Penguins look forward to greeting Dr. Deneb Karentz during her annual work-study trips to Antarctica. ‘They’re very curious and will come check us out,’ she said.

Living with the Penguins in Antarctica

Imagine living in a freeze zone by an ice-covered lake named in your honor where the temperature hits 70 below (not counting wind chill) and your best friends are the penguins. For Dr. Deneb Karentz, it’s just another day on the job—in Antarctica! Dr. Deneb Karentz is bundled up in Antarctica [more...]

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AUA's AGBU Papazian Library (Photo: AUA)

The American University of Armenia: A Home Away from Home

An Interview with AUA President Armen Der Kiureghian The American University of Armenia (AUA) is considered one of the top academic institutions in Armenia. What many do not know, however, is that the university was established in the wake of tragedy and disaster. Founded in 1991, the university [more...]

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ARS volunteers prepare means for needy families in Syria

Navigating the Syrian Crisis: An Interview with Zepure Reisian

The following interview with Zepure Reisian, an Aleppo-based member of the Armenian Relief Society (ARS) Central Executive, was conducted at the Armenian Weekly offices in late August. It provides a glimpse into the challenges facing the Armenian community in Syria, and the efforts to alleviate [more...]

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A New Awakening: An Interview with Nor Zartonk’s Sayat Tekir

An Armenian Struggle Against Rights Abuses in Turkey ISTANBUL, Turkey (A.W.)—In late June, as the live-in demonstration to save Camp Armen, the former Armenian summer camp located in the Tuzla district of Istanbul, entered its 53rd day, Sayat Tekir, an Istanbul-based activist and member of the [more...]

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Teaching Genocide Prevention through the Story of Near East Relief

An Interview with Karine Shnorhokian and Ron Levitsky Special for the Armenian Weekly The Near East Foundation (NEF), the successor organization of the Near East Relief (NER), recently partnered with the Genocide Education Project (GenED) and the Armenian Genocide Justice (AGJ) 2015 Committee of [more...]

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Garo Paylan (Photo: Nanore Barsoumian)

The Road Ahead: An Interview with Garo Paylan

ISTANBUL, Turkey (A.W.)—Three weeks after his election into Turkey’s Parliament on the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) list, Garo Paylan spoke to the Armenian Weekly about his path to parliament, and the challenges of being an Armenian in Turkey’s political scene. During the interview [more...]

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Aline Ohanesian (Photo: Raffi Hadidian)

Writing as Exorcism: An Interview with Aline Ohanesian

Special for the Armenian Weekly In a year that saw the publication of a large number of books that deal with the Armenian Genocide, Aline Ohanesian’s Orhan’s Inheritance has generated much praise and accolades—from being named Amazon’s Best Book of the Month for April 2015 to being among [more...]

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Aghjayan has traveled to Western Armenia many times since his first visit, documenting all he can along the way

Connecting with Western Armenia a Century Later

Aghjayan Launches New Website on Western Armenia Special for the Armenian Weekly The first time George Aghjayan traveled to Western Armenia was in 1996, on a trip he describes as being an emotional, psychological, and physical challenge. Things were much different then, according to Aghjayan. [more...]

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