One of the Daily Mail photographs highlighting the condition of the animals at the Gyumri Zoo (Photo: Daily Mail-Roger Allen)

The Gyumri Zoo Animals and the Issue of Privately Owned Zoos

Special for the Armenian Weekly On Jan. 19, an article was published in a UK publication, the Daily Mail, claiming that “the world’s saddest zoo” is in Armenia. The story was about the Gyumri Zoo. The article quickly went viral due to the horrific pictures and story of the animals (three [more...]

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A protest following the 2008 presidential election (Photo: Serouj/Wikimedia Commons)

Embracing Social Justice: The ARF in Armenia

  The Armenian Weekly Magazine Dec. 2015: The ARF at 125 After decades of being banned from Soviet Armenia, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) re-established its presence in the homeland with the emergence of the Karabagh movement in the late 1980’s. However, the party has since [more...]

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Detail of a photograph of the 43rd Convention of the ARF US Region held in Boston in 1936

The Dashnaktsakan…

The Armenian Weekly Magazine Dec. 2015: The ARF at 125 Vahan Navasardian Vahan Navasardian—undoubtedly one of the more prominent Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) leaders of the 20th century—starts one of his many published works on the ARF’s political credo with the following [more...]

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A scene from the 2016 Hrant Dink commemoration in Istanbul (Photo: Eric Nazarian)

Nazarian: Dink and the Persistence of Hope

The following is the  text of a speech written by filmmaker Eric Nazarian for the Hrant Dink commemoration event in Los Angeles on Jan. 19, organized by the Organization of Istanbul Armenians. Nazarian was unable to attend the event; his message was read in his absence. A scene from the 2016 Hrant [more...]

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Armenian Genocide

15 Years after France Recognized the Armenian Genocide…

Special for the Armenian Weekly PARIS, France—On Jan. 18, 2001, the French National Assembly passed a bill recognizing the Armenian Genocide. The first step towards recognition occurred in 1998. In fact, a private bill, inspired by the election pledge of Lionel Jospin, who was running for [more...]

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A view from Van's Akhtamar Island (Photo: Rupen Janbazian)

Turkey’s Renewed War on the Kurds

Special for the Armenian Weekly A view from Van’s Akhtamar Island (Photo: Rupen Janbazian) In June 2014, during an Armenian Heritage Trip with seasoned guide Armen Aroyan, I was part of a group that traveled throughout Turkey, covering perhaps one-third of the country, including parts of the [more...]

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'The work of the ARF has always been difficult. It was difficult yesterday, it is difficult today, and it will be difficult tomorrow.'

Vardanyan: Our Shortcomings and the Work Ahead

The Armenian Weekly Magazine Dec. 2015: The ARF at 125 ARF Parliamentary Faction Secretary Aghvan Vardanyan delivered the following speech at the ARF’s 125th anniversary celebration in Yerevan, Armenia, on Dec. 11, 2015.   ‘The work of the ARF has always been difficult. It was [more...]

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Paylan to Fellow MPs: Are You Able to Sleep at Night?

Special for the Armenian Weekly Garo Paylan, the Armenian parliamentarian of the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), delivered a speech in the Turkish Parliament on Dec. 24, 2015. Once again, he started his speech by saluting the assembly in his native language, “Parev tsez.” In his [more...]

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Diyarbakir’s Surp Giragos Armenian Church after suffering minor damages following clashes

The Implications of Turkey’s Renewed War on the Kurds

  ‘Their response to eliminate the Armenian problem was to attempt the elimination of the Armenians themselves.’ (Photo: Ottoman newspaper İkdam on 4 November 1918) One hundred years ago, the leaders of the Ottoman government were paranoid that Armenians’ demand for [more...]

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