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New Book: ‘Vigilant Powers: Three Churches of Early Medieval Armenia’

Vigilant Powers: Three Churches of Early Medieval Armenia by historian Christina Maranci ushers the reader into the world of early medieval Armenia—its sacred landscapes, striking churches, and rich literary and religious traditions. Cover of ‘Vigilant Powers: Three Churches of Early Medieval [more...]

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Poem: Nightfall

By Ruben Sevak, 1914 Translated by Tatul Sonentz Night falls, cloudless, boundless — What words, clear and sparkling, Fit this holy instant free of stress? —–Oh, pure ecstasy of existing…!   The distant vessel disappears, Illusive, the lake fades to nothing, Only witness, the [more...]

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Indie Film Master Kupelian Embraces Vartanantz

MONTROSE, Calif.—Roger Kupelian may not be a household name in Hollywood but he sure has a following in the indie film business, which he’s cultivated for the past 23 years. Warrior Saints’ is the brainchild of indie film creator Roger Kupelian, who’s creating quite a stir in Hollywood with [more...]

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New Book: ‘Memories of Tomarza’

Memories of Tomarza By Toros M. Madaghjian Paperback: 342 pages Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (May 28, 2015) Cover of Memories of Tomarza The destruction of the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire sets the historical time for Memories of Tomarza. The author, Toros M. [more...]

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Cover of 'Forty Martyrs: Armenian Chants from Aleppo'

‘Forty Martyrs: Armenian Chants from Aleppo’ Released

In one of Aleppo’s oldest quarters sits a church, once a hub and a harbor. The head priest there, the Very Reverend Yeznig Zegchanian, agreed to chant, but he was going to do it now and he was only going to do it once. Jason Hamacher, a drummer from D.C. who had stumbled into a serious [more...]

June 19, 2015 // 2 Comments

Cover of Vise and Shadow

Balakian’s New Books Published by University of Chicago Press

Peter Balakian’s new books Ozone Journal (poems) and Vise and Shadow: Essays on the Lyric Imagination, Poetry, Art, and Culture have just been published by the University of Chicago Press. Cover of Ozone Journal The long poem in Balakian’s new book is a sequel to his acclaimed [more...]

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Cover of The Ash Tree

New Book: ‘The Ash Tree’

A “powerful and beautifully told” novel about one family’s journey out of the Armenian Genocide and its rebirth in California has been written by Daniel Melnick, Professor Emeritus of English at Cleveland State University. Cover of The Ash Tree Titled The Ash Tree, the novel is published by [more...]

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