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Abu Lala Mahari: Fifth Surah

By Avediq Isahakian Translated by Tatul Sonentz (Note: Read the first surah here, and the fourth surah here.)   Fifth Surah   And the caravan, confidently breaking through the jinns’ ferocious twister-dance’s spells, Straight and fearless, kept forging onwards in rhythm with the [more...]

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Cover of Raffi Youredjian's 'Tour de Armenia'

Three Holiday Gift Ideas from the Armenian Diaspora of Europe

By Dorothy Garabedian It’s that time of year again, when we start thinking about unique gifts for special people. From the European diaspora here are three suggestions that are sure to be appreciated by their recipients.   Book: ‘Tour de Armenia’ Cover of Raffi Youredjian’s [more...]

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Photo by Tom Vartabedian

Poem: The Road Back Home…

The Road Back Home… By Avik Derentz Translated by Tatul Sonentz How to live – how, Under alien skies… Where sorrow feeds on sorrow? How not to think of demise With this dread of tomorrow, When my soul’s songs, likewise, Start to sound hollow…?   How I long to see Springtime bloom once [more...]

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Jaklin Celik’s ‘Festival of Wrath’

Jaklin Celik’s ‘Festival of Wrath’

Book review by Aziz Gokdemir Special for the Armenian Weekly Take a stroll today in an old district of almost any sizable town in Turkey and you’ll soon come across a few houses, sometimes a whole neighborhood’s worth, in various stages of dilapidation—and lately, in some cases, undergoing [more...]

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The Armenian Highland provides an overview of Armenia’s history and geography from ancient to modern times.

AGBU Launches First Book in Interactive eBook Series

The Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) is redefining the Armenian experience with the release of The Armenian Highland, the first in a series of interactive eBooks designed to introduce readers to Armenian history, culture, and contemporary affairs. The eBook is a full multimedia experience [more...]

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Poem: Moon

By Aris Shaklian, 1925 Translated by Tatul Sonentz   Summer night. Flaunting moon On the wall’s shoulder. Soon moves in Through the window. Embraces me, Fondles me. Kisses me in a lightshow, And stops with a big sigh of sorrow. Drizzling rain, a shade of longing, Loving love-fest…   [more...]

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The cover of the book

‘Armenian Asia Minor’ Volume Released

LOS ANGELES—Armenian Communities of Asia Minor was recently released by Mazda Publishers as the 13th volume in the UCLA series, Historic Armenian Cities and Provinces, edited by Prof. Richard G. Hovannisian. The Asia Minor volume focuses on several of the more than 100 Armenian communities within [more...]

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Poem: I Forgot…

By Aris Shaklian Translated by Tatul Sonentz I forgot, I forgot My fairy-tale trysts On the rosy road Of what I was…   No longer do I recall My old longings, Each night blooming On my pillow…   Even their now Pale, white ashes Are no longer there   On my dry, Bloodless heart… [more...]

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A snapshot of the new website

Gallery Z Launches Armenian Art Website

Gallery Z owner and director Bérge Zobian recently announced a new, extensive website——dedicated to providing collectors and enthusiasts with premier access to original Armenian artwork. “I am personally very excited to bring our extensive collection of original [more...]

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