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(Photo: Patrick Tomasso)

Poem: Halted Words

  (Photo: Patrick Tomasso) Halted Words Words that swarm Our speech and thoughts, Everyday words uttered In greeting, departure, or worse, Words of endearment or remorse, Words of discovery and loss Of our tormented souls… At the end of granted time That deprives us of all Presumed eternal, [more...]

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'Srbazan ler' ('Holy Mountain'), acrylic on canvas by Rupen Janbazian

Poem: A Vow to Ararat

‘Srbazan ler’ (‘Holy Mountain’), acrylic on canvas by Rupen Janbazian, 2013 A Vow to Ararat We will reach your summit, oh Holy One, When the flood of bombs desists, And the seas of blood are draped in rainbows. When the butchered dove of peace Returns from the abyss of [more...]

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Photo: Ismael Nieto

Poem: A Solo for Me

A Solo for Me You entered my humble room With buds yet to flower — Brought here to bloom…? I sing a last song To my old soul in gloom… And you come along, To garland my room…? Descendant of Eve, Deadly nutrition, Speak your name and leave! Your name is damnation And bottomless abyss — [more...]

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'And so on a wet, windy day, I bow my head at the memorial flame and shed a tear of both sadness and joy. Metzmama, we remember. We remember.' (Photo: Rupen Janbazian)

The Call of the Crane: A Genocide Chronicle

By Arthur Hagopian “Who remembers the Armenians?” Hitler once taunted. History has made a mockery of his infamous claim, for who does not remember and mourn the destruction of a million and a half innocent Armenians a century ago? Dispossessed, driven out of their homes, cast [more...]

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The cover of Truth Held Hostage

Book Review: ‘Truth Held Hostage’

Truth Held Hostage: America and the Armenian Genocide – What Then? What Now? By John M. Evans Gomidas Institute, London (April 18, 2016); 170 pages ISBN 978-1-909382-26-8, Hardcover; $32.00 By Garen Yegparian  The cover of Truth Held Hostage Written in three parts, Truth Held Hostage by [more...]

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The cover of Proud son of Hadjin

Tidings from the Taurus

The cover of Proud son of Hadjin I was honored and excited a few weeks ago when Asbarez editor Ara Khatchatourian asked me to review Proud son of Hadjin, the memoirs of Asadour Chalian. This publication has been a long time coming and adds to the English language resources available to those [more...]

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The cover of The Search for a Master’s Legacy

The Search for a Master’s Legacy

  The cover of The Search for a Master’s Legacy LOWELL, Mass.—Mehmed Ali could very well be the best friend any Armenian could have. Aside from moral support, he’s donated money to genocide observances in this mill city, taken part in commemorative marches downtown, and conducted a [more...]

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Cover of The Festal Works of St. Gregory of Narek

Uncovering Unknown Masterpieces of Armenia’s First Great Mystic Poet

  The cover of The Festal Works of St. Gregory of Narek A thousand years ago, a monk in a distant monastery in the Western Armenian province of Reshdunik picked up a reed pen and began etching out what would later become known as the first great piece of Armenian mystic and liturgical poetry. [more...]

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By playing educational games on the virtual playground, children can earn coins to decorate the house, send postcards, and much more.

Digital Pomegranate Releases ‘PlayLand Armenia’

First-Ever Online Playground for Armenian Children During the Armenian Genocide Centennial, the Digital Pomegranate team decided to make a contribution and create something positive, using what the team knows best—technology—to promote and maintain Armenian culture, language, and heritage. [more...]

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