The Ghosts of Bank Ottoman Past

Special for the Armenian Weekly (Top row, third from right) Papken Suni (born Bedros Parian) in his graduating class photo in 1893 . Note: Second from the left on the same row is renowned Armenian linguist Hrachya Ajarian. (Photo is displayed at the Getronagan Lycee in Istanbul) The story never [more...]

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In Armenia nowadays, more children from affluent families go to private schools

Do What the West Says, Not What It Does

Advice for Armenia Against Leading Western Educational Reform Tendencies Special for the Armenian Weekly Armenia needs talented youth in order to become a competitive player in the global market economy. The changing landscape of its schools due to school privatization, however, will eventually [more...]

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Cover of Toumani's There Was and There Was Not

Thoughts on the Book ‘There Was and There Was Not’

Cover of Toumani’s There Was and There Was Not I did not buy Meline Toumani’s book, There Was and There Was Not; instead, I checked it out of the public library and read it. The author states early on in her book that she wants to make a name for herself. She describes the Armenian [more...]

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'Artsakh represents our first political victory since the genocide.'

Artsakh’s Independence or Azerbaijan’s Territorial Integrity?

Special for the Armenian Weekly Ilham Aliyev (Photo: Gundem Azerbaijan) How frustrating it must be for President Ilham Aliyev to command the largest military force in the south Caucasus and not be able to retake Artsakh. His oft-repeated threat to use his military if necessary has begun to ring [more...]

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'At the end, we took two group pictures with a huge rainbow flag. One was for publishing...and another was for our keeping,'

Letter: ‘Rainbow Armenia’

Dear Editor, For the first time, an LGBT Forum was held in Armenia. Yes, you read it right. An LGBT Forum. In Armenia. It was symbolically called “Rainbow.” Just a couple of years ago, organizing such a forum and then publicizing it seemed to be impossible. For me personally, participating in [more...]

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Soccer: Armenia Secure Wooden Spoon in Group I

“It’s all over bar the shouting.” That’s an idiom often used when the outcome of a situation or event (or campaign) is a certainty, particularly when the outcome is known well in advance. Unfortunately for Armenia, that idiom could have been uttered well before their qualifying campaign [more...]

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Turkey Rights Groups React to ECHR Ruling on Perincek v. Switzerland

ISTANBUL, Turkey (A.W.)—The Human Rights Association of Turkey (HRA) and the Truth Justice and Memory Center—both Turkey-based organizations— on Oct. 16 reacted to the judgment issued by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on the case of Perincek v. Switzerland. The statment criticized [more...]

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George A.Feature

The Search for Family during the Chaos of Genocide

Special for the Armenian Weeky Have you ever wondered how Armenian families were able to reconnect during and after the genocide before the communication tools of today? There were those trapped in the diaspora, mostly men, desperate to hear any news of their families. At the same time, there were [more...]

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'Artsakh represents our first political victory since the genocide.'

Lend Your Voice for Artsakh Peace

The commemoration of the Armenian Genocide Centennial was a momentous and remarkable success worldwide and in Armenia. A great deal was accomplished—from the Pope’s  acknowledgement and the historical Mass held at the Vatican, to the statement made by the President of Germany , the resolutions [more...]

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Four Armenian servicemen were killed today in an offensive operation launched by Azerbaijan on Sept. 25

Letter: Yes, They Are Telling Us Something

Dear Editor: On Sept. 18, Garen Yegparian published an article in Asbarez, which also appeared in the Armenian Weekly on Sept. 24. The title of the article was “Are They Trying to Telling Us Something?” The basic tenet of the article is that: – Azerbaijan is violating the ceasefire on a [more...]

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