The hallowed turf of Old Trafford was nicknamed The Theatre of Dreams' by Sir Bobby Charlton (Photo: André Zahn)

Soccer: The Theatre of Dreams

Special for the Armenian Weekly The hallowed turf of Old Trafford was nicknamed “The Theatre of Dreams” by Sir Bobby Charlton, one of Manchester United’s storied attacking midfielders from days gone by. Charlton could be described as “Mr. Man Utd.,” having played most of his career in [more...]

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Robert Fisk (Photo: Mohamed Nanabhay)

A Response to Robert Fisk

By Movses Ter-Oganesyan The following is a response to Robert Fisk’s article, “Echoes of Stalinism Abound in the Very Modern Azerbaijan-Armenia Conflict,” published in The Independent on Sat., April 9. Through his decades of work, Robert Fisk has been a trumpeting voice for the international [more...]

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'I had come for defiance and I was greeted by perseverance.'

The Turtle of Arakelots Monastery

Special for the Armenian Weekly As the two of us hiked up the mountain to Arakelots Monastery in Mush under the scorching midday sun, we noticed a few turtles along the way, but paid little attention. ‘As the two of us hiked up the mountain to Arakelots Monastery in Mush under the scorching [more...]

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'Here I am, in Yerevan, writing in English, an article that 
is going to be sent to offices in Boston, to be read by people—mostly Armenians—all around the world. (Photo: Debs-Eye)

The Global Nature of Armenian Culture

I was at a KFC in Yerevan the other day when an Iranian tourist approached the young woman at the counter and said, “Excuse me, please, can I have one changal?” The lady smiled and said, “Yes, changal,” and gave him the fork he requested. How wonderful was that exchange? The setting: a [more...]

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Royce (L) and Hamparian (R)

Why Should You Care about the Royce-Engel Proposals?

By Raffi Hamparian Ed Royce is a proud Republican member of Congress from beautiful Orange County, Calif. Eliot Engel is an equally ardent Democrat, representing America’s urban core in New York City, with a district stretching north toward Yonkers. Ed Royce (L) and Raffi Hamparian (R) While [more...]

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Talish after the Four-Day War' (Photo: Ani Avetyan/The Armenian Weekly)

Some Lessons Learned from the ‘Four-Day War’

Special for the Armenian Weekly As the dust settles (hopefully) from Artsakh’s (Nagorno-Karabagh Republic/NKR) recent “Four-Day War”, I’ve been gathering my notes and impressions, seeking to reflect on what we’ve learned. Here are five easy take-aways from this [more...]

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The people in this large apartment complex no longer have a garden where they can sit, and no place for their children to play.

A Note from Yerevan on May 28

Special for the Armenian Weekly It is May 28. It is a day of great significance for the Armenian Nation. In Yerevan, television homage is being paid, through films, songs, dances, discussions, and interviews, to the dedicated men and women who saved this nation from extinction. One cannot help but [more...]

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