Uncle Garabed’s Notebook (Jan. 21, 2017)

A Modern Aphorism Weakness of character is often mistaken for modesty.   Freudian Slip A district attorney with a reputation for badgering witnesses gave everyone in court a big laugh when he said to the judge, “The persecution rests.”   Russian Proverb A kind word is better than a [more...]

January 18, 2017 // 0 Comments

Deciphering Trump and Trumpism

  If you read the New York Times piece titled “Why Rural America Voted for Trump” and a response to it with the header “F*** You, Rural Elitists,” you’ll come away with the conclusion that both are overwhelmingly accurate.  But, the conclusions embodied in them are diametrically [more...]

January 18, 2017 // 3 Comments

Sassounian: Improved Russian-U.S. Relations May Be Helpful to Armenia

Last November, Americans elected the unlikeliest presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump. He is not your typical politician. As a successful and prominent businessman, he is used to making off-the-cuff remarks and not subscribing to any particular direction. Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore) [more...]

January 18, 2017 // 10 Comments

The Turkeys Have Come Home to Roost

Given the size of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ego, chickens, the bird usually referred to in the saying that is this article’s title, seemed like too small a bird.  Plus, it turns out the centuries-old origin of the saying is “curses, like chickens, always come home to [more...]

January 9, 2017 // 5 Comments

Uncle Garabed’s Notebook (Jan. 7, 2017)

Look and See It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. … Henry David Thoreau   From the Trivia File During World War II, the Oscar statuettes were made of plaster and were traded in for gold only after the war.   Self-Preservation Company president to [more...]

January 9, 2017 // 0 Comments

Detroit Marks 126th Anniversary of the ARF

This is to put Turkey on notice—you will never kill the Armenian Spirit. The youth sing patriotic songs at the 126th anniversary event If just one of you had been witness to the Nov. 19, 2016, celebration of the Detroit Azadamard Gomidehutiun 126th anniversary of the Armenian Revolutionary [more...]

January 2, 2017 // 0 Comments

To the West(ern Armenia)

For years now, I have been mocked, or drawn smirks, or pooh-poohed, or patronized, or ignored, whenever I mention restoration of Western Armenian territories to their rightful owners.  Some of those who have given me this kind of treatment even present “brilliant reasons” or “arguments,” [more...]

December 28, 2016 // 14 Comments

Yegparian: Environmental Justice and Artvin

  A few days ago, I read a 15-month old article article describing Turkish environmental misbehavior in the province of Artvin, one of 81 such administrative divisions in Turkey and one whose name hasn’t been bastardized into a Turkified variant. Artvin, 1905-1915, (Photo: Sergey [more...]

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Uncle Garabed’s Notebook (Dec. 24, 2016)

Doctor’s Adage Without pains, No gains. Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia, 1735  Double Entendre A haughty matron was looking at a proof of a photograph of her that had just been taken at a swank photography studio. “This is an outrage,” she exclaimed; “now I ask you, does this picture look like [more...]

December 19, 2016 // 0 Comments

Yegparian: Trashing Trump

  Since the election, I have bided my time and bitten my tongue about the ridiculous things president-elect Donald Trump has been saying and doing.  It’s time to start pointing things out, especially since some of what he represents relates to Armenian concerns in subtle, not-very-obvious, [more...]

December 19, 2016 // 12 Comments

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