(L-R) Terry O'Neill, president of NOW; Deon Haywood, executive director of ‘Women With A Vision,’ recipient of Mastrobuono Award; and attorney Kathleen Gasparian, founder of ‘PB&J Pro Bono and Juveniles,’ recipient of Olga Vives Award.

Kathleen Gasparian Fights for the Rights of Immigrant Kids

  Special for the Armenian Weekly This was my second time participating in the Annual Conference of the National Organization for Women. Once again, I was the only Armenian in the audience, but this time an Armenian attorney was the recipient of a humanitarian award. Kathleen Gasparian, an [more...]

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Citizens voting in Ankara (Photo: Lefteris Pitarakis)

Reflections on Turkey’s Parliamentary Election

On June 7, Turkish citizens went to the polls to elect 550 members of the Turkish Parliament. What did the election mean for the Armenians of Turkey, of Armenia, and of the diaspora? First, a few facts and context for the reader: More than 85 percent of the eligible 55 million voters—some 45 [more...]

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It’s ‘No to Plunder’, Not an Armenian ‘Maidan’

Special to the Armenian Weekly When I shared some of the early photos of the protests by the “No to Plunder” movement on Facebook, one of my friends contacted me to privately protest that I shouldn’t be supporting “chaos” and attempts to create a situation similar to the Ukranian [more...]

June 25, 2015 // 45 Comments

Thousands of citizens came out onto the streets of Yerevan Tuesday evening following a brutal police crackdown of protesters earlier that morning. (Photo: Serouj Aprahamian)

High Voltage: Yerevan Protest Ignites New Wave of Social Change

Special for the Armenian Weekly Residents living on Yerevan’s Baghramyan Avenue awoke to the sounds of water cannons and police wagons on Tuesday morning as police violently dispersed an overnight sit-in held by activists protesting a recent hike in electricity fares. Thousands of citizens came [more...]

June 24, 2015 // 24 Comments


Did We Dream a Bit too Much?

Special for the Armenian Weekly  Did we dream a bit too much, a bit too soon? After 25 years of not achieving this dream, do we go on romanticizing something that is still not—and may not ever—be? We dreamt of an independent homeland. A republic worthy of a people that hailed ideals, [more...]

June 23, 2015 // 11 Comments

ARFfeature (Photo:Photolure)

ARF Demands Release of Protesters

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Press Office on June 23 issued the following statement regarding the recent assault on and arrest of protesters for demanding the reversal of the decision to increase electricity tariffs in Armenia. Over the past few days, representatives of Armenian [more...]

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Resistance and Resilience

The Armenian Weekly Magazine April 2015: A Century of Resistance I am the product of two divergent familial coping strategies. My maternal grandmother’s family, the Der Melkonians, included resisters who defended themselves in the Adana Massacres of 1909. At the siege of Dörtyol, my grandmother, [more...]

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Aida Zilelian

Writing ‘The Legacy of Lost Things’

Special for the Armenian Weekly It has been several months since the release of my debut novel, The Legacy of Lost Things. I wrote it during a time in my life when an avalanche of difficulties was slowly conspiring to gather all of its force and unleash itself weeks before my daughter was born: I [more...]

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A scene from the lavish opening ceremonies on June 12. Multi-Grammy Award winner Lady Gaga was among the performers. (Photo:

Why the 2015 Baku Games Should Turn into a Stage for Protests

Special for the Armenian Weekly “This is the proudest moment in the history of the European Olympic Committees.” European Olympic Committees (EOC) President Patrick Hickey’s remarks at the opening ceremonies of the inaugural European Games in Baku were brief; after all, he had to share [more...]

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ANCA Legislative Director Raffi Karakashian, Esq. with USC Armenian Students Association members last November. Karakashian runs the ANCA Hovig Apo Saghdejian Capital Gateway Program

Just Graduated? Move to Washington!

By Raffi N. Karakashian, Esq. If you’re a qualified recent graduate, the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) is here to help you find a job. Sounds too good to be true? For those interested in public policy, government, or the media—and who are open to a move to Washington, [more...]

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