Ferrahian Students to Perform Berberian’s ‘The Pink Elephant’

The arts in schools have always been underestimated. Outside the realm of academics, the focus seems to be heavily placed on sports or extracurricular activities that polish résumés for soon to be graduates. What if by narrowing the interests and outlets students have, we’re preventing them [more...]

July 24, 2017 // 0 Comments

Armenia’s First Solar Plant to Begin Construction in 2019

The Armenia Renewable Resources and Energy Efficiency Fund (R2E2) is moving ahead with plans to begin construction on a 55 MW utility-scale photovoltaic solar plant in the Gegharkunik region east of Lake Sevan by 2019.  This month marked an important milestone as 10 consortia were short-listed as [more...]

July 24, 2017 // 0 Comments

ARF Bureau, Supreme Council Hold a Joint Session in Yerevan

YEREVAN (A.W.)—A joint session of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Bureau and the party’s Supreme Council of Armenia was held on July 17, during which a joint declaration was adopted and published. The statement hailed Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan’s government’s [more...]

July 19, 2017 // 1 Comment

Armenian Virtual College Expands Focus on Armenian Language Education

In April, the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) Armenian Virtual College (AVC) launched its Armenian language e-Hangouts as a way for e-learners to practice their language skills. Founded in 2009, the Armenian Virtual College has addressed the demand for Armenian language instruction [more...]

July 18, 2017 // 0 Comments

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