend of Aug. 21, we welcomed the Eternal Flame to Philadelphia. “The Eternal Flame is an initiative organized by the AYF-Youth Organization of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation of the Eastern Region, United States of [more...]

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Birthday boy William Whittlesey (with hat) celebrates his 11th year by collecting more than $600 in gift contributions for Camp Haiastan.

A Child’s Birthday Gift for Camp Haiastan

SHERBORN, Mass.—In a world governed by corporate executives, venture capitalists, and philandering bureaucrats, sometimes it takes a child to do a man’s job. Birthday boy William Whittlesey (with hat) celebrates his 11th year by collecting more than $600 in gift contributions for Camp Haiastan. [more...]

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coaches feature pic

AYF Olympics: Coaches’ Comments

This section is a compilation of quotes from some of the coaches involved in this year’s Olympics. Detroit chapter This year’s winning Detroit chapter was coached by a team of several alumni. One of the new Olympic Kings, Alex Sarafian, shared his thoughts on the Games this year: “I was not [more...]

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Charlie Krikorian and Maro Garabedian Dionisopoulos

Maro from Providence: The Kheyma Party and Then Some

By Harry Derderian Maro from Providence. Not much more needs to be said than this, as countless members of the AYF family know who you are referring to, and respond with a smile. No one from the Land of the Green Machine–or elsewhere, for that matter—carries as much of a flame for the AYF than [more...]

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The 2014 Kings and the 1975 Queen

An Interview with Olympic King Steve Panosian

Steve Panosian was named a King at the Detroit Olympics. Unless you are of a certain age, the name might not be familiar. Even in Detroit he is not known by the current AYF generation. (He has not lived in Detroit for more than 25 years.) His 35 points do not get him on the high scorer’s list in [more...]

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