'Artsakh represents our first political victory since the genocide.'

Lend Your Voice for Artsakh Peace

The commemoration of the Armenian Genocide Centennial was a momentous and remarkable success worldwide and in Armenia. A great deal was accomplished—from the Pope’s  acknowledgement and the historical Mass held at the Vatican, to the statement made by the President of Germany , the resolutions [more...]

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Four Armenian servicemen were killed today in an offensive operation launched by Azerbaijan on Sept. 25

Letter: Yes, They Are Telling Us Something

Dear Editor: On Sept. 18, Garen Yegparian published an article in Asbarez, which also appeared in the Armenian Weekly on Sept. 24. The title of the article was “Are They Trying to Telling Us Something?” The basic tenet of the article is that: – Azerbaijan is violating the ceasefire on a [more...]

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Akcam addressing the 2015 International Hrant Dink Award ceremony in Istanbul on Sept. 15

Akcam: Lemkin and the Question of Armenian and Kurdish Reforms

The following article is adapted from a keynote address delivered by Clark University Professor Taner Akçam, Endowed Chair of Armenian Genocide Studies, at the 2015 International Hrant Dink Award ceremony in Istanbul on Sept. 15. Akcam addressing the 2015 International Hrant Dink Award [more...]

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Ilham Aliyev (Photo:

It Is Time to Confront Aliyev’s Aggression

By Nora Hovsepian, Esq., and Steve Mesrobian Ilham Aliyev (Photo: Azerbaijani dictator Ilham Aliyev fears accountability. He wants to keep killing Armenians, inciting hatred, and playing to the most hateful anti-Armenian elements of his own population. At home, he wants to continue [more...]

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President Serge Sarkisian (Photo: Official website of the President of Armenia)

Sarkisian Issues Congratulatory Message on Independence Day

On the occasion of the Republic of Armenia’s 24th independence anniversary, President Serge Sarkisian held a reception at the Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex in Yerevan. During the reception, Sarkisian delivered a congratulatory message to the Armenian people. His message read as [more...]

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Letter: Happy September 21

Dear Editor: It is a Saturday afternoon in 1969 in Toronto. I am driving to the Community Center on Dupont Street for the AYF Juniors’ weekly meeting. I am the Varitch unger. Upon arrival I discover that I forgot my notes for the day’s topic at home. I come up with the following question to [more...]

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Women's Resource Center participating in a demonstration for increased equality, Yerevan, 2013. (Photo by Svetlana Antonyan)

Matosian: Be the Change You Want to See in Armenia

Special for the Armenian Weekly As descendants of Armenian Genocide survivors, many of us in the diaspora have built our identities and ideologies around the issue of demanding justice, truth, and reparations for this crime. As the Centennial approached, Armenians worldwide put forth the important [more...]

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Soccer: The Road to Euro 2016 Runs through Yerevan

When the Euro 2016 qualification draw took place at the Palais des Congrès Acropolis in Nice, France, on Sun., Feb 23, 2014, one thing was abundantly clear: Armenia’s path to the finals would be difficult, but achieving qualification was an attainable goal. If the team could continue their [more...]

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he 130-year-old Afrikian clubhouse, which once served as a milieu for cultural and political visionaries, recently fell victim to Millennium Construction’s bulldozers to make space for a new hotel project.

Reclaiming the Right to the City in ‘Elite’ Yerevan

Special for the Armenian Weekly ‘The freedom to make and remake our cities and ourselves is, I want to argue, one of the most precious yet most neglected of our human rights.’ –David Harvey The 130-year-old Afrikian clubhouse, which once served as a milieu for cultural and political [more...]

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