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Cover of volume 24 of the Journal of the Society for Armenian Studies

Society for Armenian Studies Releases Volume 24 of JSAS

  Cover of volume 24 of the Journal of the Society for Armenian Studies The Society for Armenian Studies recently announced the release of volume 24 of the Journal of the Society for Armenian Studies (JSAS), edited by Dr. Sergio La Porta. Volume 24 includes 5 articles, 4 communications, an [more...]

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The Telly Awards has named Ara Topouzian as a bronze winner in the 37th Annual Telly Awards for his film documentary.

‘Guardians of Music’ Selected Winner in 37th Annual Telly Awards 

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich.—The Telly Awards has named Ara Topouzian as a bronze winner in the 37th Annual Telly Awards for his film documentary titled, “Guardians of Music: A History of Armenian Music in Detroit.” With more than 13,000 entries from all 50 states and numerous countries, this [more...]

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‘Dear Armen’ is really about three generations of women and gender non-conforming Armenians.'

Things to Come: ‘Dear Armen’ and ‘Kalik’

Artist Abrahamian Discusses New Company, Upcoming Shows in Boston and New York BOSTON, Mass. (A.W.)—After a quick read of a “Dear Armen” synopsis, most will realize that it is like nothing they have seen before, at least in terms of Armenian theatre. An “interactive-theatre experience” [more...]

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Over a period of 21 years, Azad has mailed more than 140 paintings. (Photo: Rupen Janbazian)

Ara Azad’s ‘Arrival/Arrival’ Exhibit Concludes in Boston

BOSTON, Mass. (A.W.)—The closing ceremony of Boston-based artist Ara Azad’s exhibit, titled “Arrival/Arrival,” took place at @artlery160—a new high-tech art space in Boston’s financial district—on June 7. The exhibit, which opened in April, featured Azad’s work from his [more...]

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(Photo: Patrick Tomasso)

Poem: Halted Words

  (Photo: Patrick Tomasso) Halted Words Words that swarm Our speech and thoughts, Everyday words uttered In greeting, departure, or worse, Words of endearment or remorse, Words of discovery and loss Of our tormented souls… At the end of granted time That deprives us of all Presumed eternal, [more...]

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'Srbazan ler' ('Holy Mountain'), acrylic on canvas by Rupen Janbazian

Poem: A Vow to Ararat

‘Srbazan ler’ (‘Holy Mountain’), acrylic on canvas by Rupen Janbazian, 2013 A Vow to Ararat We will reach your summit, oh Holy One, When the flood of bombs desists, And the seas of blood are draped in rainbows. When the butchered dove of peace Returns from the abyss of [more...]

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Photo: Ismael Nieto

Poem: A Solo for Me

A Solo for Me You entered my humble room With buds yet to flower — Brought here to bloom…? I sing a last song To my old soul in gloom… And you come along, To garland my room…? Descendant of Eve, Deadly nutrition, Speak your name and leave! Your name is damnation And bottomless abyss — [more...]

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