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AYF Olympics: Coaches’ Comments

This section is a compilation of quotes from some of the coaches involved in this year’s Olympics. Detroit chapter This year’s winning Detroit chapter was coached by a team of several alumni. One of the new Olympic Kings, Alex Sarafian, shared his thoughts on the Games this year: “I was not [more...]

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Charlie Krikorian and Maro Garabedian Dionisopoulos

Maro from Providence: The Kheyma Party and Then Some

By Harry Derderian Maro from Providence. Not much more needs to be said than this, as countless members of the AYF family know who you are referring to, and respond with a smile. No one from the Land of the Green Machine–or elsewhere, for that matter—carries as much of a flame for the AYF than [more...]

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The 2014 Kings and the 1975 Queen

An Interview with Olympic King Steve Panosian

Steve Panosian was named a King at the Detroit Olympics. Unless you are of a certain age, the name might not be familiar. Even in Detroit he is not known by the current AYF generation. (He has not lived in Detroit for more than 25 years.) His 35 points do not get him on the high scorer’s list in [more...]

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Detroit luminaries (L-R) Sue (Merian) Arzoian, Violet Gavoor, and Nancy Gavoor have kept the AYF spirit embedded in their hearts.

Sue Merian: Pioneer of AYF Women’s Track

RENO, Nev.—At a time when women’s athletics was not considered fashionable, Sue (Merian) Arzoian created inroads. Detroit luminaries (L-R) Sue (Merian) Arzoian, Violet Gavoor, and Nancy Gavoor have kept the AYF spirit embedded in their hearts. Over a star-studded career that encompassed all of [more...]

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Sonny Gavoor and Ken Sarajian

Sarajian: The Last Lion

By Ken Sarajian It was a simple conversation at the Olympic Ball in Philadelphia a few years ago, between two coaches talking coaching and kids. Aram “Sonny” Gavoor had seen my daughter compete in her first Olympics and had noticed a few things that he wanted to share with me, so that I could [more...]

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Peter Crane and Sonny Gavoor

Not Quite an Angel over the Olympics

This article, as in the past few years, is dedicated to Angel Perethian and modeled after her long-running contribution, “Angel over the Olympics,” to the Armenian Weekly’s Olympic edition. Tommy Vartabedian and I always talk about her and how much people loved her Olympic articles. Tommy [more...]

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(L-R) Nikki, mom Armine, and Alyssa Kanis

Three Generations of AYF Tennis Medals

By Harry Derderian It is not unusual to see children follow their parents into AYF Olympic competition. There are many such stories, and the pride of family that goes with that is genuine and memorable. Where it gets really great is when we see three generations participating and each generation [more...]

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Olympic King Alex Sarafian with wife Kara and 2 children, Ani, 27 months, and Alina, 4 months

Olympic King Alex Sarafian Shuns Obstacles

DETROIT, Mich.—Given the choice between basking in royalty or passing the glory on to others, there’s no contest. Alex Sarafian was never much for individual attention, not in his days as a star-studded athlete, Governing Body member, coach, or now AYF Olympic King. Olympic King Alex Sarafian [more...]

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25 Yard Butterfly Medalists (L-R) Lauren Greenhalgh (WORC), Lynne Tutunjian (PROV), Faye Khatchadourian (MONT)

Providence & Detroit Duel in the Pool

By Bob Tutunjian During Friday evening’s swim meet, Providence and Detroit were tied going into the final 2 relays with 28 points each. But the “Varantians” were able to win both events to edge Detroit 38-34. They were led by three golds from Lynne Tutunjian and firsts in all three relays. [more...]

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400-meter medalists Tamar Changelian (Detroit), Tarvis Hintlian (Providence), and Shayna McCarthy (N.J.)

Topouzian, Sarkisov Score Repeat Wins in AYF Olympic Pentathlons

By Bob Tutunjian The women’s and men’s pentathlon events ended up being won by large margins by last year’s champions. In both cases, the winners had the top performance in virtually every event. 400-meter medalists Tamar Changelian (Detroit), Tarvis Hintlian (Providence), and Shayna McCarthy [more...]

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