The Kurds are carving out a new type of entity in northern Syria.

Targeting Democracy: An Armenian Account of Kurdish Ambitions

Day by day, Turkey’s onslaught against the Kurds is intensifying. Just last month, Ankara launched over 500 air strikes against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), while targeting the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) only 3 times. By now, even senior U.S. officials are admitting that [more...]

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Abdullah Demirbaş

Mayor Abdullah Demirbaş Arrested in Diyarbakir

Dear Editor: On Aug. 9, Abdullah Demirbaş, the former mayor of the Sur municipality in Diyarbakir, was arrested by Turkish authorities in Diyarbakir. A long list of charges were filed against him, reported the local BIA News Center. Abdullah Demirbaş Demirbaş, a longtime advocate for Armenian [more...]

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Treasure hunters in search of Armenian gold have dug holes in the vicinity of the Armash Armenian mill

100 Years Later: On the Road to Exile

Special for the Armenian Weekly As we begin Some people look for their stories at their desks, others among the pages of history. For some, history consists of experience and memories, while for others it consists only of measurable figures and numbers found in documents. In this series, I will [more...]

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‘Light shines forth at the end of every storm, even one that has lasted for over a century.’

Clearing the Path to Justice for the Armenian Genocide

By Patrick Babajanian As an intern with the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) this summer, I worked on a project that involved reading a collection of eye-witness testimonies of the Armenian Genocide regarding how it transpired from 1915 onwards. While reading these accounts [more...]

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Andy Rooney (Photo: AP)

Lessons Learned

Andy Rooney was born in 1919 and died in 2011 at the age of 92. He began his career in journalism in 1942 while he was in the U.S. Army during World War II. He was a radio and television writer. His most notable work, other than his 15 books, was his weekly broadcast, “A few minutes with Andy [more...]

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Marzahamergayin Hamalir, Yerevan's Convention Hall for Sports and Conferences located by the Tzitzernakaberd Genocide Memorial (Photo: Mosinyan)

The Gradual Demise of Our Collective Memory

While the capital city shuts off the lights and prepares for sleep in its endless bliss of naive trust, an invisible monster lurks the city streets. It travels from avenue to avenue and from city square to city square targeting all that still stands witness to our collective memory. And so, you [more...]

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'Thanks to protesters who acted more like investors than gamblers, the Armenian Summer boosted sovereignty, democracy, and civil society in what once was the smallest of Soviet states.'

#ElectricYerevan: Lessons from the Armenian Summer

After occupying a capital avenue for two weeks earlier this summer, Armenia’s #ElectricYerevan protest against an electricity price hike dissipated without declaring victory. But it still managed to achieve more than its stated goal. Thanks to protesters who acted more like investors than [more...]

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Urgent Call from Women in Turkey: Help Us Prevent Massacre

The following statement was issued by the Women’s Freedom Assembly in Turkey on Aug. 18. Urgent Call from Women in Turkey: Help Us Prevent Massacre! Last week, Silopi, a city close to the Iraqi and Syrian borders with Turkey, was placed under siege by the Turkish military. Many civilians were [more...]

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Photo: Samson Martirosyan

Mensoian: Looking Beyond 2015 (Part II)

Special for the Armenian Weekly “Part I: Looking Beyond 2015” was an overview of the several changes that must be addressed during the post-Centennial period. The most critical issue was the reformation of Armenia’s dysfunctional market place. It is counter-productive to be concerned with [more...]

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