‘Choose to Rise: The Victory Within’ Now Available on Amazon


A novel by M.N. Mekaelian

To honor all those who survived, and memorialize those who perished, there arises an inspiring historical fiction, based on true events. Set in the Kharpert region of the Ottoman Empire, the reader is exposed to the daily lives of two brothers, Armen and Vartan, beginning in the year 1913.

The cover of ‘Choose to Rise: The Victory Within’

As they recall their youth during those years, the reader is absorbed into the lives of these two young men. They clearly display the courage, determination, and strength to never succumb to the inhumanity inflicted upon them. On the contrary, they make a conscious decision to empower their instinct of survival, and to persist, live, and expose the magnitude of the Armenian Genocide.

Sometimes with or without our knowledge, we are blind-sided and confronted with seemingly impossible adversity. However, whether or not we believe, there exists a power within every one of us to display a resilience not only to persevere, but to thrive. This supreme strength is unleashed and exposed so beautifully in Choose to Rise: The Victory Within. Once read, you will recall the phrase, “choose to rise,” when you yourself are challenged and must recognize this innermost power.

With this book, there remains an assurance that you have a choice to not tolerate anything contrary to your conscience. It is an inspiration which will never leave you, and confirms the impermeable grace which gave rise to a nation from the ashes of genocide.



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  1. I have read this book and was amazed at the historical accuracy of the time period. As an educator, this is most definitely a novel of choice to teach intolerance, and specifically, the Armenian Genocide. Many times I tried to put the book down, but in fact, could not. It is a very scholarly work, and gives a precise picture of life before, during, and after the Genocide. The author’s research is thorough and well presented in this wonderful work.

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